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7 comments to “facebook-no-way-really”

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    Sushi is the type of rice used, sashimi is the raw fish :)

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    i'm a backwoods fuckin hick and even i knew as well, that sushi isn't raw fish…this guy is such an idiot.

  3. 3

    Lol, not only is he ignorant about what sushi means, but obviously doesn't comprehend the concept of adding warnings for liability issues. Every product has warning labels to avoid lawsuits from consumers.

  4. 4

    If you read the label of any sushi it will same thing.

  5. 5

    plus, vegetarians have veggie sushi! oh Mario, where´s your brain?

  6. celsus says – reply to this


    Many types of "sushi" (as the term is used in the US) do not contain raw fish. Unagi (eel) is always cooked, imitation crab meat (often used in California rolls) is actually cooked fish, and there are tons of veggie-based rolls as well. So yeah, a warning that "some" of the sushi may contain raw fish is dead-on.

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    Ok - "sushi is the type of rice used" - WRONG! When sushi was invented around the 17th century, rice was used to pack FISH while it fermented and pickled to eat. That took 2-3 months and the acid frm the fish pickled the rice. Later vinegar was added to the rice which speeded up the FISH fermenting process. The more "modern day" sushi was invented around the 1820's by a food vendor selling fish from a cart. He rolled the rice and fish and sometimes veggies so that it could be a hand held "fast food". Today's American sushi isa bastardization of this. Sashimi is raw fish served along side rice for those who don't want rolls, and want more fish to rice proportion. Also, then you are not served vinegared rice with it. Lots of Americans think sushi only has veggies in it when they see the colorful california rolls. Also, "sushi" comes in many forms, and not just rolls. "sushi" actually means "sour tasting" and refers to the pickling process.