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Harry Styles 'Snubs' Taylor Swift's London Advances!

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He couldn't even sit down for a lil' tea and chit-chat??

We're sure they have TONS to catch up on! LOL!!

But according to big-mouthed spies, Harry Styles just wasn't havin' it when Taylor Swift was photo-shootin' it up in London town and wanted to meet up with the boy bander!

While we heard Swifty was trying to slam him for cheating, the One Direction "Villain of the Year" is said to be totally turned-off by the side-boob showin' poptart, with sources explaining:

"Taylor was desperate to meet up with Harry in London, but he totally ignored her. He told her he had too much going on, even though she purposely arranged to stay at a hotel that wasn’t too far away from his home. Harry found Taylor a little too full-on and scary, and he was put off by how serious she was about him after such a short period of time. Then she had this crazy meltdown, accusing him of cheating, when he didn’t. It freaked him out to say the least and he’s kind of thinking she’s more drama than she's worth."

Eeee…. that's awkward!

But c'mon… some of that's gotta be exaggerated. We know Swifty falls hard, but is she really THAT clingy??? We don't think so and we've got faith in her, okay!

And the resignation of the thought of them reconciling hasn't officially been signed yet as they will most likely be bumping into each other in Cannes this weekend.

The same source admits:

"They're going to run into each other in Cannes though. So Taylor will get a second chance to try and win Harry back. And he better be on his game as by all accounts, Taylor can be pretty charming and convincing when she's face to face with her intended target."


We can't WAIT to see how this one pans out!!!

Can the S.S. HAYLOR rise up from the depths of betrayal!?! LOL!!

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18 comments to “Harry Styles 'Snubs' Taylor Swift's London Advances!”

  1. alainpennylaine says – reply to this


    "is the really that clingy!?!?" LIKE YEAH PEREZ, SHE CLEARLY IS. leave your weird affection for tswift alone and realize that she's a 23 year old, she probably is as crazy as everyone says she is. shut the fuck up, you're so frustrating

  2. 2

    Another FAKE story copied from another site.

  3. 3

    Her daddy bought her a "career", and she has mistaken that for talent, of which she has zero! That's why, IMO, her relationships keep failing. Her ego, and sense of herself are completely out of whack with reality.

  4. rockpunk says – reply to this


    what a fucking slut. i cannot stand her. she is crazy for men-er- boys, young boys. she's the future demi moore of dating. I believe this to be true, it isn't surprizing at all- she's nuts. stop buying this bitch's crappy music

  5. 5

    more fabricated baloney. Some lazy ass journo thinking "oh she's near where he lives so lets say she's desperate to see him whilst there". I mean, who the fuck would even tell you this? Not that she isnt psycho with men but some of these stories are such blatant fabricated nonsense :/

  6. dodgyend says – reply to this


    Taylor Swift is probably the most talented big name mainstream artist out today. Made it all on her own merits playing fairs, coffee-houses etc. Reality TV throws us shit every single day so i am glad there is still genuine talent like Taylor around.

  7. bobo99 says – reply to this


    come on. lindsay will let you do a rail off her butt and then stick it in within 5 minutes of meeting her. thats what boy banders want. not 3 dates for a hand job.

  8. bullshitz says – reply to this


    How much more bullshitz are they going to try to milk from this ill-fated publicity hookup. It was never all that interesting anyway.

  9. PM2901 says – reply to this


    I wonder why Taylor keeps embarrassing herself. Harry is going to have to get a restraining order. And, in Cannes, Harry is going to be knockin' boots with every French model & actress in their 30's that he can find! Taylor better go cruise the French middle schools for her next fling.

  10. bethb12 says – reply to this


    are fucking kidding me right now she accused harry of cheatting on stayed at hotel right next twere harrys house is can you say crazy and upseest with im she needs to leave harry alone becuse e dont what her clingy ass harry can do so much better

  11. 11

    Re: overthere – This is not the ONLY gossip site. If you think that the majority of the stories are fake, then why do you come here?

  12. realizethis says – reply to this


    Oh Perez, when are you going to realize that Taylor Swift probably is that clingy. With how many failed relationships she's had, everyone (including you .. and her probably) need to realize that she's more than likely the problem.

  13. 13

    Re: bobo99 – Lol this made me giggle.

  14. o says – reply to this


    im pretty sure thats from snl

  15. 15

    I like how you claim to be on her side, but everything you post works against her. She's freaking crazy.

  16. ashley jenner says – reply to this


    Errmm she is just in london to to c him ohh harry i wanna gt a hotel room together and get my hopes up oh harry u kiss like a snail oh harry we can live together 4ever get marrid have children i luv u sooo much shell be jus like that she more ghetto than the osley. But not ghettoer than stevana osley

  17. Aries says – reply to this


    Harry's too gud 4 u Taylor.Jst let him go n dn't go on writing songs about harry.He's too precious to be a part of ur song.AGREED?

  18. salyv says – reply to this


    Taylor appears focused on her career, the one love of her life that is not boring, fleeting or nauseatingly difficult to maintain. I think it gets down to career. Harry loses. Guys do this all the time. In love with their work, lovelife is a distraction. Focused woman do to. She is nothing if not focused on her fans and career.