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Madonna's MDNA Tour Dominates In Sales!!!

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ALL bow down to Her Madgesty Madonna

Cause her MDNA extravaganza was 2012's highest grossing North American tour, earning a sweet $3,465,640!!

Snaps! Snaps to the Queen!

Madonna even beat out Justin Bieber's Believe tour by over $3 million!

Hell yes the Material Girl's still got it!

Congratz, Madge!

BUT WAIT, there is so much more good new$$$!! We hear MDNA is the 10th highest grossing GLOBAL tour of ALL TIME!!


For the top twenty list of 2012's most successful North American tours, click …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

1. Madonna; $3,465,640

2. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band; $1,362,627

3. Justin Bieber; $1,177,615

4. Dave Matthews Band; $967,758

5. Neil Young & Crazy Horse; $943,026

6. The Who; $845,015

7. Rush; $831,978

8. Leonard Cohen; $804,309

9. Red Hot Chili Peppers; $716,382

10. Zac Brown Band; $624,017

11. Trans-Siberian Orchestra; $568,771

12. Carrie Underwood; $535,017

13. Bob Dylan; $467,504

14. Eric Church; $309,161

15. Jeff Dunham; $308,952

16. Tobymac; $163,114

17. The Moody Blues; $160,360

18. Wiz Khalifa; $156,077

19. Bassnectar; $144,666

20. "So You Think You Can Dance"; $135,972

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46 comments to “Madonna's MDNA Tour Dominates In Sales!!!”

  1. Gina says – reply to this


    Only because her tickets prices are really expensive.

  2. beach says – reply to this


    Your stupid short video clips that you repeat over and over are SO ANNOYING.

  3. Kiki says – reply to this


    Your numbers are way off, you might want to check you facts. She made over 300 million.

  4. MonkeyHateClean says – reply to this


    @Gina beat me to it but, yeah, she had some of the highest ticket prices.

  5. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: beach – It's called a gif and that's what they do

  6. Katie says – reply to this


    she only made that much because he tickets start at like $100 bucks for the nose bleed seats.

  7. isaac Huffman says – reply to this


    even if this was net.. after everything was paid for these numbers are really wrong… if it was gross was say 228.4 million a 3.4 million dollar profit is like 1.5% profit margin .. no way they are running below 3% …. net…

  8. isaac Huffman says – reply to this


    this per show isn't it… 3.4 per show times 72 dates = total net

  9. DC says – reply to this


    Looks like Madonna is paying for more press again. How many times does it really need to be reported she had the highest grossing tour of 2012? No one cares.

  10. 10

    The concert was horrible in Chicago! She sounded like she was singing through a tin can. Everyone was pissed for waiting til 10:30Pm for the concert to start. It was one of the worst concerts I have ever been to!

  11. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – Whatever it is called, it is really annoying and hopefully Perez gets tired of playing with it soon.

    On topic, sorry give me Jimmy Buffett anyday,

  12. yup says – reply to this


    I saw the tour- it was not great…her last three tours were not good…Last good Madonna tour was Confessions…If I want to see energy, talent, art and innovative, I will stick with GAGA….I used to love Madonna…But there is a new queen…a much more talented queen at that….Glad they both exist- not trying to make it a war- just stating a fact….

  13. no says – reply to this


    I am not going to rip on her because she is older—men her age still rock and so can women…HOWEVER- she is way past her prime…she never could sing and now it is just so obvious…She is also not winning any fans with clips of her being so bitchy….she also was so critical of GAGA- such a envy going on there…There is a new, much more talented queen now and Madonna has not put on a good concert since 2006. Truth.

  14. 14

    hey dumbass want to try your math again. Lets see hodonna beat balless by 3,000,000. your post said she had 3,400,000 so he aonly got 65,000

  15. 15

    Re: isaac Huffman – god you're stupid, 3.4 mil NET??? do the math fool avg 20,000(high) per show is a NET of 170 per seat. not even fucking close.

  16. 16

    Go Madge! Great show!

  17. Raccoon Eyes says – reply to this


    Re: boopalicious – I agree, it sucked big time. Never another Madonna concert again!

  18. 18

    300 million not 3…. this isnt 1985

  19. Bigpuppy1982 says – reply to this


    When you charge 400 dollars for nose bleed seats on up of course are number one. I, sorry I love madonnas music but I would never pay that outrageous price for a ticket. If I want to see old ppl dancing ill go to the nursing home during med time

  20. cmonpereze says – reply to this


    Your numbers are way off. What's up with this awful post? Those numbers would barely cover one show at Radio City considering Madonna's ticket prices.

    According to Billboard:

    1. Madonna

    Total Gross: $228,406,085

    Number of Shows: 72

    Total Attendance: 1,635,176

    Number of Sell-Outs: 72

  21. calin says – reply to this


    Madonna rules biatches!!!!! Thats all. The numbers say it all, but I have no idea where Mario got these numbers! Way off. By the way there's no need to resort to sexims, agims etc about M, if you don't like her or didn't like the concert I respect your opinion just like I don't like gaga's BTW album, I heard it I just didn't like it. I can't say the same about the concert since I haven't seen it. We are all getting older, it will happen to you, me everyone around you, show some respect.

  22. Alan says – reply to this


    Apart from a bit of confusion with the maths(the gross giver are per concert, and the difference, per concert, between Madonna's tour and Justin B's tour is about 2 million) the gist is right. The tour tops all in all respects all over the world, not just in North America. But hey, she IS Madonna, not just the megastar, but also real music legend, the most successful in history, and greatest music artist alive…

  23. Alan says – reply to this


    Re: Gina – no, because the tour tops all others also as number of tickets sold, and is the only fully sold out tour this year (despite the cost). Whilst others (including Gaga) struggle to sell out arenas at cut down prices, Madonna has filled stadiums at high prices. Only a simpleton would miss the success implied in this…

  24. Alan says – reply to this


    Re: no – ridiculous. She can sing better than most others, fact. She has a wider vocal range than any international singer active now, 3.2 octaves, fact. She is more successful than anyone else, fact. Get over it and spare yourselves an ulcers, haters. You have been talking rubbish for 30 years and she has been proving you wrong all this time. Just get over it: stop hating and just face reality.

  25. Alan says – reply to this


    Pathetic how many people PRETEND to have been to her concert to slag it off, while they haven't even bothered to check clips on youtube. The truth is that word circulated straight away that it was the most impressive and advanced show in history, which it was. All others show are amateurish by comparison. So, stop lying to others and yourself, at least admit defeat with an iota of dignity. You sound like bitter, sour, bad losers. Madonna rules, end of story: all facts say so, just get over it.

  26. ***** says – reply to this


    Re: Alan
    Guess what, Alan! People can actually dislike a show without PRETENDING to have seen it. You are not that omnipotent. I have several friends who attended it and were a bit underwhelmed. You really think people are really going to change their minds by watching shaky, grainy, muffled, distorted YouTube videos? The only one sounding bitter on this whole thread is you, my dear.

  27. mlington says – reply to this


    Re: Gina – no only because her tickets sold out… ALL worldwide. what an amazing tour. the best to me. without a doubt madonna is the best live performer. she thinks in every detail. everybody around me at her show were like WOW… so many details and she is sucg a huge presence on stage. everytime she hits the stage the fans go WILD. she deserves it, she works sooooo hard. a sold out tour with an amazing show. the dvd is coming. and 2 grossing tour for a female artist. cause #1 its her sticky and sweet tour. congrats QUEEN after 30 years u keep driving the audience carzy

  28. mlington says – reply to this



  29. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Bet this OLD LADY put her back out….Gawd, is she one pathetic aging HAG. WHY does she just go and do her needlepoint …?

  30. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She can't keep a man…they all leave her…she is looking old and tired…well, she is…her daughter is one fugly unibrow disaster…those 'adopted' kids are all gonna wind up on drugs…She is one right joke of a human being. No wonder she belongs to a fake religion……

  31. PCash says – reply to this


    Re: Alan
    No self-respecting musician, critic, or all-around music fan would ever state that Madonna sings better than most singers. FACT.
    As amateurish other shows are in comparison, I'd rather watch them than see a show that focuses on spectacle over musicianship. Don't you even find it slightly odd that despite the success of this tour, no one ever talks about what a great singer she was, how tight the band was, how she jammed for hours? Her boob, ass, and tardiness got more press than anything else. SIGH..I guess the old saying is true.."When talent is absent, mediocrity rises."

  32. ONIT says – reply to this


    Re: Gina – Lady Gaga's ticket prizes were also expensive but nobody wanted to buy them. That overrules your thesis.

  33. DJ says – reply to this


    "Only because her tickets prices are really expensive." LMAO

    Who cares what the prices are!! 88 shows / 88 sellouts

  34. 34

    (Sigh…) What do you expect from a little monster?

    Re: Katie

  35. ONITISANIDIOT says – reply to this


    Re: ONIT
    LG's tour came in 6th place last year for the top grossing tours. That overrules your "thesis" that "nobody" wanted to buy her tickets.

  36. 36

    Re: Alan
    3.2 octaves? Are you fucking kidding me? 3.2 OCTAVES?
    Show me a song (or a list of songs) in which this bitch demonstrates a 3.2 octave range.
    That's one hell of an exaggeration, and it's complete bullshit.
    I've a friend who trained in operatic singing, and her range is 3.5.
    HER official opinion is that Madonna can do about 2.3, maybe 2.5, AT BEST.
    Re: PCash
    Exactly! This woman doesn't SING, or JAM, or ROCK.
    She prances around with showy dancers, light shows and a cheerleader outfit.
    If the woman had any real musical talent she wouldn't need all that crap.

  37. Michael Franklin says – reply to this


    This number should be corrected . . . this is how much she earned per city . . . quite astounding!

  38. You'veBeenLiedTo says – reply to this


    Re: Alan
    Yes, they were completely sold out: To online scalpers. They were plenty tickets available to some of her shows from second-hand vendors on the day of those shows. 100 % sold out shows are a complete myth that the industry tries to sell you.

  39. 39

    Gotta love all the Madonna haters using that "it's because her ticket prices are so high" excuse. Well folks, people actually did pay that much to see her and she sold out pretty much every arena with those "high" ticket prices. Get real, she wouldn't have been #1 if she didn't have people willing to pay that much for seats. Hate all you want, but the fact is Madonna still is a very in demand touring artist, high or low ticket prices, and not just because she is still a great live act, but because is a legend in music. Love her or hate her, she is a legend.

  40. 40

    And when it all comes down to it - the true successors in the music business at this day and time are the ones that can sell tickets, not albums. Albums don't sell anymore. But one thing you can't pirate is the live music experience. Madonna is still proving she is at the top of the music business and that's probably why she did next to no promotion for her MDNA album and focused so heavily on the tour.

  41. 41

    thats right gaga kiss her ass and perezs while ur at it

  42. 42

    This is wrong, this is PER SHOW…She made over $300 million.

  43. MadonnaSux says – reply to this


    She still sucks

  44. 44

    Everyone on this list is 10 times more talented than this old hag. Who the hell wants to pay one dollar to see this woman? Untalented bitchy whore

  45. JR says – reply to this


    the ticket prices are high but people still buy them and this is the proof that the world still wants to see her. Its not like Gaga who's tickets are not so expensive and even so she cant sell out any arena.

  46. rolling says – reply to this


    Re: Raccoon Eyes – Oh good, can't stand those people like you at her concerts! Just the lovers not the haters!