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Taylor Swift DONE With Harry Styles! See What She Said About A Reunion HERE!

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Taylor Swift Harry Styles Reunion Not Happening

Is it over? Is it really over for good?

With all this together, not together, together business, our heads have been spinning over Taylor Swift’s relationship status with Harry Styles.

OBVIOUSLY we knew Haylor fell apart recently, but now we're 99% sure Haylor will never ever exist again! Like, ever.

(Though we still have a 1% hope if they run into each other this weekend in Cannes!)

But for now… go ahead and cry for Haylor …or cheer!

Swifty dropped the bomb on El Hormiguero while discussing her latest single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Again. She said:

“I think once a relationship is done it’s done, you can’t do that back and forth thing it’s the most exhausting process.”

Tell us about it!

We’ve suspected that tune is about Jake Gyllenhaal, but it definitely also applies to her most recent back and forth One Direction escapade.

Plus, little Harry doesn’t quite seem able to handle what Taylor wants as she revealed her ideal partner:

“I think you have to have somebody that’s dependable, that isn’t going to change their mind every five seconds.”


Do you think Harry was flip-flopping on Taylor?

Well, he is only 18 years old. That’s what they do!

Looks like we can start the game of who is Swifty going to date next?!

That is of course… unless she changes her mind if and when they bump into each other this weekend in Cannes! Just to reiterate!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/Daniel Deme/WENN.]

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49 comments to “Taylor Swift DONE With Harry Styles! See What She Said About A Reunion HERE!”

  1. dodgyend says – reply to this


    She deserves better than this pimpleface anyway…

  2. 2

    She was NOT talking about Styles.

  3. Maria says – reply to this


    Why do those comments have to be a jab at Harry? She's talking about relationships in general.

  4. Fighter says – reply to this


    fuck you ass hole! Leave Harry alone you bitch! Re: dodgyend

  5. bullshitz says – reply to this


    Poor guy probably has nightmares about waking up to her Medusa like presence looming over him while he is sleeping. She seriously creeps me out. Run Harry..run for your life!

  6. 6

    I swore I'd never comment on these two again, but I have to in this case. Taylor chooses to go out with guys who are very high profile and in many ways, unattatainable. They break up and she goes on and on about not finding the right guy, he broke my heart, and then writes a song about it. Fingers crossed it will be a big hit! Anyway, maybe she should try to date someone a little less known and see how it goes. Just puttin that out there. Or maybe if she didn't have so many songs about heartache she wouldn't sell so many records? I really don't know.

  7. StylesAsylum says – reply to this


    First off, so what if Harry Styles has acne dumbasses! bet you look no better yourself, trollop. And secondly, maybe if taylor swift would stop being a asexual bitch, maybe she would be able to keep someone instead of this back and forth bs she always does. She says she wants a relationship, but yet she pushes the guys away by bringing up shit guys dont fucking care for.

  8. 8

    Honestly, Perez. Your even more delusional than Taylor. Maybe she wants people to believe that song was about Jake Gyllenhall, but there's no way Jake Gyllenhaal was calling her, begging her to get back together! LOL! In her dreams! Plus I remember Us Weekly said when he dumped her, it shocked her. He did it over the phone. Now she travels to be near Harry's home town to "confront" him, the same way she did to Jake at that Oscar party. She is crazy. As in mental. Her version of the truth, and reality are two different things. Now she runs around in low cut dresses showing off her new boobs, looking really ridiculous. Like a little girl playing dress up.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Duh. He's about 15 or 20 years away from settling down. You can't expect an apple from an orange.

  10. Anonomyus says – reply to this


    Re: dodgyend – Yeah, right.. I actually think it's the other way around. I agree, HARRY does deserve better.

  11. 11

    Based that quote about Taylor's ideal partner being dependable it sounds like Harry Styles is like the guy in Katy Perry's video for "Hot n Cold". Heck, Harry even looks a little like the guy in that video. I guess Katy and Taylor have similar problems with guys.

  12. Aaliyah says – reply to this


    While everyone was soo happy with haylor in the beginning, i new it wouldn't last. Blame it on my teenage love for harry, if you will but, i know how taylor's cycle goes. Furthermore, i am a serious directioner and harry is my favorite member so i make it my business to know as much as i can about him. With my knowledge of all these things, i knew Haylor was just a phase for the both of them. I really don't wish to sound naive so i will speak for both sides. Taylor may be a baby cougar but she does have good taste and harry is just awesome

  13. Aaliyah says – reply to this


    Re: dodgyend – you sound really ignorant and thats all i have to say

  14. moonwalker2 says – reply to this


    hat do you expect from the retarded offspring of 5 monkeys having butt sex with fish-squirrels?

  15. MB says – reply to this


    “I think once a relationship is done it’s done, you can’t do that back and forth thing it’s the most exhausting process.”

    There are exceptions, like if both parties grow the fuck up, learn from their mistakes, end up single, run into each other, and start over. It could take many years but it's possible.

    If you read things, advice and such from these very young celebrities, it shows their age.

  16. Oops says – reply to this


    I don't see why any man would actually date her unless they want a song written about their "love" life.

  17. 17

    Re: overthere – Youre such an idiot..i bet you even with a face full of acne &.5 years of not shaving / showering Harry would STILL be better looking than your nasty hatting ass.

  18. 18

    Re: overthere – Youre such an idiot..i bet you even with a face full of acne &.5 years of not shaving / showering Harry would STILL be better lookinkg than your nasty hatting ass.

  19. Erin says – reply to this


    Well she was talking about jakes on again off again relationship. Haylor isn't very on again and Off again despite what the press makes it look like.

  20. MB says – reply to this


    Re: Oops – Old Taylor, if you could keep her ass in line and focused, and at the same time keep her stupid mouth shut in music that people all know is directed at specific guys, on you for more than 6 days, maybe. She needs a a boot in the ass IMO. This is a girl who needs a guy to say "look bitch…. sit in that fucking couch, shut your cake hole, and come here and snugle, bitch"

    New Taylor…. nah, I could go on and on about what I find unattractive about the new Taylor Swift physically and personality wise and beyond. Those fake tits…. it's more than just physical, and I hate to say it, but fake tits don't suit that girl. Neither does that stupid serious "hollywood" face. It's like fuck off you dumbass…. who the fuck you kidding here?

    I don't give a fuck how much money, fame, anything she has or does or who she is… There are many way better, far less expensive women out there, and I ain't talking prostitues.

  21. loz says – reply to this


    i think its 65 percent about harry and 35 percent her other exes, she wanted harry back so why would she be talking about her other exes who are wayyyyyyy long gone to her

  22. 22


  23. Lucy says – reply to this


    Well, this was UNEXPECTED.

  24. 24

    lol she says this shit yet she days teenagers….yeah…what a twat.

  25. gubb says – reply to this


    Harry is not to be blamed. He is 18 for god's sake. No woman in her right mind should expect an 18 yr old to know what he wants and not keep changing his mind. I cringe each time people defend Taylor for her decisions. She is the stupid bitch who keeps going for 18 yr olds and expect them to act like a 35 year old. How dumb is that??? And then she writes songs about them? Silly silly woman.

  26. jane says – reply to this


    fuck Taylor. I'm sick of her dramas and people treating her like she's the princess of the world. She's a whore. People should wake up and see reality.

  27. Andrew Toombs says – reply to this


    Hi Ms Swift, since you are in trouble with the lyrics, try promoting and reparing mine. Heart Broken Soldier from Iraq that was married played by a gambling cold hearted snake, then f~d over by her new HBy to use for hassarrment and ID theft exploitation. I dare you to contact me and sing a good song that breaks the tears of fear into those who do that kind of crime.

  28. PM2901 says – reply to this


    It doesn't matter if TayWhore changes her mind. HARRY wants nothing to do with her! She's like Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction." I hope Harry doesn't have a bunny.

  29. yeper says – reply to this


    Re: Chooch – Amen.

  30. LC Sheen says – reply to this


    STFU or GTFO, you haters. How do any of you even know this is about Harry? She was probably just talking about love in general when she said this. You all can't instantly assume she's talking about Harry because Perez Hilton says so.
    Also, to every airhead One Direction fan on this who is strangely obsessed with Harry and calls Taylor every name in the book - Taylor's made out with Harry, he's called her his girlfriend and you'll never even meet him. Get over it - jealousy's a curse, you childish b!tches.
    Anyways, my point is, leave Taylor alone, you insolent fools.

  31. Becka says – reply to this


    Will you guys just stop posting crap like this you're like supposed to put news here not a little bit of info and the rest are just your opinions. Your credibility as a celebrity blog is going to suffer if you keep writing shit like this. I bet you don't even know half of the story from both parties

  32. sarah says – reply to this


    taylor is a whore she should stop using boys for songs i hope she never finds happyness harry is mine so she can go away and find some one her own age

  33. Yinsi says – reply to this


    It's funny how people say she "keeps dating 18 year olds." Dating two can hardly count as a pattern, guys.

  34. Suckitpreteens says – reply to this


    Harry Styles is a talentless loser who would have vanished forever if overlord Simon hadn't rescued him from oblivion and stuck him with other losers he didn't even know, trying to make gold from a mountain of shit. Like all boy bands, 1d will be completely forgotten in a year or so, when you little girls grow up and wake the fuck up that their "music" sucks and they will never be interested in you or even know you exist. Not one of these douchebags will go on to have a Timberlake-like success, because they cannot sing, dance, or pretty much anything. Ask girls about ten years older than you if they're still in love with Joey fatone, idiots.

  35. 35

    Who cares?! Im so sick of hearing about this weird little narcissistic no talent idiot they call Taylor Swift! God she is such a weirdo! Her daddy raised her to think her crap dont stink and I wouldnt blame a guy for not dating her, in fact they should run! She writes songs about every guy who dumps her dingy a$$ and thats so junior high! Grow up Taylor, you suck!

  36. 36

    Re: bullshitz – She is a weird one for sure! She was a daddys girl and got everything she wanted so now she lives that out in relationships LOL poor little dummy is headed for a reality check!

  37. 37

    Re: Suckitpreteens – acctually its matt dillon and leif garret

  38. genevieve says – reply to this


    dud leave both of them alone let them be

  39. genevieve says – reply to this


    true taylor deserves better she a very preety girl she could have anyone she whats and out of all the boys she picks harry

  40. 40

    can you stop making haylor posts this is so totally old news

  41. martine says – reply to this


    Why everybody hates her?

    She has great taste in her cloth, can sing … is not a hater, tall, pretty ….
    Her hair is always flawless, ah, her hair, all …

  42. Juli G says – reply to this


    I think, well I don't really know what to think about it, ehmm I don't know i don't even like the couple, she's always with guys little than she is! I don't like it nonononono. Harry is mine. 0=)

  43. Honest says – reply to this


    There is one worth really trying again Taylor L. They were very sweet together, the public loved them. they each get around 5,000 votes for each other on whose dating who, where their recent partners had a couple hundred. Makes you wonder what the public sees that they don't. He would be a perfect Flynn Rider to her Rapunzel. She sounds jaded now like she's given up on the fairytale, her music's getting dark. I think she could if she meets the right guy, she does not need to stay single, in a way that's what she has been nothing lasted long. Sometimes you do have to get back together and work through it although not with Styles, that was a good move. I'm still rooting for Flynn Rider she promised he a second chance in Back to December. There's an exception to every rule!

  44. nicole owen says – reply to this


    I'm sure Taylor will find herself another boyfriend in no time, slut

  45. Haylee says – reply to this


    Re: dodgyend – Say that again I dare you. HARRY DESERVES BETTER, TAYLOR DESERVES A STRAIGHT JACKET :0 she is a good singer but she should have stayed with Connor. Sorry if this is mean but if people are going to talk bull about Harry then I have the right to say some things about Taylor Swift.

  46. 46

    i agree with tina fey she really does need some time to find herself

  47. Maria says – reply to this


    There to young to fall "IN" love but I agree with Harry thou she changes hur mined like every 5second and who would want that like nobody like how many guys did Taylor's been with less than a year deadass we all know that haylor was never gonna last like Justin bibber and Selena Gomez so it's better off for them to be off nf just be friends Harry ur to good for her find someone who near ur age not older

  48. Micaela says – reply to this


    I think they should go the way they want to go

  49. PrettyBoii says – reply to this


    anybody knows what's the current relationship status of Taylor Swift?? i cant see the results in frinzee,com