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Whitney Houston's Brother Explains The Pain He Feels For Introducing Her To Drugs; Watch HERE!

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Oh man, you know this had to be rough.

Big brother to Whitney Houston, Michael was usually referred to as the late great's twin for how much time they spent together.

Always getting into the same things, they also inevitably did drugs together after Michael brought them into her life.

Watch a sneak peek of Oprah's interview with him and Cissy to get a chilling First Look at the pain he feels.

And don't forget to watch it all on OWN, January 28 @ 10/9c!!

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15 comments to “Whitney Houston's Brother Explains The Pain He Feels For Introducing Her To Drugs; Watch HERE!”

  1. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Hey ! She was an adult - she coulda stopped !

  2. 2

    You fuckers are still milking Whitney. Sick.

  3. Todd says – reply to this


    Whitney was just surrounded by losers and people who failed her time and again. When your own brother introduces you to hardcore drugs at a young age, what hope do you have? RIP Whitney.

    @Be-Atch, you make it sound so easy. I'd like to see you just "stop" and kick a 35 year habit and dependency on drugs, especially when faced with monumental fame, at least 2 miscarriages, a psychologically and physically abusive husband, the strain of potentially hiding a part of your sexuality because no one including family, church friends, homophobes in general, record company execs plus the black community would never accept it, people close to you betraying you to the tabloids, having relatives and in-laws constantly squeezing you for cash, running your own company (Nippy Inc) plus the pressure of constant touring, studio sessions, and paparazzi following your every move. I think a lot of us would've cracked long before Whitney did.

  4. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    Oprah is the hardest working, non working, retired black lady on the block
    Does she ever stop with this shit, retire, hang it up, you and Gale go off and live happily ever after
    She is scraping the bottom,should have left us all on a high note

  5. dc or nothing says – reply to this


    He should feel the pain so all these everyone thought bobby Brown introduced Whitney to drugs and it was not him but bobby didn't help Whitney at all he was jealous of his own wife fame that sad as Fuck but it was both of her brothers put Whitney on drugs Whitney was taking care of everybody but nobody was taken care of Whitney I still question Whitney's death I don't believe she was in the room by myself someone was in there with her and when I saw those police report with Whitney Houston b with Whitney Houston body when she died all over her bod the water was 95. the water was 95.5 degrees I really believe Whitney death was foul play why would the Beverly Hilton Hotel closwheitney roo that don't sound rih that dosound right at all hat covered up something about her death

  6. Bohwe says – reply to this


    Whitney said she wasn't gay, stop trying to make her into a gay mascot!People tried to that to MJ, stop using her for an agenda. there are so many openly gay entertainers to cling to, stop attaching the agenda to celebs who don't want that on them.

  7. Bohwe says – reply to this


    Stop trying to make whitney into a gay icon. she said she was straight until the day she died. respect her way of life. it's ok to be straight. not every celeb is gay, no matter how hard people try. why would you want a person to come out, if they never said they were that way. don't you know how that rumor destroyed her. leave her memory alone. she has a daughter that doesn't need to hear that garbage.

  8. Gmoney1016 says – reply to this


    First of all I someone who has loved Whitney Houston since the beginning of my recollection of music in a way that far too many people these days will ever be able to respect the families decision to this. I person always thought that the one of her brothers introduced her to drugs because that is just the way things normally go in life. I feel as though this interview will give those who TRULY loved Whitney some insight into her life. All you guys and these negative statements shouldnt waste your time reading the articles and even worst posting your negativity. What Michael did was commendable and his guilt is genuine. I dont think anyone believed bobby introduced her to drugs but anyone who doesnt believe that he was a weight that sunk her ship then you might want to educate yourself as to what youre talking about. I am glad the fam let us in because I love and miss Whitney terribly.

  9. Princess P. says – reply to this


    Re: Todd – I completely agree with your comment.

  10. Princess P says – reply to this


    I am so angry and astonished at how Whitney Houston's family is betraying her. Whitney Houston would be so hurt knowing her family is telling things about her personal life. Whitney is not here to defend herself. Whitney always tried to keep her private life private. And now her family is telling everything. Cannot believe this. You would think her brothers Michael and Gary would want to protect their sister from the destructive life of drugs. But they watched her decline because they benefited from her drug addiction. Wow…what was Whitney's life really like. How sad.

  11. Randall says – reply to this


    I feel that Cissy has every right to tell the story about her daughter….who would you rather hear it from?

  12. Ebony says – reply to this


    Re: Todd – well said! I agree with everything you said. Except the gay part (I don't believe she was gay) but what do I know? I wasn't there so its a possibility.

  13. Brenda Parks says – reply to this


    I'm 52 I watched Whitney rise to become the "VOICE".At our age we start having medical issues.I have some going on too: Whitney's doctor did not check her out the way he should have or this would not of happened!!!! It's not your fault. We will always Love all of you! Love to you Bobby Kristina!!!!!!

  14. Brenda Parks says – reply to this


    Re: Princess P. – I agree to a degree:but her addiction was always public,she never denied it, as a matter of fact if she had not told anyone not many would have known.She would have done the same thing with or without cocain!Blocked arteries will kill you! Her doctor should share some of the responsibility!

  15. jeoycrbs says – reply to this


    A dmitting to starting Whitney on drugs and saying I'm sorry is a bit too late. His job was to protect and watch out for his ONLY and BABY sister who was the BREAD WINNER for the entire FAMILY. He used her as much and for as long as he could (until she died) Is he sorry?Indirectly, he is to blame for her demise. All the suffering and embarrassment she went through. Maybe he was jealous and tried to destroy his Mother's FAMOUS ICON BABY GIRL. He was the oldest and he knew better. His were selfish reasons aside from using someone he knew loved him so much. I miss her alott!!