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18 comments to “Justin Bieber Is Filming A New Concert Movie In Miami TONIGHT!”

  1. Danielle says – reply to this


    Total disappointment. I am a mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Miami and 50 South Florida Littles were picked to attend the taping today. We were promised a pre-show with Justin Beiber. These kids waited 5 hours at American Airlines arena watching back up dancers dance, Justin never showed. These are kids that were so excited, dressed up, and some that dont have the means to go to concerts. It was suppossed to be a very special day and they all left totally let down, and some in tears. I have never been so heart broken and disappointed for these kids.

    One staff member went as far to tell the kids after they found out Justin wasnt coming "this is why you do not look up to celebrities. Look up to your parents, doctors, lawyers, people that make a difference".

    We heard that the no show might have been due to Justin being out too late last night. inexcusable. Not when these kids are involved. So terribly heartbreaking.

  2. Emilie says – reply to this


    Hi I love yor music I am 8 i have 1 poster 1 pillow and 1 dlancits av you you r so hate I'm a huge fan if I you'd mit you in persone I don't no what I wood doo or if i wood gate 1 ro sits for the concert i love love you I wood cry if I wood mite you thanx?

  3. 3

    Re: Danielle – Your colleague gave some great advice about who to look up to in this world. I'm sure the movie will be edited to look like Beiber was there. Sad.

  4. Emily Arbic-Cohen says – reply to this


    Re: Danielle – look i am sorry that justin did not show up to see the kids . i am also trying to connect with justin i am trying to show him what I have been going through with my dream and i am have faith that will see me

  5. Emily Arbic-Cohen says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – do not say that because I look up to justin bieber as a singing coach

  6. Meg says – reply to this


    Re: Danielle – Im really sorry Justin didnt show, but sometimes things get in the way i mean hes an international superstar and he tries to get to everything….he isnt a superhero

  7. Savanah Bieber says – reply to this


    Re: Emilie – hey Emilie this is savanah bieber justin bieber's wife we wold be honored to meet you . get ready for the concert because me and justin are giving you front row seats we are not ever letting you down we promise see you there .

  8. 8

    Re: Emily Arbic-Cohen – Seriously? The boy can barely form a sentence - how could he possibly teach? Surely you can find a real coach.

  9. Miley Cyrus Fan says – reply to this


    I was at the pre-concert because our school was invited to be taped for his new film. Guess what, we were used because Justin Bieber never showed up. How can u rehearse without Justin Bieber? We only got to see the back up dancers, the camera crew and the director. I'm looking forward to the movie. I'm probably going to be disappointed again. Justin could have at least showed up for a couple of seconds and explain why he can't stay. He was in the building, according to the bodyguards.

  10. 305miami says – reply to this


    Re: Emilie
    I as well was there with my daughter and a group that was invited.
    Completely heart breaking having to explain to these kids he wasn't going to show his face for a minute after being told he would.

    Mean while we saw him riding a scooter behind the arena entertaining people lining up to see his concert later on.

    Very sad

  11. 11

    what a nasty stoner douche not showing up to the kids u know im over 35 ok more but i find one direction alot more interesting NOT THAT INTERRESTING but more interesting than this douche maybe all his fans could become one direction fans since hes disappointing people with his bs go and buy a one direction cd outsell this little fucker …NASTY STONER LIL FUCKER do u think maybe when he was on te scooter he was thinking he was driving past the kids waiting ?? my advice become a one direction fan and leave him in the dust…

  12. 12

    What a disappointment. The Justin Bieber producers and agents contacted various children companies, charities as Camilas House, to participate in a mock concert/videotaping. All children and chaperones signed a release form to this secret event. 1,000 children were going to be participating in an event that we were told by his people he would be present in even if it would only be to say hi. The girls were picked up by charter buses at 10am. The girls sat there and watched dancers practice small parts of their dances and the producers recording the dances and audiences reaction. Time passed as the girls continued to chant for Justin and wait. Then suddenly we began to get escorted from the arena. The girls then asked but why are we leaving, we haven't seen Justin. We then asked our escort who stated he was scared for himself because of the outrage that was about to occur as he knew Justin was never going to appear at this event. At this point we were outraged because he lied to every organization promising his appearance yet it was only for his recording benefit because he was never planning on being present. These girls cried the whole ride back to our cars. The parents were so upset to see their children who had been lied to and conned, and they were upset they had lost their entire day as the return was at 5pm. So much money spent on personalized shirts, bows, tutus just to see Justin. Why would he lie to little girls????

  13. sunshinegirl says – reply to this


    We were in Miami today waiting & waiting for Justin hours - he was a no show. How could he disappoint over 1,000 children! He invited us and used us!! His people kept saying Justin is coming & he never came. We wasted an entire day - we could of been doing homework or enjoying the beach!! I will never buy a JB cd or see any of his movies again! Never waisting a penny on this kid that doesn't care about us at all!!

  14. 14

    I attended today's filming as a mentor at Big Brothers Big Sisters. I can't begin to describe how excited all the children in the arena were, it was so touching to see. Everyone was blatantly lied to, and used just for the benefit of the filming of this movie. Many, many loyal fans were absolutely crushed when the lights suddenly came on and without no explanation, ushers began escorting everyone out. His "people" treated the audience like cattle, herding them outside using excuses such as "he was out late last night" which is extremely inappropriate to say to children. The majority of the crowd where children that are apart of programs such as YMCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, churches and schools, and were all immensely let down and heartbroken. Inexcusable.

  15. 15

    i think it was on the 26th, cuz i have a friend who was working on it.

  16. stine says – reply to this


    omg, he is looosing A LOT of fans now, in norway to, he sucks! im a MAHOMIE

  17. m. lowry says – reply to this


    justin usually shows up for things like this. i find it hard to believe he doesn't care. be fair there must be a good reason for him not appearing.

  18. fan justin says – reply to this


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