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Bieby, Bieby, Bieby... noooo! Justin Bieber definitely let down a couple hundred of his loyal Beliebers last night in Miami, by bailing on them last mi… Read more…

26 comments to “Justin Bieber Pulls Out Of Miami Movie Filming… Leaving HUNDREDS Of Fans In Tears!”

  1. Jeff says – reply to this


    I give it another 2 years before everyone says Justin who? Oh yeah, what happened to him? He is the classic example of too much, too fast. He's gonna get burned out and go M.I.A. for 5 years or so. That will leave room for the next pop star to take his place.

  2. 2

    Classic child star behavior. He should meet with Leif Garrett to see what his future holds for him. If he had any brains at all he would get an education - but I think his ego is already way too big to comprehend the idea that this will not last forever.

  3. marai says – reply to this


    you can hate on taylor swift all you want but when she was too sick and had to cancel some shows she continuously repeated how awful she felt about it and added on the days to her tour for the people who were going to attend those canceled shows and gave them complimentary tickets this douche cancels because he was hungover probably and doesn't get half the shit taylor gets

  4. E says – reply to this


    My daughter and I attended the filming yesterday morning
    These kids waited 5 plus hours to just catch a glimpse of him all to be disappointed in the end.
    None of his people apologized while on stage all they did was turn off all cameras and stage lights and left the stage leaving small children crying in the crowd.

    It was so sad because many of these kids have nothing and would have never gotten another chance to see him.

    I myself saw him riding a scooter outside the arena entertaining his fans that were there to see his concert later that evening.

    The filing was not at night it began at around 11:30 am and ended at 3:00 pm

  5. GG says – reply to this


    This was just horrible. My daughter (5) was also part of a few groups in attendance at this 'private filming" for his movie and all the hype that went on from his producers about hurrying the girls on buses to get there before JB would arrive…. for him not to show at all was just unreal. These kids were used as pawns and no excuses have been given to them. Just UNBELIEVABLE!

  6. 6

    Re: E – ugh. he is a disgrace to Canadians.

  7. E says – reply to this


    Re: GG

    I agree, it was unreal.
    I'm still a little taken back that all this happened. I have on video one of his people stating "save your energy for when justin bieber comes out on stage"
    These kids were used and I am disgusted by the entire ordeal

  8. Jenny Watson says – reply to this


    In other words, he was way too hung over and crossfaded from the night before.

  9. Amy Somers says – reply to this


    Wow Perez. I WAS THERE! I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! Get your facts straight before you accuse people pf something. Justins concert did start late but not because he was feeling ill but because there were 500 fans in his meet and greet. Most of the fans snuck in but Justin didnt care. He took pictures with all of them. And the concert was being filmed. He was only late because of his meet and greet. You should learn all your facts before talk shit of other people. And all of you people in the comments saying that he was ill too are messed up. He was not sick at all and they did film the moive.

  10. Kelly says – reply to this


    Re: Amy Somers
    I attended the concert and it was horrible. Came on stage 2 hours late. He looked forced he wasnt enjoying it at all. Thank goodness for his surprise guests for some thrill. I also attended Jingle Ball where he was suppose to CO-HOST. He came out for 2 minutes and left a bunch of crying fans. What does he have against Miami? I dont really care who he was meeting a concert should start on time or at least with in an hour. 2 hours is completely ridiculous.

  11. Angeline says – reply to this


    My daughter was there with her friend and her friends family. They were so kind to take her then this happens. My daughter is a mess. I'm very disappointed but my daughter still loves him . I feel so awful for her. She's a great kid. Makes straight a' s all year every year and for once something good came her way then it crashed down ! I'm sorry for all this kids who were let down :(

  12. Snow3 says – reply to this


    JB never showed up- please get your info straight. It wasn't the concert jan 27 that he was late for. See these links: and inform yourself before you speak

  13. Snow3 says – reply to this


    Local abc news and YouTube if links don't show

  14. Snow3 says – reply to this


    Check local abc news- bieber bails and you tube no more bieber

  15. John says – reply to this


    People anyone who lets their child look up to this wanna be black dude needs to be slapped. He has started with weed and I guarantee it will progress to hard hitting drugs. Hopefully he ditches the team that is with him now that condone this issue, and gets help before it lead him down the Whitney path. He is talented but making all the wrong decisions and more then likely I blame the team. Look at Britney Spears. If not Whitneys future then definitely Britney Spears. He will have a break down, be put in the mental hospital, and then be under a judge appointed watcher.

  16. 16

    JB you should be ashamed of your self you are who you are because of your fans!!!!!
    how dare you stand us up in the way!!!!!! I was there so dissapointed!!!!

  17. Just Saying says – reply to this


    He can't handle his drugs and alcohol which is common with teenagers.

  18. Brooke says – reply to this


    Everyone is so outraged over this one incident, but what about all the GOOD that he does? Just because he had to cancel one thing which he rarely ever does, we are gonna hate on him? Get a grip people he is human just like the rest of us!

  19. Afsana says – reply to this


    I got to go to the concert filming with my sisters and they were sooo freaking excited to see Justin Bieber and all of a sudden, his "people" were herding us out of the stadium with no explanation or thanks for coming out even though it completely wasted the whole day! Bieber annoyed me before, and after pushing my little sisters to tears, he's simply an as*****!!!!

  20. Jenny says – reply to this


    Re: Kelly
    We were at the meet and greet- he was late for that as well. We were told to be there at 4, he didn't show up until 7.

  21. perezeatadick says – reply to this


    Perez, what is your obsession with Justin Bieber? One day you post all of these negative rants about him and then the next day you're promoting how amazing he is. What gives? Maybe if your articles were actually good (factual), people would come to your site more often and you wouldn't have to feed off of views following the release of his new album and his name being searched a lot more frequently to get there.

  22. whatever says – reply to this


    justin didnt even know he had to be there they are not teliing the truth

  23. 23

    There is one gal over on a travel forum I frequent that is basing her whole itinerary around the Justin Bieber concert date that her 13 year old daughter wants to see. Incredible.

  24. Anastasia says – reply to this


    He let down my daughter we were there last night and that was absolutely unaccepatable I won't blame my child to say she doesn't like Justin anymore NOt WORTH IT waste of my hardened money. No apology nothing very rude .

  25. 25

    To Perezatadick and Amy somers, when you are posting a comment research the information before you ASSume you know everything. Amy somers you might have gone to his concert sunday night but he had a special movie recording at the arena from 12-4 which his producers told the casting companies he would be at. This event was for his charities and other organizations so I dont know what good this guy actually does when he stands up underprivileged kids. As for Perezatadick the only loser is you. Perez hilton has the accurate information as you can view reports on Miamis Channel 4, 7 and 10 pages. After JB decides he rather sit by the pool at the fountain blue all day instead of actually passing by his recording just to say thank you, he makes his publicist state he was not suppose to be there. Thats not what our letters and waivers state!!!!

  26. ossd says – reply to this


    I think all the 5star reviews for Justin give all the 13 year olds who are just in love with him. I was a big fan too but I realized its all the " amazing" image Ive only seen. He was late 2 hours as I rad on every single show throughout the world ! And It was only hour and a half long! It was nice seeing him from so far and it was good but, not for anyone used to Michael Jackson. Not for anyone used for perfection and a quality show! It was just a good party with light effects with loud music for young girls. and a hot Justin. I spent a lot of money and Travelling 7 hours there and 7 back home, didnt sleep for 40 hours just because of him, while the weather was cold like hell, Im glad I didnt go crazy and bought m&g . Im sorry Justin but you have nothing to do with MJ like youre trying to. Its not about having monky like h did or dancing and having similar songs to him.