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Kris Humphries' Family Is On Team Kim! They Want Him To DROP Divorce Vendetta!

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Not gonna lie!

We were over this nonsense the minute their divorce proceedings went on longer than their actual marriage!

But yes, the legal battle between Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian is STILL raging on, despite the reality starlet already becoming impregnated by her new man Kanye West, and according to sources close to the NBA star, his family is JUST as frustrated with him for dragging the process out by refusing to take her $10 million settlement offer and demanding she admit their entire union was a fraud so he can have it annulled!

Apparently, the main problem the Humphries clan is having with Kris is based on his need for retribution, but it's also apparently affecting his sister Kaela's ability to get work as a model, as pro-Kardashian agencies are afraid to employ anyone on the out with them!

Insiders explain:

“Kris’ family finds the entire matter really annoying because they’re tired of the negative attention and don’t want to be tied to Kim at all anymore. They just want it to be over. It’s not completely damaging [Kaela's] her career, but she does get turned down more than usual because a lot of the agencies are pro-Kim. And Kaela has no animosity towards Kim. She loves her brother, but she thinks he’s wrong. It’s gone on too long and it’s upsetting for the family to know that Kris is out for revenge. The family doesn’t want to be connected to Kim or any of the Kardashians anymore, and they’re worried that Kris will get burned in the end.”

Completely understandable!

Frankly, this is old news, and what's done is done!

Everyone else is moving on and forward with their lives, and it's very sad that Kris can't seem to do that - especially since it's all based in a selfish need for vindication that doesn't matter to anyone but him!

The time to throw in the towel was well past a LONG time ago, boy!

You might not see it now, but you'll feel better to have all of that anger and negativity off of your shoulders!

What do U think?? Team Kris or Team Kim??

[Image via Tumblr.]

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29 comments to “Kris Humphries' Family Is On Team Kim! They Want Him To DROP Divorce Vendetta!”

  1. 1

    Whatever he does he, and his whole family for that matter, will ALWAYS be related to KK, wether they like/want it or not. Just like KK will always be that "porn wh0re who got peed on" in a video…

  2. 2

    And I didn't think he could be more pathetic

  3. 3

    He's already been burned. Wait till the KarTRASHian's ruin another career…Kanye's. Mama pimp Jenner is the only one to profit from this marriage….Kanye lost so much credit here.

  4. 4


  5. Belen says – reply to this


    you said it, Perez… It's hard to admit you were wrong. But necessary to begin the healing process

  6. sue says – reply to this


    As a Catholic as he is I know that he will not be able to get remarried in a catholic church as a divorcee. The only way he can is to have the marriage annulled. that and this wedding/marriage was fake as hell. She should just admit it and get on with her life.

  7. 7

    Whatever Perez! Usually I agree with what you say but I'm completely opposite here. She needs to be exposed for the fraud that she is! He deserves to get an annulment! Plan and simple. Anyone with 2 eyes and common sense can tell that she just used him for ratings and money! Wake up Perez & get out of Kim's fat, flabby @ss!

  8. Sandy says – reply to this


    She is a fraud and she should be exposed as such.

  9. This girl says – reply to this


    I completely disagree. Let that man get his revenge. If Kim wasn't Kim and the marriage just happened not to work out that would be one thing. This girl found the most gullible athlete around, woo'd him and I'm sure convienced him to marry her ON TV then dumped him months later. If for nothing else he should be after revenge for his name. People aren't going to remember him as a basketball player, they're going to remember him as that guy KK played for ratings. Honestly to say he should drop it really sucks. All that he's been through because of her and he should forgive and forget? The least she can do is admit she married him for the show. I wouldn't divorce her until she did.

  10. 10

    This is a BS story planted by TeamKim and PimpMamaKris.

  11. Alcia says – reply to this


    I believe… kim an mamapimp has something to do with this story KIM if u really wanted an DIVORCE you have admitted it shes is as guilty as him pornstar or no star shes is an normal as anyone smh

  12. Fluer says – reply to this


    Wow! Pro-Kardashian companies? I know more people who hate that family than like them. I think they paid you for this ridiculous write up. They're his family and he's right, that marriage is a fraud and KK is a whore who is knocked up with some rapper's baby.
    Don't bring his family into this when you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Could you please give your site some integrity and keep it real instead of taking the Kartrashian's money? Ughh!

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    He's his own man, and so will likely do what he feels he needs to so that he can move on and feel good about things again. They may want it over, but these are ultimately his decisions to make.

  14. kk hater says – reply to this


    I know Mr. Perez you are a friend of the Kardashians and will of course write in their favor. They need to get a PROFESSIONAl writer who will be biased

  15. 15

    Team Kris! Do not watch the show or their wedding but thought she treated him in a very shabby manner.

  16. Ky says – reply to this


    Boy? Boy??? Have some effing respect to where it's due! You should have respect for marriage and the union between two ppl who promise to God and his entire family to be tied to this hoe! Have respect for this African American citizen for crying out loud! I'm this close to stop reading your site, Perez. No morals!!! Trash site… SMH

  17. prlary says – reply to this


    Kris…got rooked…double the amount and settle…I vote to get ALL SKANKDISIAN B***S*** banned from all airwves…time for some new skanky blood…

  18. jk says – reply to this


    Well this is BS because she never made him an offer of ten mill or any other amount. She wants that divorce because of the prenup and the privacy agreemkent. He wants it because he is Catholic and wants to make sure legally that farce is done with and religion wise too. Yes he can get an annulment thur the church but he wants one thru the courts too. She can get rid of him by admitting it was a scam and it was but the fatr ass stupid whore thinks she and her tramp family can just do it their way. I want to see her taken down 1000 pegs and forced to admite she only married him for 10 million dol

  19. jk says – reply to this


    I hope these "family" memeber remember this when they want him to reachn ninto his wallet and help them. He has every right to keep this going until that whore owns up to the fact the she bused him for a 10 million dollar wedding, SHe even faked the proposal. SHe crossed her fingers when taling the vows, they were married in a house of God.No respect for that either, Kanye 's mother if she were alive would be grabbig him and running with him,. She would tell him to get an DnA test before this baby is born because she probably has NO idea who the father is just lioke that whore mother of hers. If the world cannot see what no good tramps this family is made of we are in big trouble. KK is a fat assed thunder thighed brain dead whore. RUN Kanye back to the closet as fast as you can.

  20. Tiffani says – reply to this


    Perez u are absolutly right!!! He needs to move on..Has he not heard the TEA?? Kim is pregnant and has moved on.. We would not even know who he was if it wasnt for her. The Kardasians are smart savvy business people.. People hate on them for no apparent reason..I think its because she likes BLACK @#$K…Lets put it out there and be honest.. LIVE KIM K LIVE!!! KARDASIANS ARE TRUE BALLERS!!

  21. Tiffani says – reply to this


    Re: sue – Perez u are absolutly right!!! He needs to move on..Has he not heard the TEA?? Kim is pregnant and has moved on.. We would not even know who he was if it wasnt for her. The Kardasians are smart savvy business people.. People hate on them for no apparent reason..I think its because she likes BLACK @#$K…Lets put it out there and be honest.. LIVE KIM K LIVE!!! KARDASIANS ARE TRUE BALLERS!!

  22. Tiffani says – reply to this


    Who heard of KRIS H ?????? NOBODY!!! IM all for KIM K and Family.. They are druggies, they arent alcoholics, they may have a little fun, but at the end of the day they are BUSINESS!!!!! Cant nobody say they arent.. AGAIN if they werent getting BLACK MAN D#$K, they would be praised, and awarded for all the money and fame they are getting.. INstead they have so many haters that hate for no reason…People BULLY the Kardasians, again for no reason, oh yea, I told you the reason.. STUPID PEOPLE, with small MINDS.

  23. tayo says – reply to this


    I dnt give a damn- my partner is sure as hell NOT walking away with 10 million dollars after 72 days of friggin marriage. Hes an idiot if he gives up- keep pushing for annulment kris!!

  24. chritterz says – reply to this


    Im sorry, but I think the person who needs to let go is Kim. How is Kris getting revenge hlby demanding an annulment? It was only 72 days, it should be an annulment and not a divorce. kim is the one with the problem because she can't just admit that is should be annulled, not a divorce. It was barely a marriage. What is she holding on for? If she would just give in all this shit could be over. Stop being stubborn Kim, let goooo, and annull,for the sake of ur baby!!

  25. 25

    how dare u call HIM selfish shes the pig that wanted the marriage and then divorce

    he has a right to a normal marriage and annul this fakicity… annul it and LET HIM GET ON WITH HAVING AREAL WOMAN MINUS THE FAKERY AND A REAL MARRAIGE HE DESERVES THAT

    to hell with his sister and the rest of them divorce them as well if they dont go on his side HES NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG HES IN THE RIGHT nail the bitch to the wall

  26. 26

    he shudda thrown her off a higher cliff than that

  27. NANCY says – reply to this


    i don't understand what he is going on about he said on the show he wanted a divorce when he was in the car with his friend but because she filed on him he is now too Cathlic for a divorce! He needs to grow a pair and move on.

  28. natali says – reply to this


    At this point, it is Kim that is dragging on this divorce not Kris. Everyone knows this marriage was a fraud…he was in love, she was in love with the idea of a big fancy wedding, and publicity. The man is catholic….and hopes to one day marry a woman that truly loves him in the house of God, only an annulment will allow that to happen. Kim should just admit it was all fake and get it done. Give him what she took away, and move on.

  29. AndyAsian says – reply to this


    Re: lacroix – One must first have a career before it can be "ruined". Don't basketball players have to actually be GOOD at playing the sport for it to be considered a legitimate career? The way he plays, it's just a job. A job that doesn't pay nearly as well as all the endorsements Kim K gets.