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My Chemical Romance's Mikey Way CHEATED On Wife With 19-Year-Old Model?! See His Wife's Response HERE!

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Them boys need to learn to KEEP IT IN THEIR PANTS!

First we hear that Zayn Malik of One Direction stuck his love wand into another girls' glovebox, and now rumor has it that Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance has been cheating on his wife for what looks like a while with some 19-year-old model called Sarah

At least according to TONS of photographs/tweets!

Ch-ch-check out just ONE of the pics showing Mikey and Sarah smooching like lovers (above)!

Some savvy searcher compiled a sh*tload of posts/pictures of the two from various people's Twitters and Instagram accounts, which means the dude was stupid enough to let a 19-year-old take shots of them together, not thinking she's likley to post them on the internetz.

Mikey married his wife Alicia Way in 2007, and as far as we know they are still together…

But he may also be trying to wife up this other chick!

Meanwhile, his real wife tweeted out a pretty damaging response:


CLICK HERE to judge for yourself whether or not this cheating rumor is legit… it looks pretty undeniable to us!

[Image via Instagram/Twitter.]

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75 comments to “My Chemical Romance's Mikey Way CHEATED On Wife With 19-Year-Old Model?! See His Wife's Response HERE!”

  1. mikeywayyouscandal says – reply to this


    Thank you for calling me a savvy searcher, Perez, this means a lot to me.

  2. Lexy West says – reply to this


    This is a little ridiculous…

  3. alicia says – reply to this


    so sad! I grew up listening to this band. Mikey is the LAST member I would expect to cheat out of the bunch…

  4. 4

    So disappointed. I didn't know Mikey Way would turn out to be such a dick. Alicia's so lovely, I just don't get it.

  5. erika says – reply to this


    that ho'

  6. rockpunk says – reply to this


    I was a big fan of this band- some of their songs are really romantic, i would never suspect gerard of doing this- and i thought he had an influence of his brother in hat regard, it's sad that he's a scumbag

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    How NOT to treat your other.

  8. EmilyDiedOfFeels says – reply to this


    I'd just like to point out that it hasn't been said he cheated, however based on the last known time him and Alicia were seen as a couple and when him and Sarah were first seen as a couple it seems as though cheating is largely possible.
    Also I would like to point out that many other rumors have been floating around the MCR fan base, Mikey just make everything sort of explode. There have also been rumors of Frank Iero being depressing and possibly leaving the band, and Ray Toro becoming a father.
    Another thing is also that many fans of My Chemical Romance are also fans of bands such as Fall Out Boy, which was rumored to be making a new album, and Three Days Grace which recently lost it's lead singer Adan Gontier. The MCR news and news about other bands has cause fans to have a lot of feelings that many have been forcing toward to worst of the rumors, which is Mikey.
    I still think Mikey's a good person overall. Everyone makes mistakes (I would know!) I wish the best of luck to the fans and to Mikey, Alicia, Gerard, Sarah, Lindsey, Frank, Ray, and any others that were affected.

  9. lola23 says – reply to this


    You forgot to add the fact that Sarah's engagement ring was Alicia's firt lolol Mikey is being a tacky cheap little bitch.

  10. Benny says – reply to this


    He gave the girl he's cheating with his WIFE'S wedding ring?! What a complete piece of shit! I used to go see this band and they seem to always have drama. Maybe it's because they're all fucking assholes. I stopped listening to them when they fired their millionth drummer and . I've never seen a band try to ruin an ex members life like that. claimed he allegedly "stole" something. That was so fucked up and pretty obviously NOT true. I met that drummer Mike at a coffee shop before they played one night and he was so friendly and cool while the other boys were acting too cool. Bad bad people. What happens in the dark comes out in the light, assholes!

  11. oliviaaa says – reply to this


    Ijust dont get this. i mean earlier there was a rumor floating around that alicia cheated on him but i highly doubt that. I heard somewhere that shes pregnant but that may be wrong. anywho. I dont know where they stand. awww pickles

  12. Eleanora says – reply to this


    I didn't know this until literally the whole my chemical romance 'fandom' blew up, cause mikey, sweet quite, innocent mikey is the last one this kind of behavior would be expected from, if at all; they're all happily married (though maybe not all because micheal clearly can't keep it in his pants, which is sad) and this whole thing is like a traffic cone in a beige room because this isn't the kind of thing you'd hear from MCR it's just so against their image and the way they carry themselves, it's a real shock…

  13. Kat says – reply to this


    how can you dare post this?
    you don't know what he might have been through!
    Next time shut your whore mouth before knowing the whole truth!

  14. Bella says – reply to this


    What a complete piece of trash. It wouldn't be a shocker as much if it were his girlfriend but its his wife! Seems like he's such a dumb fuck that he actually thought a 19 year old fan girl wouldn't be showing off to her friends on the Internet. Also, isn't that dude like 40? What a molester scumbag! That whole band just seems full of shit and its obvious they have fooled their fans into believing they are good people. At least the truth is starting to
    Come out!

  15. Rita V. says – reply to this


    Re: Eleanora – it's really shitty to find out a band who claims to be good people are using that image to fool fans into liking them. This is the ultimate betrayal. It's not a GF it's a wife. If you can do that to your wife, you obviously wouldn't care about lying to your fans. I hope they just stop being a band and a real good band takes their place. They don't deserve it.

  16. oliviaaa says – reply to this


    I have things saying that those could possibly be old pictures. He doesn't need glasses anymore do to eye surgery soooooo….. but she was an old manager of the band and they dated for a while. PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE

  17. Karen says – reply to this



  18. liz says – reply to this


    Re: oliviaaa – I hope what you're saying is true cuz' yeah he doesn't need glasses but his hair is blonde, something else is that he's with the old style in that photo anyways he broke alicia's heart and that's so sad /:

  19. sing-it-for-saint-jimm says – reply to this


    Re: mikeywayyouscandal – omfg i follow you

  20. Fatima says – reply to this


    Re: Kat – You sound stupid as fuck nothing in this world would give you and excuse to cheat on your WIFE not is gf his WIFE. you stupid fuck

  21. Jesuschrist says – reply to this


    Perez why even post this when nobody knows what's happened yet, it's one huge clusterfuck and yes there are shitloads of pictures and tweets and bullshit going around but nobody knows the full story so can you just shut up/stay out of it until somebody does? Ugh, no wonder I stopped about on this website…

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: oliviaaa – Really? That would sure explain the pics. I hope so, I like MCR.

  23. mikeywayyouscandal says – reply to this


    Re: sing-it-for-saint-jimm – You and 655 other people, my precious baby.

  24. Darren says – reply to this


    The writing is on the wall… LITERALLY

  25. xx says – reply to this


    SHUT THE FUCK UP, BENNY. You don't even know what really happened between Mike and the other guys.

  26. xx says – reply to this


    SHUT UP, BENNY. You don't even know what really happened between Mike and the other guys.

  27. Jessicore2012 says – reply to this


    Like, the pictures of them kissing are friendly, too, right?
    God you teenie boppers are fucking annoying.
    Open your god damn eyes.
    Cheating is disgusting and that is that.

  28. 28

    I thought Mikey got laser eye surgery and didn't wear glasses anymore?

  29. stacey says – reply to this


    Re: oliviaaa – that's impossible. in one of the pictures Mikey is wearing an armband that covers up the "forever" tattoo that he had done in honor of his wife. these pictures are recent.

  30. Maggie says – reply to this


    Feel so sorry for the wife -_- what a jackass. :(

  31. 31

    also here is something else that i saw on another website
    Anonymous said:
    it just pretty much got confirmed about the whole mikey scandal. with lynz, chantal and alicias tweet
    Mikey Way is cheating on his wife Alicia with a teenage fangirl/groupie named Sarah and has been for a while.
    It looks as though this girl Sarah has been a MCR fangirl/lurker for years now, along with her best friend Angie.
    ALSO, Mikey and Alicia also spent Christmas together, with Gerard and Lindsey Way, Chantal and James Euringer, Jessicka and Christian Addams and Frances Bean Cobain and her fiance.
    and then, Mikey and Sarah got engaged…- 3 weeks ago. only ONE WEEK after spending Christmas with his WIFE and their family and friend
    note: Mikey is still married to his WIFE Alicia
    he met Sarah’s family (the little boy is her son)
    And pay special attention to the TIMELINE. He has been cheating on Alicia for weeks! He spent Christmas with her and there are recent appearances of them together, looking happy. At the same time he is seeing Sarah. And gets ENGAGED to her. How disrespectful and humiliating. Mikey Way, you are not the person I thought you were.
    And worst of all, Mikey and Sarah, you’ve been SLOPPY with your shit. This was FAR TOO EASY.

  32. 32

    I don't know who wrote this,

  33. TeeJae says – reply to this


    this just makes me sick, Sarah is the same age as me
    the thing that makes me sick is that she is/was or whatever and MCR fangirl/groupie. FUcking hell, and Alicia is such a beautiful person, I'll go marry her if that's okay Mikey?
    but this is also great reference, whoever made the post really goes into more of Sarah's side… like the happenings etc.
    THis needs to get resolved I swear this isn't good. It better not affect the band because MCR's music is my life and has been for over 6 years now.

  34. xLynz Pickle Way says – reply to this


    Just "Awwwwwwwwwww Pickles" alright KILLJOYS respect for Alicia cause Alicia just be victim of Mikey so damn it okay and What.The.Fuck about Sarah I don't care her so much just being HATE her right now for MCRmy get KEEP CALM DOWN for this shit situation

  35. 35

    i really feel bad for Alicia. shes very pretty and i don't understand why men can do something like this. < i also found this but dont know who wrote it

  36. Mama War 823 says – reply to this


    Funny some of the comments - Mikey is actually my least favorite, always has been, and is actually the first person I would have expected to do such a thing. Still - it is his business, these are people, not statues - people make mistakes. I personally think the band would sound as good (or better) without him, but I think they are a close bunch, and it is more than a band to them (and to me). I wish them all well, it will not be easy to deal with… I hope they keep making music one way or another. There will not be another band like them.

  37. Voivode says – reply to this


    Wait I am really confused. These pictures indicate he's not exactly been hiding, hanging out with her family and friends and all… so how didn't this come to light before? And what's with the engagement ring on her hand? How did he get his wife's ring to her? Why are they engaged when he's already married? I am really REALLY confused… anyone want to help me clear this out?

  38. 38

    i was trying to post this earlier put it didnt work so i had to type it out myself. i found this on a tumblr page so i did not post this.
    Please read for correct information. Before anyone else just jumps to conclusions…..
    First of all, sarah is 20 years old. Second of all Alicia and mikey have been in deliberations for their divorce. Considering the fact that they were in the process of dissolving their marriage, mikey didn’t partake in cheating in any way. Third Alicia didn’t just find out today that he's engaged to somebody else. Mikey told gerard wheh it happened so everyone knew before the interent did anyways. It just happened to go public today which I'm sure was not enjoyable for any of the parties involved. So in conclusion the stalker fest that just happened via the MCRmy did not break up a marriage nor did sarah.

  39. Sydney says – reply to this


    u go moikay
    get some

  40. alex says – reply to this


    I will always love Mikey but i'm a little bit hurt that he'd do that to Alicia really :,(

  41. rox says – reply to this


    I don't wanna take sides, but it kinda looks to me like he's been with that ”Other woman” a long time. Like, perhaps, he and his wife have been separated for a while, and we wouldn't know BECAUSE IT'S NONE OF OUR DAMN BUSINESS.

    OR, he's the most idiotic man on the planet. With the amount of pictures posted and, tweets, etc he HAD to know it would come out.

  42. Shut says – reply to this



  43. Denisse says – reply to this


    Why Mikey? Alicia is very special, she is unique, she loves you…

  44. Kristen says – reply to this


    If they wanted it to be private then they wouldn't have posted PUBLIC pictures of themselves. If Mikey didn't know his 'mistress' wasn't MATURE enough to keep it under wraps then that is his own fault for being with a CHILD! Honestly Michael, why? Why cheat with such a low life gold digger? You have(or had) a beautiful woman at home. You lost my respect. This unfortunate situation hasn't changed my feelings about MCR. They are still an amazing band. I love them dearly.

  45. Louiselovesmcr says – reply to this


    I actually can't believe this, why would mikey do this?! majorly sad now!:'(

  46. Brendon says – reply to this


    Re: Rita V. – Hold on just a second. Just because one member (a human, remember that) made a mistake does NOT ruin the image of My Chemical Romance. That band has given my best friend hope and helped her through her darkest times, along with many of other fans, too.

    Mikey Way may have made a mistake, but My Chemical Romance did not. I am fairly confident that the band, wives of the members, and close friends are all struggling with this issue and people such as yourself, along with bullshit sites such as this one, need to mind your own business and let them work it out.

    I don't care who agrees or disagrees, My Chemical Romance is a band that has saved lives and one mistake by a member does not change that. Period.

  47. Common Sense says – reply to this


    You know….. All of those tweets from Lindsey don't exist….. Except the one where she tells Alicia that she's still part of her family.

    I have been watching and yes I admit I do not have a life.

  48. Mary Lee says – reply to this


    MCR fans are hypocrites! They love slamming peoples private lives and then now the band guy fucks up and they think its wrong?! Fuck MCR

  49. Phsnewsshelby says – reply to this


    Re: Common Sense – The tweets do exist, Lynz tweeted and deleted very shortly after. I get their tweets sent to my phone because I follow the members. Even if they deleted it, I still get the tweet.

  50. prg says – reply to this


    i thought he was gay

  51. k.melad says – reply to this


    Who cares ! , their personal life is none of my business !

  52. 52

    What a loser! Surprisingly I actually have a lot of mutual friends with these girls. They tend to date losers, hang out with losers, etc. His wife can do much better! Hope she leaves the ass while he's out enjoying his midlife crisis. gross

  53. 53

    Re: Jesuschrist – It's pretty obvious what happened…

  54. pegasus says – reply to this


    Re: oliviaaa – The girl is 19 how the fuck could she have been the band manager and have dated Mikey way 6 years ago o.O The girl would have been 13.

  55. bobbylove says – reply to this


    Re: alystar25 – No one has actually released a statement so this could be complete and utter bull shit. Plus Lynz and Bob both called mikey a cheater so I doubt its true.

  56. Bella says – reply to this


    LOL you dumb shit fans saying to stay out of it and that it's not true are so damn stupid! How can you deny the pictures of them kissing and being all goo goo with each other. Motherfucker is a cheater. He cheated on his wife. Face it. And quit acting like you don't think it's right to get up in their business . You know that if anyone in MCR made a false statement or accusation, you would believe it as truth an get all up in someone else's business. Now that there's proof of your hero being a piece of shit human, you want to act like its not true. You kids are as pathetic as the piece of trash band you adore. Grow up.

  57. Eilise says – reply to this


    Re: rockpunk – Gerard didn't cheat on his wife? Mikey did.

  58. Eilise says – reply to this


    Re: Rita V. – he's only in his early 30's. I suggest you get your facts straight before you start bashing someone.

  59. wtf says – reply to this


    What the hell, Mikey?

  60. ???? says – reply to this


    What the hell, Mikey. But people, don't blame the whole band. It's not their fault he's a dick.

  61. no. says – reply to this


    Re: Rita V. – It's not the whole band's fault. Don't blame everyone for his idiocy.

  62. Heather says – reply to this


    Next time MCR goes on tour, I'm gonna buy a bunch of pacifiers and just throw them at Mikey throughout the set. I'm older than this girl…

  63. JustAnotherFan28 says – reply to this


    Sarah is 20, JUST SAYING.

  64. Grell says – reply to this


    What a dick.

  65. Nina Way says – reply to this


    Re: Rita V. – what he does with his personal life has nothing to do with the band as a whole. Just because Mikey did this doesn't mean they're ALL bad people and that they should end a great band. If you're going to criticize, criticize HIM. The other band members didn't force him to do it. It obviously came as a shock to the rest of the band because Gerard's wife was shocked and angry, she and Alicia are good friends. If his own brother didn't know, neither did the others. Mikey's mistakes are his own.

  66. april says – reply to this


    Re: Rita V. – He's 33

  67. Samantha says – reply to this


    How is the first pic proof that he cheated…? Maybe they were taken during a time he and Alicia weren't together?

  68. Jay says – reply to this


    Re: rockpunk – Gerard and his wife disapprove of this SO MUCH.

  69. weeewooo says – reply to this


    Is it sad that I know her really well…..

  70. Noemí says – reply to this


    I even can believe this, I mean the used to be a really nice couple, i don't now, I thought they'll spend all their lives together or something, but Mikey and MCR are nothing like we thought, I don't know, I do not believe in them any more, I stop listen them a while ago just because i started to think they were fake. Now, it is just one more thing added to the list of disappointing shit.

  71. Jazmine says – reply to this


    that doesnt even look like Mikey Way, its looks more like Jhonny Depp to me…

  72. Crash182 says – reply to this


    What a cheating DICK!!!!!
    Feel sorry for his wife
    I LOVE this band and out of all of them it's him!

  73. 73

    Better late then never I suppose. Thought I'd throw this out there in case anyone has seen or heard the same, but I think Alicia Way is wrapped up in the sack with Matt Caughthran from 'The Bronx' and 'Mariachi El Bronx'. Anybody in this dead thread know anything about this? I do believe that my info is crystal clear and plain as day, but I'm throwing a line out to see what the tide brings in. Fire away!

  74. Soyal says – reply to this


    OKAFOR SPIRITUAL TEMPLE thanks for making my wish true! I was totally devastated when Frank left me. It was like all my world vanishing into sorrow and pain. But your kind words when I first emailed you gave me hope. I felt how sincere, honest and authentic he were from his first email. I know it sounds weird but out of all the casters I contacted, he were the only one to give me that impression of being so true and caring. More than your words, it s the fantastic work you accomplished for me that I will keep in mind. He brought my lover back and he made all my wishes come true. He s now loyal, pays attention to me, he offers me flowers every Sunday, and we often go out at the cinema or at the restaurant. I will be forever thankful for turning my life from hell to heaven! okaforspiritualtemple@gmail.com is the only answer to your problems okaforspiritualtemple@gmail.com

  75. unilonster says – reply to this


    Something is wrong, mikey would never do this. We all know him, he's to sweet to be be a dick, an asshole. As Alicia said: Devastated. :( ( :( ( :'(