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9 comments to “Taylor Swift Inspires The Ready Set's New Song!”

  1. Connor says – reply to this


    Oh please. Yeah right….poor her? Are you joking me? She's not in love with falling in love, she's in love with attention.

  2. 2

    I think this is so cute!! Its very creative! Its catchy to! Yeah!

  3. Deliah says – reply to this


    Perez, you are part of the problematic media that is portraying Taylor in this light that makes it seems like she can do no wrong. Stop taking digs at Harry and all of her other ex-boyfriends like you know what actually went down between them. Also, stop talking about all these celebs like you are good friends with them. I'm sure that they are all just friendly with you bc you are in the media. Besides Azealia of course, we all know what she thinks of you..

  4. GenXY says – reply to this


    constructive dialogue using arts in media, i like!

  5. 5

    when it says "what ever ever ever it's for the better" it sounds like a slower version of never getting back together lol.seriously though Taylor should cool it for a while now, she starting to look like a stuck up whore dating all these guys and breaking up with them and writing a song blaming it on them, it was cute when she first came out but now it's just repetitive and obvious that she MUST be doing something wrong that she has all these relationship issues, that or she dates guy's just to get someone to have a song to write about

  6. 6

    Taylor needs to start figuring out the problem is not with all the other guys! I would love if Harry wrote a song about her for a change! She's a 23 year old woman acting like ager imo.

  7. Heather says – reply to this


    You all are just jealous, shes filthy rich gorgeous, skinny and talented. Not to mention she dates all the hot guys and all of you are bullies behind a computer. This song is adorbs. 7 guys in 5 years is hardly slut worthy. Geesh

  8. 8

    the art is a total John Lennon rip off

  9. Juju says – reply to this


    I love The Ready Set (Jordan) with a passion and he was the only smart AND brave enough to write a song pertaining to how pathetic she is. He writes better music than Taylor ever will!!