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Amber Heard Cozy In Paris With New Woman After Johnny Depp Split

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Amber Heard Rumored Girlfriend Paris

Someone would seriously pass on Johnny Depp?!

Apparently so as Amber Heard not only previously rejected commitment with him, but now it seems she’s totes over that pirate and his swashbuckling sword.

Now, Amber has found good company in her rumored new girlfriend and model Marie de Villepin.

Guess Johnny couldn't keep her away from the ladiez!

The new lovebirds have been spotted quite a bit in the city of love where Amber is filming Three Days To Kill.

And while we think it’d be damn hard to replace Johnny, Amber seems mighty happy with her choice as they’ve been spending all her breaks from work wandering around Paris together.

Guess that whole naming an island after Amber thing didn't work out too well for Johnny…

…well, we're still free! And we LUV islands!

[Image via C.Smith/WENN.]

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43 comments to “Amber Heard Cozy In Paris With New Woman After Johnny Depp Split”

  1. 1

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  2. yuppo says – reply to this


    What woman would pass on Johnny Depp? A woman that prefers women…He cannot do what a woman does, plus he is way past his prime…GOOD for her…she is much more alluring when she is with women.

  3. Tana says – reply to this


    Sorry, but are you sure the new girl is in fact lesbian? or at least bisexual? because i see several tabloids talking about her as the "girlfriend" because this joining in Paris, but she was girlfriend of a famous playboy here in my country (the heir of the Fiat empire) so I'm a bit surprised by all this statements about the changes around her sexuality

  4. say what? says – reply to this


    "Hard to replace Johnny", not at all apparently…You see Perez, you are biased because you love men…For women who love women, there is no way a man compares to a woman…believe me, I know from experience. Amber is beutiful and her gf is one lucky lady.

  5. M says – reply to this


    Yeah…I'm sure she "dumped" HIM..

  6. teg1 says – reply to this


    She doesn't look all that happy to me. Maybe b/c of the paparazzi but I don't see any relationship here and who is to say she dumped Johnny??? She was seen on Jan 14 in west hollywood wearing his bracelets getting into the driver's side of a very expensive looking black sports car which Johnny also owns. This is not to say she doesn't own it but the only pictures I ever see her driving is her blue vintage car.

  7. 7

    Ya. Someone would pass on Depp.

    He's vintage TBS, but not in a good way. He's vintage in a 21 Jumpstreet, divorced, wrinkled and cheating-on-his-wife, mid-life crisis way.

    In essence, he's a total pig. Why wouldn't she "pass" on him??

  8. Miral says – reply to this


    I don't know if they are dating or not, but they sure doesn't look "cozy" at all. Actually, Amber seems quite MISERABLE (i think is the only word who applies to her "face") I'm not saying that her face or unhappiness has something to do with this french woman or not, but i think she isn't enjoying her stay in Paris as much as the tabloids are saying

  9. tega says – reply to this


    Re: chezza1234 – You don't know he was cheating. Reports are that they were already separated way before he started dating Amber. They tried to keep it private but he announced the separation b/c reports were coming out that Amber had been to visit him while he was filming The Lone Ranger In May he denied it b/c he didn't want to take away from the movie at the premiers but in June the news was out Amber had been to visit him so he had to confirm the separation at that point. And as for your comment as to him being total pig..of course you are entitled to your opinion but ther are MILLIONS of people who love and adore him and wait for hours just to meet him that would beg to differ with you.

  10. tega says – reply to this


    Re: chezza1234Re: chezza1234Re: chezza1234 – Are you telling me you would kick him out of bed? If so…I'll take him in off your hands in a heartbeat. And by the way…reports are him and Vanessa were separated well befoer he started dating Amber.

  11. 11

    I thought that was Miley Cyrus on the left. LMAO.

  12. kala says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Hey Tega, did you see the pictures of Johnny using Amber's necklace in the international premieres of "Dark Shadows"? (in the london premiere, seems to be hiding it under a cravat- then under his tshirt also in london- but in Japan's premiere is very visible…and I'm pretty sure it's the same.) so in May, for the DS premieres, it was pretty clear that Johnny and Vanessa were very much FINISHED

  13. 13

    Re: tega – wow, you Johnny Depp Defenders fan-club are pretty intense.

    It's okay, I'm sure he'll ask you out real soon…

    Keep your eyes on the prize, ladies.

  14. 14

    Amber Heard is PERFECTION.

  15. tega says – reply to this


    Re: kalaRe: kala – kAYLA…I realize him and Vanessa were finished but I dont' know what necklace you are referring to. If it is the brown one…he said at a live interview it was a necklace Michelle Pfeiffer gave to him that her sister had made for him and he liked it very much. If not..which necklace are you speaking of?

  16. 16

    Re: tega – sorry…. I just noticed your other (and a little creepy, I might add) comment…

    "Millions of people" who would "wait Hours to meet him". If by "Millions" you mean you, and by "hours" you mean the time you spend with Ben, Jerry & Johnny Depp DVD's, well SURE. Go for it.

    I just think your comment is a tad creepy… They're just entertainers, this is all fluff after all, and the comments, are fluff, fun and amusing… Why amp it up with the intense defence?

    Girl, go read a book. Perhaps putting as much time into the pursuit of something of value, to you, as you obviously have researching the nines out of some actor, may be of benefit to you. Hate to break it to you, but in the long run, Depp won't likely make any significant mark on civilization. This isn't real life, and these people put their pants on one leg at a time.

    Maybe lighten up a bit and let us have our fun in the comments section. Because replying to you feels like homework.

  17. tega says – reply to this


    Re: chezza1234 – Chezza - I know I appear nuts but I also know I have a snowball's chance in hell of Johnny ever asking me out and yes… us JD fans can be intense.

  18. tega says – reply to this


    Re: chezza1234 – Chelza - sorry to say this but there really are people who wait five hours or more just to meet Johnny. At the POTC 4 premeire in Disney people waited ther for 12 hours just to get a spot. Just saying…

  19. kala says – reply to this


    Re: tega – No. I'm talking about this:
    Amber's pendant
    h t t p : / / i 4 6 . t i n y p i c . c o m / k 1 c 7 q f . j p g

    Johnny's one (even if i think it's the same because he only carried this in the international premieres…and ohh the coincidences, in the pictures at the same time, Amber's wasn't using her pendant)
    h t t p : / / i 4 8 . t i n y p i c . c o m / 2 v a d p o m . j p g

    I'm pretty sure it's the same. since I read the information in other place, I saw every picture comparing it (it's beautiful, seems to caught the light, in other moments seems totally translucent and other reflects everything…and of course, the little difference seems to be because Amber's pics are mostly in the day and Johnny's in a night premiere, with many flashes, etc)

    Also in May, Amber was using his Gonzo fist…they were so obvious, but nobody wanted to believe in Johnny and Vanessa split (they were such a beautiful couple)

    If you want the original links, just tell me!!

  20. eloise says – reply to this


    I wish Johnny would would get a clue, this little girl is playing him like a fiddle and he is making himself look like an old fool! So typical! He is acting ridiculous.I never thought Johnny Depp would act like some dirty old man, chasing 20 year old bimbos! It is so embarrassing!

  21. yy says – reply to this


    Well, well, JD certainly managed to make a giant joke out of himself with this (ok) still alleged affair.
    Since we haven't seen any pictures of him recently, the poor guy is probably sitting at home crying his heart out. OOOOOOHHH!

  22. 22

    Naming an Island is like naming a Teddy Bear. You can change the name anytime you want and still have an Island. Not a big problem. Never was.

  23. Sally says – reply to this


    Re: Teenybits – huh??????????????

  24. Faker says – reply to this


    Shes a bitch and a faker like all bisexuals

  25. Mila says – reply to this


    Re: Teenybits – Must have been a "truely meaningful" relationship then.

  26. 26

    Oh, Cherie!! I would not kick Johnny out of bed!!!

  27. 27

    Does anyone else find it odd that these two look so similar? You would almost feel like you're hooking up with yourself…

  28. Didy says – reply to this


    I think it's time to stop giving much importance to the tabloid gossip. Amber and Marie are friends! Look at them! And after that look at Amber and Tasya. It's quite different. There is no chemistry between Amber and this girl. They are the same age, Amber likes older people. They're just good pals.
    Amber is still wearing Johnny's things, I really don't believe they broke up just because she is working in France and a French friend is there with her. It's quite ridiculous. Typically tabloid thing and almost all the sites keep repeating these things. House in Nashvile, Johnny with the stewardess, named a beach (this seems the most real of all these rumors) and now she dating this girl…
    Let's stop to read these things, that's the only way to stop them!

  29. Didy says – reply to this


    Re: Miral – She's sad because she's missing her love, Johhny! <3

  30. Benny says – reply to this


    Re: Didy – You're right. But why do you believe in what tabloids wrote about Amber and Johnny?

    And to who called him a pig: when he played in Life's too Shirt he said:" I'm trying to give joy to the masses. Is that a crime?". He was acting but this is true. What did he do to deserve our blame?

    Anyway, forgive me Johnny, I'm not a good fan. I'm talking about you private life instead of your professional one.

  31. tega says – reply to this


    Re: kala – Kala - I believe you…I just didn't know which pendant you were speaking of and I also believe him and Vanessa had been separated (or on the edge) for some time before the premiere of The Rum Diary.

  32. Didy says – reply to this


    Re: Benny – I never believed tabloids. I believed Johnny and Amber's romance since the begining but it has nothing to do with the tabloids, but the many evidences, signs and serious sources like People Magazine, US, E!… But first of all, the signs, those videos and a few pictures. The only tabloid "news" that makes some sense to me is about the island because Johnny actually gives it's beaches the names of people next to him. But even this "news" may be untrue. Tabloids are trash, internet is trash… Nowadays, we need stay far away from this kind of "sources" if we really want too see the truth.

  33. Didy says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I agree with you. I believe Johnny and Amber are dating since that premiere and Johnny was already single at that time (the separation from Vanessa maybe happed even before we are thinking, maybe in 2010).

  34. MAJOo says – reply to this


    I think that Amber is a bicth and shes so wrong to play with peoples feeling…

  35. Miral says – reply to this


    Re: kala – I didn't know about the necklace. I did notice Amber with the Gonzo Fist and also she wearing his t-shirt several times, including Valentine's Day 2012 (quite romantic) but I never realized that Johnny also carried her things. because the necklace is hers, isn't it? (not from Johnny also?)

  36. angel says – reply to this


    Re: Miral – she wears his things he wears hers. true love, i'm pretty sure they didn't breakup, they're so romantic

  37. sol says – reply to this


    romantic? what ridiculous

  38. Jane says – reply to this


    I can not believe Johnny Depp bought a 12 million dollar mansion for Amber and He to ride their horses, and then she brokeup whith him! How F-ing stupid and desperate can he be? His children must be absoulutely mortified! Whether they are on or off or on again or he's naming a f-ing island after her or whatever…. He is just ridiculous!What AN old fool he has become!

  39. Me says – reply to this


    Re: Jane – "I can not believe Johnny Depp bought a 12 million dollar mansion for Amber and He to ride their horses, and then she brokeup whith him". So, DON'T BELIEVE. It's that simple. I don't believe these stories, she didn't dump him.
    Re: sol – Why? I don't see anything ridiculous in being romantic no matter how old you are!

  40. 40

    Re: Didy
    I disagree I see lots of cheminstry between Amber and Marie, they are a cute couiple never saw any cheminsrty between Amber and Johnny in the Rum diary.

  41. 41

    Re: angel – LOL No Tasya was Amber's true love! She is with Marie now but I think Tasya will always hold a place in her heart.

  42. Dylan says – reply to this


    She really does have a gay vibe, and can see although seductive and gets men where her heart lys is with other women.

    Call it Bi, call is lesbian call it whatever. Amber like other actresses Evan Rachel wood and Kstew really do have a complete gay vibe about them.

  43. Jeff says – reply to this


    He never loved Amber, was obviously just a mid life crisis and she happened to be the younger actress who he got to know working on the same film at that time, if wasn't for her he still wouldn've left his wife same thing.

    With whoever else it was. Amber comes across as a highly intelligent person and they connected in a such a way that wasn't just a physical thing but highly doubt she dumped him, don't think he ever was after a long relationship with her.
    And she obviously prefers women anyway.