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How Rihanna And Justin Bieber Are More Similar Than You Might Know!

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Enlightening, right???
Enlightening, right???
Enlightening, right???
Enlightening, right???

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8 comments to “How Rihanna And Justin Bieber Are More Similar Than You Might Know!”

  1. 1

    You say Rihanna is not a role model - Rihanna says she is not a role model. But the fact is that she IS a role model. It comes with being famous - especially when your fan base is young. There is a certain level of responsibility that goes along with that. Rihanna may choose to ignore it, but unfortunately she is passing on her FTW attitude to her fans.

  2. shakalaka says – reply to this


    get over it, perez

  3. A7X says – reply to this


    Rihanna can't be blamed for dumb people. Justin Bieber's 'music' has always been targeted at girls between 5 and 15. Rihanna has always been aimed at young adults 17+ and grown ups. A 17 year old should be smart enough to not copy everything they see and if they aren't they're stupid,

  4. 4

    Barf to both.

  5. 5

    IF you are in the public eye, then you are a "role model." Period.
    It's not as though there's a big list somewhere for celebrities to sign somewhere that reads:
    Yes, I choose to be a role model, or
    No, I don't.
    Youth and children are influenced by what they see and hear and read. Period. Whether they recognize it or not, and whether their parents or guardians "approve" of it or not, they are still influenced. Psychologically, celebrities affect us much in the same way that mass advertising does.
    And I'm not saying the public are stupid or smart… it's a matter of subtlety. (In some cases, pure brainwashing.) AND it's a matter of a slow change put upon us over the years as to what is accepted as "over the top" or "ok."

    Teenage girls dressed MUCH more conservatively two decades ago.
    Since the advance & celebration of "poptart" music, we've now got girls in public school dying their hair, wearing high heels, belly shirts, and lipstick.
    WHAT, pray tell, influenced that?
    And we now have young men walking around in baggy pants, flashing gold teeth and calling women bitches and hoes; where the hell did they pick that up? Not just from the "neighbourhood gang," trust me.

    I say again: IF you assume a public role, you are perceived as a "ROLE model." Period.

  6. 6

    Whoops, too many "somewhere"s in that one sentence.
    Re: A7X
    No, but she can be blamed for the BEHAVIOUR of dumb people.
    If they don't know any better, and if Rihanna's behaviour is accepted as "cool" or "hot," then the dumb ones will automatically adopt that behaviour as their own.
    And it doesn't matter at all to which market a celebrity is AIMED. Dude, that belief is a bit ridiculous.
    It's like a bomber saying, "Well, sure I bombed the whole building, and everyone got hurt. But I was only aiming for that one chick, so the rest of them aren't my fault."

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    The other similarity between the two is in spite of mammoth success, and one of life's little levellers; 'You can't always get what you want.'

  8. 8

    Re: edmonton – Thanks I agree