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Sandy Hook Victim's Father HECKLED By Pro-Gun People!

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The fact that humans can be SO cruel to each other makes us sad all day.

Neil Heslin, the father of 6-year-old Jesse Lewis who was killed during the Sandy Hook school shootings, attended a Gun Violence Prevention Working Group at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford on Monday, where pro-gun enthusiasts were also present…

And while Neil was asking the state senate WHY assault-type weapons are legal, pro-gunners yelled out in reply:

"The Second Amendment!"

Oh, and by the way, Neil was holding a picture of his son while getting yelled at.

However, Mr. Heslin was unruffled by such horrific disrespect, and continued on to say:

"There are a lot of things that should be changed to prevent what happened. That wasn't just a killing, it was a massacre. I just hope some good can come out of this."

Way to handle such rudeness!

And it just BAFFLES us when people cite a dated amendment that really has no place in modern, civilized society in defense of guns!

We only hope that at least a fraction of Neil's wise words somehow reached the hecklers, and that good really can come out of such a devastating event.

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58 comments to “Sandy Hook Victim's Father HECKLED By Pro-Gun People!”

  1. Pharo Pharo says – reply to this



  2. You'reASheep says – reply to this


    Perez, Or whoever wrote this for you,

    It's really sad to see someone promote the goverment's agenda without any knowledge of what is really going on.

    Why don't you do some RESEARCH, and no that doesn't mean going onto Huffinton Post or watching AC 360 to get your info. Look into the facts. THINGS DON'T ADD UP!

    But you're just so hell bent on being a "celebrity" that you're willing to turn a blind eye. I wish people like you who have such a large following would use that following for good.

    Instead of just repeating everything your told by the mainstream media why don't you just…THINK FOR YOURSELF.

  3. MizzBooBoo says – reply to this


    Re: Pharo Pharo – omg i hope ur child dies in the next massacre and ppl say this about you

  4. 4

    …"dated amendment that really has no place in modern, civilized society in defense of guns"
    Um, excuse me, Perez? Are you saying that ALL guns have no place in modern, civilized society? Sorry, babe, but YOU weren't there to save me last time I got raped, and the cops weren't there either. But the next time a man forces himself on me? I'll introduce him to Smith & Wesson. I rely on MYSELF for protection!

  5. me says – reply to this


    The kids where not killed with an assault rifle. That gun was found in the car.

  6. Sarah says – reply to this


    You'reASheep I have looked at the facts and am able to freely think for myself, the fact is the USA has a massive problem with gun crime 11,000 deaths from gun crime in a single year, the UK has 33 deaths a year from gun crime a they have among the tightest gun control rules in the world. You wanted facts there are the facts, less guns mean less gun crime it just does! Look at the gun crime statistics for europe compared to the USA where guns are generally illegal. The Second amendment was written 1791, during a time of upheaval and war, is it really necessary to continue it in 2013.

  7. paul says – reply to this


    ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. You gun trotting assholes go ahead and give a father who lost his child a hard time at the hands of one of your own, because u dont like the fact that he is fighting to have gun power reduced so this never happens again. Just because u use large guns to make up for the size of your small dicks gives u NO RIGHT TO TORMENT a person who is suffering. I HOPE ONE DAY A GUY WALKS INTO A PLACE WHERE U ARE STICKS A SEMI AUTOMATIC IN YOUR FACE AND WE WILL SEE HOW BRAVE YOU ARE THEN!!! These were little children. Keep that in mind!!!!!

  8. You'reASheep says – reply to this


  9. 9

    Re: Sarah – Okay…unless you can PERSONALLY GUARANTEE that I will never be in the situation where I am attacked, then fine, take the guns. Until then, STFU and stop trying to take away the only thing that can guarantee me a fighting chance against a man.
    That's the funny thing with the gun statistics coming from places like the UK. There is no way to determine how many cases of innocent people were murdered/raped/assaulted, that could have been saved if they were allowed the right to own a firearm for self protection. It is impossible to determine.
    For instance, my grandfather's girlfriend lives alone, and someone was trying to break in. They saw the pitbull barking madly through the window. Didn't stop them. She yelled that she was calling 911, didn't stop them. Guess what? A loaded shotgun to the face made them high tail it out of there…
    Take away all the guns, the elderly and women will be huge targets.

  10. 10

    To everyone who thinks that the 2nd Amendment protect assault style weapons — you are wrong. The assault rifle ban was upheld by the Supreme Court the last time around. The problem was that when it was passed, it was only temporary. Even the very conservative Justice Scalia believes that there are limits to the 2nd amendment protections. I would never favor a total gun ban (or even close), but NOBODY has proposed that. We just need to have something that makes sense. There are no legitimate sport uses for some of these guns. Just because you want to have it, doesn't mean you need to have it — or that you have a right to have it.

  11. 11

    That all being said, what those people did to that man was awful. They should have had enough respect for that poor man to keep their mouths shut at the time. There is a time and place for everything, this particular moment was not it.

  12. sarah says – reply to this


    jessicalc crime in the Uk compared to the US for all crimes is much much lower. Nobody can personally guarantee that you will never be attacked again, nor can I personally guarantee that banning guns will solve crimes. What I can guarantee is that thanks to america frankly stupid gun laws that that father will never see his child again nor will all the other parents who lost there children. If america had stricter gun laws these massacres which keep happening time and time and time again simply would not happen, because you can't shoot somebody if you dont have a gun.

  13. 13

    Words can kill too! Correct, ie: Bullying someone until they commit suicide! So maybe that whole free speech thing is outdated and has no place in modern civilized society! Right Perez!

  14. 14

    Re: sarah – Oh, I understand that. I think that there are other things we should be looking at also. Why is it that UK has a lower rate on ALL crimes than we do? It's a different mind-set.
    See, what's the lesser of the two evils? On one hand, we have the potential for massacres. On the other, we are taking away people's rights to protect themselves, which we can never build any statistics on the effects of this.
    Which is worse? 250 (random #, not statistic) people shot in massacres, or 250 people stabbed to death who could have protected themselves with a firearm?
    How many kids will die, because mommy and daddy couldn't protect them?

    Man, I wish I had a link to the article, but just a few weeks ago, there was a woman home alone with her children. Someone broke into their home, with the intent of robbing it. When he saw the mom & kids, he chased them. Long story short, he broke down three locked doors, trying to attack them. The woman called her husband (she was in shock, and I believe that's why she instinctively called the husband rather than 911), and LUCKILY he had just taught her how to shoot. She emptied her magazine in him- saving her children and herself. Just something to think about. These kinds of stories don't get the press coverage they should (although this particular story was covered by MSNBC).

  15. A-citizen says – reply to this


    tell me kid is there any lie to BIG or action to low you and your agenda ? The guy was not heckled and he was talking out against a RIGHT of every citizen of this nation …if he and YOU have a right tp speak out then so do the rest off us !

  16. Court says – reply to this


    Hey SHEEP. You seem to have all the answers, why don't you explain it for us? I know why because you DONT have any. Just alot of rudeness and insults. Just because people don't agree with you doesn't mean they aren't thinking for themselves!

  17. Court says – reply to this


    Re: me – WRONG! He had an assault rifle and several handguns ON HIS PERSON when found. FACTS ARE FACTS. Just keep twisting them to support your own agenda.

  18. 18

    he wasn't heckled he said something does anyone disagree or whats your argument and about 1000 people yelled the 2nd Amendment. Its wrong to use the deaths of little kids or (actors) to push your agenda.

  19. Marios Big Fat Fat Lie says – reply to this


    This entire story as presented by Mario is a complete lie and smear. There is a 15 minute UNEDITED video online (look it up) and nobody heckled anyone. Marios anti 2nd Amendment propaganda is going nowhere.

  20. 20

    Re: Court – Um, FALSE. It was in the trunk of his car, and wasn't used. NBC admitted it, go ahead and google it. FACTS ARE FACTS. Just keep twisting them to support your own agenda.

  21. Video Exposes Lie says – reply to this


    When Stalin, Hitler and the like rose to power the first thing they did was take away the citizens guns and made the citizens powerless. Educate yourself to the history of why the right to keep and bear arms is one of the most important rights of Americans. To live in a nation where the government takes away ones right to own a gun is dangerous, just read the history of the Nazi and Soviet Communists of the last century.

  22. Fergie_beat_Marios_Ass says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – Matt Lauer already confirmed NBC had made that up and he in fact had no rifle on him.

  23. 23


  24. 24

    Perez you are a fucking joke…The fact that the government can be SO fucked as to stage this with the agenda to unarm everyone and force them into fema camps will makes you sad all day, as your sitting in one you dumb fuck.

  25. me says – reply to this


    While you people are going back and forth about the second amendment, take in account that this article is about a man talking about his dead six year old child and instead of showing a little bit of compassion and accepting that it's his opinion, they decided to yell at the guy. Also take in account that people are so worried about their right to own a gun is at risk, that they are actually hypocrites. You don't want your rights taken away, but you don't mind telling someone that they should have their right to their own opinion and voice taken away if they don't agree with you. Thirdly, the people who say this is a conspiracy and perez needs to stop getting his information from the news, I'll do you one better, stop getting your information from a youtube video.

  26. bTeri says – reply to this


    Shame on you Perez and the rest of you for buying into this garbage from the biased and lying media including the main TV networks and websites like this one. Believe in gun control. Dont believe in gun control. That the beauty of the country we live in. But people GET YOUR FACTS AND DONT TRUST THE MEDIA . The tape that they showed was not the entire exchange between the father and the audience, just like when they tried to show that George Zimmerman was racist and it turned out he was answering a question, was cut and pasted so the media did not show the father asking the question " who here thinks that they need to own an assult rifle?". See — the father was not attacked - the audience was answering him — and NOT in an attacking way at all. Sheesh

  27. bTeri says – reply to this


    Re: MizzBooBoo – Your comment is disgusting — Shame on you - just because you dont agree with this person on the issue - wishing their child dead– DISGUSTING.

  28. bTeri says – reply to this


    Re: FrankieLA – Scalia saying the 2nd Amendment was not absolute did not specifically refer to limiting specific weapons or magazines.. I love when liberals that are antigun try to pretend that Scalia agrees with them about rifles and magazines. Nice try. Maybe do some homework beyond all the maniplulated statistics the lefty TV networks and newpapers supply to you and you'll see that their gun laws only hurt law abiding citizens and help criminals. When will this finally be about keeping kids safe in schools and not about Liberals on Soap Boxes Trying to Destry the 2nd Amendment.
    Besides… we havent had a President acting more like a monarch than Barack Obama in my lifetime… I've never thought a tyrannical govt would be possible in my lifetime…now I'm not so sure.

  29. galileosstar says – reply to this


    It is being said and said to be proven that the media did some serious editing to make it LOOK like the guy was heckled when in fact he was not. Do NOT believe everything you hear from the main stream media.

  30. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    “Foolish liberals who are trying to read the Second Amendment out of the Constitution by claiming it's not an individual right or that it's too much of a public safety hazard, don't see the danger in the big picture. They're courting disaster by encouraging others to use the same means to eliminate portions of the Constitution they don't like.”
    ― Alan M. Dershowitz

    "There already are 20,000 federal gun laws and regulations on the books. If those laws haven't made America safe by now, why should we think 20,001 laws will suffice?"- Harry Brown

  31. 31

    Re: Jessicalc – I am SO sorry this happened to you, happened to me in high school, fortunately I managed to get over it.

    Perez, I am pro-gun and used to go bird hunting, but I have to agree, there is no need for an assault gun. We had shotguns, a rifle (never used it) and a couple of handguns, and they came in handy when my late husband passed away. We had some good weapons and I was able to sell them for a pretty good price, which helped this widow a lot.

  32. vicks says – reply to this


    Words can not express the horror and pain on that day when American's heart broke.
    I pray for peace for all the families I am speechless unless you know what it is to love a child it really is difficult to imagine your child's life snatched from you.

  33. 33

    I love how there was a father of one of the kids who also spoke out being IN FAVOR of the 2nd amendment, saying guns aren't the blame and no gun control would have prevented this. But of course it wasn't reported on. Much like the woman who shot/killed a burglar protecting her 3 kids. First we must look at the facts. AR15s are the most popular type of "assault rifle" it functions no differently than any other semi-automatic weapon, but they are banned while thousands of others aren't. This in itself is idiotic. Most gun crimes are committed using pistols. Most mass shootings (4+ people killed) were carried out with PISTOLS. According to the CDC "hands and feet" kill more people than assault rifles. Meaning, more people get beat to death or stomped to death than dying via an AR. TWO men out of 90+ million gun owners used an AR15 for a shooting spree. Even though we have events in every city/state/town every day of the week that has thousands upon thousands of people. But yet two men (in fact reports show he didn't even use his AR) can dictate the rights of 90+ million? That in itself is irrational. Looking at the numbers, it makes no sense to attack AR15s. This is simply coming from irrational, emotional, ignorant people.

  34. 34

    Did this sheep even watch the whole incident before he wrote the article? The whole thing is nonsense, no assault rifle was even used in the first place. It was a mentally unstable person who stole key word there is stole the guns to commit a horrible act. Whats next somebody stabs a bunch of people and we have to cut our food with spoons? Welcome to the soon to be United Police States of America, hope you enjoy cavity searches.

  35. 35

    Re: Sarah – Idiotic and no. A gun ban would not necessarily reduce homicides. Simply because there's countries with gun bans that have higher homicide rates than us, while some countries have more guns per capita than us with less crime, and some countries with guns have higher crime. It's incorrect to say that and it's beyond false. It's simple statistics. Of course we'll have more gun deaths than a country with a gun ban. If we lowered our drinking age down to 18, we would see a spike in DUI related accidents, deaths and arrests. Durr. IF someone wants to kill you, they will. There's way too many variables. I don't know why morons think this is a decent argument. When the mere fact that some countries have higher homicide rates than us with gun bans is a clear indication that it is not the only factor. There's also been proof that when gun bans were implemented violent crime such as rape, homicides,etc skyrocketed. But lets look at the numbers at hand. We have 90+ million gun owners, 250+ MILLION guns and 311 million people. We have 10k gun deaths a year, 75% of that is GANG RELATED violence in dominantly black neighborhoods (ghettos). Technically making it around 3k. Which is basically a statistical anomaly.

  36. 36

    I realized that some people may not be able to understand alot of the comments so far so let me tranlate it for you in a language you may understand. Baaa Baa Ba Baaa Baa Baaa Ba Baaaa. Baaaa Baaaa Baaa Baaa Baa. I apologize for my sheepish being a little rusty.

  37. 37

    Re: FrankieLA – The ban lasted 10 years, I wouldn't call that temporary. During that failed ban, most mass shootings occurred. Most mass shootings are carried out with pistols. There's been no evidence this ban had any positive or negative effects. The things they are targeting in this ban accounts for 1% of gun crime. Hands and feet kill more people than assault rifles and most of the weapons thats on the proposed ban list. You simply have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to firearms, and you like most people are just parroting what others say. An AR-15 is no different than a pistol. It functions the same. It's a semi-automatic weapon. That just looks bigger and scarier. The 2nd amendment allows us to own firearms, you cannot pick and choose at will, especially when you have no damn clue what you're talking about. It would be the same as people wanting certain words, phrases,etc censored when it comes to the first amendment. If people feel as if they would get the best protection from an AR than so be it. You do not have the knowledge or experience to be telling shooters older than you what they should and should not need or have. Let alone question it.

  38. 38

    One final thing, liberals are normally always the first ones to use a tragedy and turn it into a political agenda. Before these kid's bodies were even removed from the school they turned it into a gun control issue. Hypocrites.

  39. Hobby Bob says – reply to this


    This is more lies from the media. the Father tried to use the respectful silence to say "no one can answer my question my 30 round mags are needed" some people said some things and then the moderators said "remain silent" and it went back to being quiet. anyone who cares about truth just go look at the hearings.. there were victims fathers who wanted to know why we have gun laws that disarm people even thought its proven Gun Free Zones are killing people.. that armed people facing a serial killer have 2 victims on average. while unarmed people facing a serial killer have 14 victims on average? Stop the Lies, stop the Abuse of Emotions and lets just talk Facts.

  40. Hobby Bob says – reply to this


    Re: Jessicalc – you rock lady :) Personal Protection

  41. Laurie H says – reply to this


    You do realize that this was found to be not true don't you? Do your research.

  42. Laurie H says – reply to this


    Another thing…how can you be pro abortion, even late term abortion which kills hundreds of thousands of babies a year, and then have the never to be anti gun. Guns save and protect people. People with anger, and psychological issues or who were never taught to respect human life kill people, whether by gun, knife or whatever they can get their hands on. A gun is a tool. It's an inanimate object. It can't kill people People kill people. We don't blame the fork for obesity.. stop blaming guns for murder. People need to be accountable for their actions and stop blaming it on any and everything else.

  43. Laurie H says – reply to this


    I want to know the truth about Sandy Hook. Adam Lanza the man they claim did the shooting died the day before the shooting took place according the the Social Security Death Index.

  44. 44

    Re: Hobby Bob – Thank ya. :)

  45. brookes says – reply to this


    This video was edited by NBC, another one of their faux news jobs. The father asked for responses then looked around and finally after a long silence got them. Stop watching NBC Perez! You can't be that stupid!

  46. Sad says – reply to this


    One of my earliest life lessons…crap rolls downwards because people don't want to see the truth. Blame someone else.

    And homos are child molesters …I Kid! I Kid!

  47. Non-NRA says – reply to this


    If anyone has seen an actual handgun and you don't freak out, something is wrong with you. Knives can murder sure, but guns are only used for one thing…..to kill.

  48. 48


  49. 49

    Re: NookiesWA – look at the republican hypocrite with a slutty chick icon. part of family values lol

  50. 50
  51. netnow says – reply to this


    Look at the full video, not the edited version broadcast by MSNBC. The father — with respect for both his loss and his point of view — invited (twice) the audience to join his dialogue. I don't call that heckling. Newtown was a tragedy committed by a mentally ill person. Why is MSNBC distorting the news?

  52. Ketchup75 says – reply to this


    You'reASheep is correct. That "heckling" didn't quite happen the way the b,s. news network NBC claimed. They didn't heckle at all actually. NBC doctored the sound byte to suit their agenda. Pathetic. Get your facts before you post.

  53. 53

    These Sandy Hook parents are making bank and enjoying their 15 minutes; I'm sick to death of them pushing gun bans. If their kids had died in a bus accident, would they be whining endlessly on camera about banning buses? No. They're being trendy assholes. Just like that former Congresswoman who got shot … Gabby what's-her-name. We're paying her a generous pension for her to sashay around D.C., mouthing words her ugly bald husband writes down for her? Violence happens. All of these liberal fucks would be the first to demand police and police guns if they were in danger; they can all go fuck themselves. As for you, you fugly homo, no one cares what you think because the truth is that you don't think. All you care about is being famous; you must be tortured because you're such a JOKE. Asshole.

  54. 54

    Re: FrankieLA – You don't know shit; it's not for you to tell us that others are wrong. You're a nobody with an opinion. Guess what, ass face? Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. SCOTUS makes decisions based on how they INTERPRET the Constitution. That does not make THEM right. They're GUESSING what the document means and the intent behind it. Assault weapons didn't exist when the Constitition was written, retard. Please stop breathing and please don't breed. We don't need more stupid people like you in the world.

  55. 55

    Re: Non-NRA – Really? You fear inanimate objects? The ONLY way a gun can kill someone, is if someone pulls the trigger. I'm not at all afraid of guns, I've been trained on how to safely use one. & I've never killed anything with my gun, just targets. :)

  56. 56

    Re: shaygirl1309 – stfu u stupid bitch

  57. Joanie of Arc says – reply to this


    Responding to a question posed by a person is not considered heckling.

  58. Fred johnsen says – reply to this


    I can agree the Second Amendement is outdated if you can agree the First Amendmenrt is outdated. After all, when was the last time a King showed up and told you you had no right to publish something. Furthermore, we have the Internet which makes such oppression of free speech impossible. So you dump the First Amendement and I will give up the Second Amendement and then we csn go through the rest - such as the Thirteenth, to see which others are dated and no longer apply. Once done we can just trust the government to do the right thing for us, just as they always have.