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EXCLUSIVE! Jason London Claims Innocence In AZ Bar Brawl, Does Not Comment On Pants POOPING

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Oh no, the once-adorbzies actor was so badly injured!!

After Sunday's severe bar beat-down, Jason London finds himself in an unbelievably messy situation!!

And we are not talking about the doodie in his Dockers!

The 40-year-old actor suffered severe injuries to both his body and his image, including an orbital fracture in his right eye and a stained — no poopy puns intended — reputation!

He's fighting back, though!

Well, not literally, of course!

He swears he never engaged in fisticuffs, and he sent us the EXCLUSIVE proof in pics of his unsoiled hands (below)!

Jason's representative denied many of the nasty allegations made against him when they contacted us to make an EXCLUSIVE statement!

They said:

"Jason's injuries are consistent with a brutal attack with deliberately and expertly aimed landed shots to the head which, according to eyewitnesses, continued even after he was unconscious."

Whoa! We never condone violence! Especially against the unconscious!

The rep continued issuing the Dazed & Confused star's defense:

“The charges against Jason indicate that he is the assailant… [but] Jason does not have one bump, bruise, red mark – not so much as a scratch – on his hands."

Hmm. If Jason didn't swing on the Martini Ranch bouncers, as the police report indicates, how did the brawl unfold?

Unfortunately, the rep never explained that one! Womp…

The bar owner, for what it's worth, stands by his enforcers.

He claimed:

"We stand behind our security staff… The truth will come out and show that the comments by Mr. London and his people are clearly inaccurate."

We hope the truth DOES come out!!

And then we hope a made-for-TV movie comes out too, LOLz!!

Jason London: Scottsdale Sharter! Now that's one crappy film we'd pay to see!

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6 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Jason London Claims Innocence In AZ Bar Brawl, Does Not Comment On Pants POOPING”

  1. nobody says – reply to this


    Just say he did attack first and instigated the whole thing, the job of security is to stop or restrain him, not beat him to a bloody pulp. Surly their were enough security/bouncers in a club to restrain just one man till he calmed down, why beat him so badly?

  2. 2

    Re: nobody – Wait this is the guy that said he was kidnapped and forced to do drugs? I hate that his face looks like that. His addiction is horrible. A bouncer , really, could he moonlight? That is a "I didn't pay my drug dealer" face.

  3. yup says – reply to this


    this guy is a degenerate loser…he has hurt his family and children…good riddance…Addicts are horrible human beings.

  4. 4

    clearly they beat people up all the time

  5. Ash says – reply to this


    Re: Michael Lohan – No that was his twin brother Jeremy

  6. Really, Perez? says – reply to this


    It's JEREMY London that did all of this- not his brother Jason. Poor Jason is constantly getting his name trodden on because of his moronic brother. Sloppy reporting, Perez. Very sloppy.