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The Damning Kardashian Diaries Leak More Disturbing Nonsense!

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We'll admit — this makes for a GREAT original Lifetime movie.

But that's because the crap that's been found in these leaked "diary entries" of Robert Kardashian is so ridiculous, it has to be fiction.

As we previously reported, Kris Jenner felt the fire after Robert's widow sold these supposed journals to the tabloids, journals that "exposed" her abusive behavior.

Well now there's even more disturbing details behind 'em, claiming that Kourtney once called Robert "crying and hysterical" over Kris pulling her hair and twisting her arms.

In an entry dated Oct. 20, 1993, Robert allegedly wrote:

"[Kourtney and Kim] are scared and nervous, have been beat up several times before and are very, very intimidated."

And in another new passage lies claims of Kris buying Todd Waterman $12k gifts with Robert's money! Hmm….

Ellen, the widow of Robert and the leaker of said journals, claims:

"He loved those kids more than anything. Kris didn’t even want kids … though she liked buying them clothes, making them beautiful."

Right… we're sure SHE'S the expert on the family, LOL!

After the first round of diaries was sold to the tabs, Kim and Khloe took to Twitter to bash their semi-stepmother… understandably so!

But clearly she's unfazed as she keeps goin' for the gold. Meanwhile. Kris gets HER OWN television show. Ha! How ’bout that!?

Obviously we don't buy into the journals at all. It all seems so pathetic.

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29 comments to “The Damning Kardashian Diaries Leak More Disturbing Nonsense!”

  1. 1

    Those Kartrashian Kunts sure do have big mouths to pack with BIG FAT BLACK KOCKS…

  2. 2

    boy sounds like you are defending them. Kris is a horrible horrible terrible mother. Nothing would surprise me.

  3. 3

    What kind of world would we have if we had a one month news blackout of the Kasdashians. A better kinder saner one.

  4. 4

    It is kind of crazy and sad that someone who has had so many children has never quite been able to master parenting.

  5. chris says – reply to this


    everyone eat

  6. 6

    Going to be funny as %^%$ when these are proved correct, what will you be saying then perez, just keep gettin' that kartrashian money.

  7. amimi2424 says – reply to this


    i think their fake maybe she wrote them

  8. 8

    Those photos are what the blow-up Kartrashian Sex Doll will look like….

  9. SRM says – reply to this


    What makes it nonsense? Because it's the Kardashian's. She could've very well been an abusive mother. I'm not saying she is, but it's not quite as unthinkable as you make it sound Perez. Whether she was or not, they obviously have moved passed it and to dredge up old wounds is what makes it disturbing. No these so called "lies". On another note; It's no secret that you are biased in your reporting about certain "celebs". Doesn't bother me, I've been hooked on your site for years. But lately your headlines have been more outrageous than the stories themselves. Not sure where you're going with this new approach. I like you're old approach better. It may have seemed mean-spirited to some, but I always thought you told it like it is. And I liked that. Now I don't know what you're doing.

  10. 10

    how much are they paying you PERV-ez?
    Or is momma whore pimping out the juvenile son to you, or just childhood pictures in the bath tub?

  11. 11

    umm, it's not that hard to do a handwriting analysis on the journal. there are plenty of examples of Mr. Kardashian's handwriting over the years. Prove the handwriting is the definitively his and that's all the proof you really need, now isn't it?

    of course there's the chance he was lying in them, but why? they were his personal journals.

    Kris is a weird, odd woman and none of this would surprise me. Also, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe would cover for her whether true or not at this point, nothing to hurt their image. They also might remember these thngs, but not in the same detail as they were children.

    Perez, better watch which horse you back here.

  12. 12

    Kris Jenner and the Kardashians have proven to be the most honest and forthright family in all of reality television. Which is like saying that Lard is the best of all trans fats. There is nothing about this family that would lead anyone to believe that this woman is making up or forging these journals.
    Kris admittedly cheated on Robert.

    Khloe took a paternity test with Kris if there is question as to paternity the test should be done with a sibling since robert is dead 2 people same parents it's easy to tell.

    Kris, Bruce, and Kim are all nearing 20-30% plastic.

    They whore themselves out for money with their shows. At least Khloe and Lamar pulled the plug on their show.

    Kim married Kris H for money and is unwilling to own up to it. If you marry for love you give the marriage at least 90 days.

    Oh and taping scenes after the fact to imply she was having difficulty trying to figure out how to save her marriage. With her mother Kris.

    Now Kris is trying to sell her two youngest daughters. that monster of a woman has already earned about 60-100 million through her children now exploiting the rest for what purpose? Just because she's a monster. At least Joe Jackson's children had a real talent.

    Kris sold her daughters sex tape. Disgusting people and yet Perez slanders Kris H & Ellen K.

  13. 13

    BTW, make up your mind. "The Damning Kardashian Diaries Leak More Disturbing Nonsense!" what is it damming or nonsense, can't be both.

  14. 14

    I didn't even read the article yet because I was too busy staring at how much Kim's face has changed — with NO plastic surgery! ROTFLMAO!!!!

  15. 15

    If they're proven to be in his handwriting, then they're real. Kris losing it on her kids doesn't surprise me at all. They are nothing but a tool for her to get rich off. She's a horrible human being. Teaching Kim that all she has to offer is T&A.

  16. 16

    Too bad it's probably true. I hope she has one of those ppl; who can test out handwriting to see if it is the real deal check these 'diaries' out and show us some proof. I can see Kris beings hoe and selfish too. She still is, so are her daughters.

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    I could see how a lawyer like Robert Kardashian might keep a log or track of events for dated evidence in case of a need for litigation in the future. The authenticity of the journals would be easy enough to verify.

  18. The Matrix says – reply to this


    Kris K's face is starting to look similar to Michael Jackson's right before his nose fell off. Bruce Jenner looks like he is transitioning into an elderly women.

  19. 19

    I believe he probably wrote those entries. The kids may have called him with drama…that's what happens when families split up. I totally believe Kris was living the "high" life. When you come down off coke you are testy. I'm sure she didn't beat them, but she may have pulled hair or twisted an arm to get a brats attention.

  20. bTeri says – reply to this


    Am I missing something? So the journals are lies because the Kardashians and Perez say they are lies? I DONT THINK SO !!! The Kardashians have way too much to lose if the journals are real so they can not be trusted and Perez, well he's blindly loyal all the time to celebrities… to Obama… why would this be any different? But… this is an easily solved mystery. Robert Kardashian was an accomplished attorney - there must be doucments with his handwriting to compare to the journals….. why arent the Kardashians screaming for that to be done if they are so sure the journals are fakes?

  21. Ky says – reply to this


    Wow, this hoe has a great sucking-O-face! Way to showcase her "talents," Perez… Isn't there already a sex-tape app for that?

  22. prg says – reply to this


    ohh mama kris can u plz stop leaking ur stories to the media

  23. 23

    The whole family is useless trash.

  24. jk says – reply to this


    I believe every word RK wrote in his journals. He was dieing and why should he lie? That tramp is an unfiot mother nown just as she was then., I see yhou sucking up here Perez ,it is in black and white and in his hand writing so why is it now true? How much are the sluts paying you?

  25. 25

    "Though she liked buying them clothes, making them beautiful" sounds pretty much just like Kris Jenner. ALL about looks and appearances with no morals at all. Using her kids to gain wealth and fame. Worst mother ever.

  26. Emily says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson – that is very funny!

  27. mandee says – reply to this



    Absolutely perfect comment. Everything I wanted to say. I don't usually comment but I had to since what you said was SPOT ON. Also it is extremely obvious that Perez is getting some kind of funding from this idiotic family. I feel like Perez used to try harder in bringing semi-"news-y" gossip to the web. Instead, now, it just seems like he writes a blaring headline (whether the story is true or not), shits on whoever he doesn't like, and writes about this trashy Kardashian family like they are angels sent from above. I don't get it. Not only are they talentless famewhores but they are also just downright DUMB. The way they talk .. I don't understand it?? Why would anyone strive to sound THAT dumb? No emotion in their voices at all. So fucking stupid.

  28. Kardashians are trash says – reply to this


    Need more evidence of MORAL DECAY?

    Send the Kardashians back to Mexico. They'd
    fit in better with the culture there.

  29. Kardashians are trash says – reply to this


    Need more evidence of MORAL DECAY?

    Send the Kardashians back to Mexico. They'd
    Re: momofan – fit in better with the culture there.