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One Direction Fans Need To Chill Out!

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Simmer, y'all!


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8 comments to “One Direction Fans Need To Chill Out!”

  1. hay says – reply to this


    I like the self depricating humor…seriously…I like people who are more on the humble side and dont take themselves so seriously…oh and totally agree…these fans need to RELAX…like really? I'm 24, and I can't recall sending britney spears or Justin timberlake death threats when they broke up? and I was a huge BRIT/JT fan..so yeah lol…kids beee crazzzaaayyy these days!

  2. Dawn says – reply to this


    I agree with the post above. Hell people/ keyboard warriors in general need to learn just because your behind a computer doesn't make uttering death threats or being a straight up bully O.K. Personally I find it even more pathetic then doing it in person to someone's face.

  3. calm your shit says – reply to this


    Whaaaaaaaaaa so many death threats and yet they are all under 140 characters .bravo. but for sure death threats are effed and these fans are effed ,i mean don't get me wrong I was heartbroken over Hilary and Aaron's breakup but I put my big girl panties on and moved on .

  4. milena says – reply to this


    gay resentful

  5. 5

    Agreed, Its getting a little to much out of hand. I remember back when I was 15 and I was serious Fanning over the Jonas Brothers, but You know, I don't remember ever making death threats to any of their girlfriends or supposed girlfriends. So I agree with you Perez this really is getting to far.

  6. Kiya says – reply to this


    I 100% agree girls need to chill the fuck out I mean I'm a directioner but death threats really come on these stupid little immature 12 year olds need to calm down it was just as much zayn as it was the girl all I know is that I'm mature enough to know better but maybe that's because I'm 16 and not 12

  7. Natalee says – reply to this


    these are the people that make directioners look bad!
    i'm a directioner and i would never send any death threat, or even an insulting tweet

  8. Diane says – reply to this


    I am a fan of One Direction but I can see their base breaking. They have become the entire world's boyfriend.Their lives have become mythologized to the point where every single person they hang out with is labelled; even themselves. If they hang out with a girl, the girl is thought of as their new belle. If they hang out with each other, then fanfictions grow: Larry, Niam, Ziall… They can't even be themselves without being judged. The whole base has become impersonal and commercialized. The pedastol is falling and falling fast. Fans need to chill out. Just like any other fad, they won't last forever. A long time, maybe, but not forever.