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Kristen Stewart Furious Over Robert Pattinson Neglecting Her??

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kristen stewart robert pattinson neglect

But we thought things were oh-so hot and sexXxy between them right now!

Apparently things just aren’t fiery enough with these two because Kristen Stewart is now pissed at her main squeeze, Robert Pattinson.

How could anyone be mad at Edward??

Well, KStew has found a way since R-Patz is off in Australia having loads of fun filming without her.

It seems KStew is totes upset Rob isn’t making enough time for chats with her in order to hold this rocky romance together. A source revealed:

“Kristen is angry with him because she thinks he’s not giving her enough attention – it’s absolutely killing her. So, she’s told him off and said she wants more messages, updates…. Anything…. so she doesn’t feel forgotten about!”

Maybe she’s feeling those steamy Skype sessions are a little one-sided??

If she shows you hers, Rob…

But if he doesn’t start acting like a devoted boyfriend, it sounds like the end could be near as the source added:

“Rob and Kristen are at a crossroads right now as to whether he finally accepts they are back together or not.”

Uh oh!

Is this the end for Bella and Edward?

Twi-hards are not going to approve!

[Image via Lia Toby/WENN.]

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22 comments to “Kristen Stewart Furious Over Robert Pattinson Neglecting Her??”

  1. Rose says – reply to this


    Oh right, they are keeping you in the loop. Right. I buy that.

  2. 2

    Ronaiah Tuiasosopo should try to make a connection with Pattinson. I think that would be realer than with Stewart. Stewart should try to connect with her now single former co-star…. Jodie Foster. There is something wrong with all of these "relationships", including the Snow White director.

  3. BR says – reply to this


    huh maybe thats y she cheated … if u never pay attention to your gf and neglet her can u really blame her if she wants to find soemone else although i do believe in talking about problems though and cheated isnt good but i figure there had to be a reason y cuz if u r super happy in your relationship i dont think it would even cross your mind to cheat just saying :|

  4. 4

    I highly doubt all of your "sources" know anything about anyone

  5. 5

    Re: BR
    U might be right but bear in mind that this is after the cheating scandal so he might be cooler towards her after she betrayed him. I don't blame him but if he wants this relationship 2 work he should talk to her a lot more and try to have fun together.

  6. 6

    I knew that this would happen once the movie promotion was done. I bet RP was told to stick it out until the promotional tour was over. He was ACTING!!! He is an ACTOR. They can be "happy" when they are not. Duhhhhhh!!!

  7. Really?? says – reply to this


    That's right. Cause if a dude cheats on a hot girl, he's a pig or player, that fits the general stereotype that is wrong with guys. But when a girl cheats on a guy, there must be some sort of legit reason, other than she is spoiled or self absorbed. Not to mention the guy is overseas working in AUSTRALIA!! How about this BR, both guys and girls can be jerks. Making up excuses just fuels the problem. Hope they both find happiness through truth.

  8. Amanda says – reply to this


    I think she needs to get an acting job and do something with her time.

  9. sandy says – reply to this


    Re: BR – Blame the VICTIM! She is a liar and a cheater, and you blame him. Kristen fans are so unfair and ridiculous.

  10. Lorna says – reply to this


    Rob needs his space from all of her drama and her–he deserves better and this is the best way for him to end it –by slowly letting go and getting distant. He needs to experience his own life without her. Hes been attached to her side since he came to the US–there's a whole other world out there and he should give himself a chance to explore it and grow. Same for her.

  11. Gill says – reply to this


    Geezzz what da f*ck r they r makin up story again.. Its always
    A source revaeled… Who da f*ck r they???

  12. saasasadsdsdffff says – reply to this


    if these things are "true" they need new friends

  13. ihateperez says – reply to this


    This is all lies of course. None of you actually believe anything on this silly site?

  14. Lyndal says – reply to this


    In all honesty. these two really need to move on. Things change, people change. Get over it.

  15. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    I don't know if any of these stories are true. One day they are madly in love and getting married and the very next day Rob won't return Kristen calls. Then they are scaping sexy time together…then Rob is not paying her any attention. Time will tell the truth, but I think they will eventually break up for good. There is just no way Rob is going to forget she cheated on him and so publicly at that. Things are never the same after the trust has been broken. Plus Kristen is really young, she and Rob both have a lot more people to meet and get to know. They will grow apart.

  16. Binky says – reply to this


    Seriously Perez, slow day for you? How do you come up with this crap?

  17. thurth says – reply to this


    Dickless Nick and Meow eating stew.Should be stop thei greedyness for easy money (nick) and the attention to be seen (can't act a damn) kstew, that keeps them holding on Robert as if he is God. Not true he is no God but whom has but her heart body and soul in him is the gift that makes him a target for the dark prey of greedy hollyhood people. All will come to a head and all will fall.

    Will the real wife stand up soon very soon.

  18. detective on the case says – reply to this


    Why that name because you know that you are that sweet. Why are there not a gooood pap detective in the cans of these celebs homes?like the good old days . She may cook pasta sometime cat tuna fish is her heart delight. Before she was a star and can't stop eating because that tuna fish is so good frisky.

  19. Dave says – reply to this


    If you make up any more lies concerning Kristen, it will come back to you 100 times over! Watch yourself because you'll end up broke and in jail or worse. You can't keep bashing a wonderful woman like her without major backlash! Kstew fans are some of the most loyal fans in the world! I can't speak for all Kristen Stewart fans but if I could, I would say, GO STRAIGHT TO HELL AND DON'T EVER COME BACK!!!!!!x3. Oh, I'm sure you would love jail.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    I doubt anyone really knows what's going on privately with these two…in fact, I doubt these two are sure about what's going on between them. I do know that Robert is likely dealing with a lot of internal doubt, and rightly so.

  21. Dave says – reply to this


    [re=6320291]Re: sandy:Stop bitching! You're annoying as hell. She's 100 times the women you'll ever be! I can completely understand Rob wanting her back. People who make comments like yours all sound like damaged goods. Worry about yourself, not her!!!!!!!

  22. Lil.Hottie10 says – reply to this


    Ugh.why can't K-Screw just grow the fuck up?she's acting like a little bitchy needy girl.always acting like she doesn't know what she's doing with her life and always needs Rob with her at all times.DUDE!he needs time apart from your ass.you can't depend on him 24/7.