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Lindsay Lohan 'Loathes' Mark Heller, But No Other Attorney Will Take Her Calls!

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LiLo's life is an unending roller-coaster of dramz and everyone else wants OFF the ride!

After one day of representation in court, Lindsay Lohan is already over her attorney Mark Heller.

She hates him, in fact!

And she's desperate to find anyone else who can keep her ass out of jail!

A source close to Lindz said:

“Lindsay has been on the phone calling criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles trying to hire someone new to represent her. She absolutely loathes Mark Heller and doesn’t feel confident that he can successfully represent her."

If only wishing made it so…

LiLo would have a new lawyer, Ben Affleck would be drafting an Oscar acceptance speech, and we would wake up every morning to breakfast in bed with Zac Efron!

As Lindsay quickly found out, however, this is the real world.

And the young actress burned so many bridges already that he may be out of options!

The source continued:

"[Lindsay] called four other top notch DUI attorneys, and every single one of them turned her down – one even had his assistant call Lindsay back and say he wasn’t interested.”


Maybe she should have paid her bill and worked things out with Shawn Holley!

Hopefully the Mean Girl is at least learning her lesson about treating others with respect!

[Image via WENN.]

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19 comments to “Lindsay Lohan 'Loathes' Mark Heller, But No Other Attorney Will Take Her Calls!”

  1. nicou says – reply to this


    so tired of her you open the web you see her face

  2. Boo says – reply to this


    This here is my theory. No facts here, just theory.
    I think Heller and Dina know each other from way back.
    I think Heller did a FAVOR for Dina and he said he'd come
    calling for payback when the time was right.
    He needed a high profile case and Dina and Lindsay are now
    in bad straits.
    Lindsay living with Dina now and Dina says you have to use
    Heller or I will lose the house.
    Dina got Lindsay drunk and sign the papers to fire Holley and hire Shawn.
    Presto Chango…….-

  3. skankeliminator says – reply to this


    She is soooo booze bloated! NEXT!

  4. Boo says – reply to this


    fire Holley and hire Heller. sorry

  5. d says – reply to this


    respect? pffffft!

  6. Lyndal says – reply to this


    I really despise Lindsay Lohan. What good is she to anyone really? She does nothing productive with her life. She needs to go to college or something. Get an education and a different' perspective on life. She is such a spoilt little hollywood brat. You wouldn't think she was a 26 year old woman. She acts like a bratty little girl.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Lindsay, spreading love and light where ever she goes…Heller must be so pleased.
    It's not a good thing to ensure that your lawyer doesn't care about you.
    Another ingrate moment.

  8. 8

    hahahahahahahahhahhahhaaa!!!!! karma doing it's job … this chapter is going to be a real page turner ….. stupid fuckin' cow.

  9. 9

    The useless skank should be locked up already.

  10. John says – reply to this


    Why does Lindsey Lohan look like she is pushing 50? I know she is going through, as always, some horrible times, but dang this girl should not look this old. She isnt even my age, and I'm 31. I cant tell her from her hard partying mother. I'm starting to believe they are two in the same person just changing out wigs. Would make sense really..

  11. 11

    pretty fucking FUNNY

  12. Foggyrainfreak says – reply to this


    Liloathe is looking like the two-tone sprayhag she truly is. She looks worse by the day. I had a lomare last night of her coming into my room and staring me down at the foot of my bed with 2 orange-brown chins, CHANEL sterling silver shackles, a narly full body five-toner spray going on, cheap stinky perfume, a bag of snow, sniffin mark hellers jockey's, rubbin her crumpled up old porche fender (chanting for cheap swill), then her head started to spin around and around is when I woke up and found myself with a black eye, my purse and necklace stolen, emtpy vodka bottles everywhere, and a call on my answering machine begging to bail Her Hagness out. Damned Lohagz.

  13. 13

    Folks, I am going to post the same comment here that I did on another forum, if you live in LA, write down the names of the crummy judges (like Sautner), you can get a cheap spiral notebook at the 99 cent only store. Then vote against them. I already have two judges written down that I am voting against, also tell your family and friends.

  14. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    It's all starting to come down. Lohan has lost her lawyer, her friends (Where's Gaga now?), her career (It's now officially DOA), her looks (she looks like a crack/meth addict that's bloated from too much drink), her soon to be FREEDOM, and all her money. She made over $25 million in her career - 25 MILLION - and she's living with her enabling Mom and she can't even afford a studio apartment in Studio City. She owes about $1.5 million to start with and probably more we don't know about. No one is lending her money - and the only scum who will represent her now is a famewhore sleazebag. She has trashed directors, producers, her fellow actors, her assistants (Just like her other friend who also believes her own press, Gaga) and has stolen from strangers, old women and production companies - as well as trashed hotels and left open bills there. She is now getting what she deserves. I hope so badly the next judge will give her the justice she deserves.

  15. 15

    she cant just assume that because shes a star that she wont be locked up other stars have been locked up this is the end of the train ride for her and everyone has gotten off and the train is sailing towards the cliff noone to save her she either wakes up orrrrr

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: BobbieFisher2 – Yep. Let the steep learning curve begin.

  17. Bevi says – reply to this


    The world is still her oyster, attorney-wise! Sure, we may laugh at them, the lawyers who make their own tacky, unprofessional tv commercials, begging you to phone them as soon as ANYTHING happens, like a dent in your car, but if she uses all of them, one by one, she is sure to find one who is actually capable of representing her. They might not be criminal defense attorneys YET, but they can pump up their titles easily enough online. Oh Lindsay hasn't even begun with lawyers yet, because she wants someone famous. She should be looking at the ones who desperately WANT fame, who would be over the moon to represent her, the famous figure that she is, and who can relate to her because they're all scraping the bottom of the barrel together.

  18. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    No lawyer (famous or not) that is worth his or her salt will represent Lohan because she doesn't pay her bills and she's a pain in the ass. She was calling Holley in the middle of the night for months on end, crying and sobbing (because she was drunk dialing), she never gave Holley a moment's rest. I'm sure Holley's practice suffered, in fact. All the time she had to use for Lohan at the expense of other client's time - and she was never paid for it. No the world - lawyer-wise - is not Lohan's oyster. The lawyers in LA all talk to each other and certainly, Lohan is (like at hotels) a person of no interest. Not to mention with this case, she is going to lose - and they're going to look like idiots for representing her. No one is going to keep her out of jail for her probation violation, especially after she turned down the lock down.

  19. NYJ says – reply to this


    Ben Affleck already has an Oscar…