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Dramz in Beverly Hills! The Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville feud is back and things are getting nastier than ever between the battling ladiez. Bu… Read more…

7 comments to “Adrienne Maloof Pissed Ex-Hubby Is Friendly With Enemy Brandi Glanville”

  1. 1

    Give the guy a break - all these stupid housewives look alike - fake long blond hair, inflated lips, liposucked skinny bodies, fake boobs, fake tans, tight clothes, and artificial drama - maybe he just can't tell them apart.

  2. 2

    Who the fuck are these people and why should I give a shit about them. 1/4 squirts.

  3. 3

    Kyle's store in Beverly Hills sucks….a bunch of us girls look at the window and see what not to wear.

  4. T says – reply to this


    He was a good husband and she's a vile vile beast of a woman. She picked on him for everything. Whoever says their bickering was cute is stupid. It was sad to see Adrienne degrade her husband and treat him like shit. He was a good guy who supported her and was friendly with her friends. She is just unbearable to watch.

  5. 5

    Anyone who befriends Brandi os an idiot. Paul, get you shit together! Brandi is just a paid Hoe in Beverly Hills. It time that someone shuts her up for good. Bravo needs to think twice about Brandi even being on the show. She has hurt everyone on there. Lisa, you need to wake up also. She may really be going after Ken.

  6. ll says – reply to this


    Bransi think sher p-lastic face and tits and her new vajayjay are pretty damn hot. They werent hot enough to keepn her husband LOL SHe causes trouble eveyr where she goes. I can see why EC split. I have no pity for her . She will get the boot from that show pretty soon , SHe has no talent and is in everyones face. I wish her sx would sue and get custody ofthose kids because she ruinin g their lives with her vile books and her nasty remarks to LR. You lost Brandi he found someone better than you, get over it .

  7. 7

    Love Adrienne!! Maybe Brandi can hook up with Paul and give B some more "bad" plastic surgery at a discount so she does not have to use Eddie's $$$ to pay for it. What a loser! Brandi cries to anyone who will listen about how broke she is, but spent THOUSANDS on ridiculous plastic surgery! Karma is a bitch B.