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An Open Letter To Rihanna

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We love her, BUT….
We love her, BUT….
We love her, BUT….

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77 comments to “An Open Letter To Rihanna”

  1. april says – reply to this


    its soooooo annoying you now post your thoughts in a video just to get view….F OFF

  2. 2

    You said it all. Thank you!

  3. Luka says – reply to this


    Re: april – Why are you here then?

  4. Fay says – reply to this


    I am so glad you and hopefully others are starting to see just how bad an influence she is! If anyone else was to drink and smoke pot and post pictures of it online they would be hounded but just because rihanna has been doing it its fine! She is telling her fans this is okay when it isn't! That getting back together with someone who hits you is okay IT ISN'T!!! I have disliked rihanna for a while now because of the bad, vulgar and offensive way she is portraying herself. Yes it's her life and she can do what she wants, but as a celebrity you have a commitment to your fans which she is abusing! I hope she realizes what she has done and changes her ways or that her career dies and she has to learn from her mistakes the hard way!

  5. Deb says – reply to this


    You said it all. Thank you. She needs to get her head out of her ass. I don't understand her any more.

  6. 6

    I completely agree with you. Sex is probably not even that exciting anymore that is tre importante. OK. She needs to move on. I love her she is the next best thing after the QUEEN.

  7. kat says – reply to this


    true that, perez! Our girl RiRi needs to wake up and start seeing things for what they really are!

  8. 8

    YES PEREZ, YES!!! omg my sentiments EXACTLY! After reading her interview with rolling stone, I can't help but to think she's prepping us up to not be shocked when she shows up with him at the Grammys. So sad.

  9. 9

    honestly i so f*ckin glad someone said that ive been waiting to say ….. i thank you perez … ^_^

  10. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: Fay – I completely agree!! She tried to act all "badass" but everything she is doing is just weak. The sad thing is that no one in the industry (except Miranda Lambert) will say anything because she is profitable for them.

  11. Amber Harlow says – reply to this


    Agree with every word you just said.I have always been a huge fan of Rihanna but I`ve been finding it harder and harder to like her over the last few months.

  12. 12

    Are you still engaged in healthy eating? you haven't been looking very healthy. You're still thin, so you win that one, but you don't look that healthy. I hope the banding isn't too rough on you.

  13. Earnestine bell says – reply to this


    You are very disrespectful, this her life, let her fucking live it. Nobody tell you who to love or talk about you and who you chose to love all over the blogs. I call that BULLYING and the blogs are doing that to Chris and Rihanna. Didn't do that to CHARLIE SHEEN, he was abusive to all of his wilves you and any of the blogs and news sources bullied him like you're doing to CHRIS BROWN, you guys Re trying to ruin his career, thank God his talents is Gov sent. Oh yeah and CHARLIE SHEEN is white, big difference. Bye.

  14. 14

    and what the fuck is up with your sideburns? those need a shaping.

  15. 15

    Just like she's addicted to cocaine and mary jane and taking pics of her slutty self, she's addicted to woman-beater chris brown. I'm just expecting one of two things to happen here: either she commits suicide when he leaves her or he beats her again until he kills her. Too bad, I liked her a lot in her S.O.S days…

  16. tasha says – reply to this


    I don't often agree with you but this time you nailed it. I agree with everything you said.

  17. 17

    dude. all of the things he says in the VIDEO HAS ALREADY BEEN BROUGHT UP TO ATTENTION AND PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SAYING IT FOR A YEAR NOW. so I have NO IDEA why people are patting ea other on the back saying "thank you! my thoughts exactly! somebody finally said it!" … ANNOYING… this is old news…

  18. 18

    i'm a Rihanna fan and am not thrilled by her choices lately but she isn't MAKING anyone do anything. She isnt making kids smoke pot or get back with abusive exes. No one said since she does it its "OK"- have you guys not seen many artists before her SMOKE POT OR BE DIVA-ISH in the public eye? She has not posted a "you should do this too guys" post anywhere has she? Where is it set in stone, that all celebs MUST ACT AS ROLE MODELS? when did it become RIHANNA'S fault the next generation of kids are going down hill… does anybody ever make PARENTS accountable for teaching the rights and wrongs of what STARS do? I'm sorry, quit blaming RIHANNA for things that are the PARENTS fault. PARENTS should be ultimately responsible for recongnizing what music or things their children are into and have an open/ honest convo with them and say "hey, its fine you like her music, and her individuality, sassiness to a degree is admirable but just want to remind you that smoking pot or wearing short shorts is NOT ok… and heres why…." OR whatever convo parents want to have with their kids discussing what of a celebs behavior they dont condone. if PARENTS do not even recognize or find out what their under 18 children are listening too… then they aren't paying close enough attention and shouldn't be a parent.

  19. thebigboot says – reply to this


    But who's going to listen to an egotistical hypocritical douche bag like yourself?

  20. 20

    For once….I agree with you.

  21. GEORGINA. says – reply to this


    Re: Deb – hahah your an idiot. pictures of people smoking pot and running around with their ex boyfs are put on the web nearly every second. its normal, shes being a NORMAL young adult. shes testing herself, working hard, and reaping the benefits. im pro-bad girl rhianna! shes an inspiration for all girls. and if her 'fans' don't like it, then stop buying her records, stop going to her concerts, and stop having an opinion about what she does with her life. easy as that. you go Rhianna! you look sexy as with a blunt in yo mouth!

  22. Lauriepops says – reply to this


    I'm not a Rihanna fan. Not because of her horrendous taste in men or the fact she tries to be all outrageous and shocking and stuff. I don't like her music. As an adult, I see her as immature. Whether she choses to be a role model or not, that's what she is. Young girls are impressional and admire and look up to her from her fashion to her lifestyle choices. Chris Btown is not a man she needs to be around for the fact he is a young man with an anger problem who needs help. Rihanna is a beautiful young woman and most men I know would sell an organ for one date with her. Why she feels she needs someone who hit her is beyond me. I hope she comes to her senses soon.

    This will probably get some sort of abuse but as fans, you all must want your idol to be safe and with a man who would never raise a hand to her or anyone for that matter.

  23. 23

    Re: blasting22 – Uhm, well you see, she never came out saying she was back with him or posting pictures of them together a "year ago" so it's not old news honey, this is the first interview she's given that she's blatantly defending/protecting CB. You say the parents need to do their jobs which is fine, but then Rihanna should have never said in her very first interviews after the altercation that she wanted to be a role model for young women to not go back to their abusers and so on and forth. She keeps contradicting herself because she's getting high with this guy now and thinks she's experiencing "true love" or w.e, don't write an album about how much her hurt you and make us as fans feel bad for you and then go right back up under your abuser and say "I don't give a f#ck!"…makes absolute no sense.

  24. Earnestine Bll says – reply to this


    While you're talking about Chris and Rihanna 's life, which is nobody's business but theirs. What about yours? Who or what are you sleeping with? Your ok like you're sick. How would you like if people start bullying you saying that you have aids. and you keep telling people that you don't, but because you're gay the refuse to believe you, only thinking the worse not the good, like with Chris , he has said time and time again he's sorry. He was young he made one big mistake, you guys are trying to ruin his life, his career. People have done worsted and never been put through this. Not even child murderers. JS.

  25. 25

    If you don't like Rihanna influencing your children then do your job as a parent and teach them to behave differently. She is responsible for no children except her own.

  26. 26

    Re: justtospeaktruth – WELL honey, have you been LIVING UNDER A ROCK? ACTUALLY YES IT WAS AROUND A YEAR ago that people started speculating they were dating again, and they've been toying w the media ever since and their attraction has been so apparent SO THIS SHOULD BE NO BIG SURPRISE and everyone is acting like the cat is just out of the bag. This isn't news. she goes back and forth on her word because, guess what? She isn't super woman, just because she is a celeb doesn't mean she is perfect… hate to break it to ya but she is a human being just like you and I ( SHOCK!!) and a 24 year old young woman at that… geez I remember doing that when I was 24 too , uncertain, changing my mind.TS NORMAL HUMAN BEHAVIOR. and she hasn't told anyone to get back with abusive exes or said it was right thing to do FOR THEM. We dont know what has transpired between them behind closed doors, so it truly is none of business and we should not judge HER DECISION FOR HER LIFE, esp now… Stripping someone of empathy and support just because we don't agree with their actions is a cowardly and selfish act on our own… if anything THATS WHEN PEOPLE NEED US THE MOST FOR SUPPORT.I think its a damn shame people will turn their backs and trash talk people at the drop of a hat if they don't do what actions are the most popular and expected. its like ppl THRIVE of getting to say to a severely broken soul "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" its disgusting. GET REAL.

  27. 27

    I am a Rihanna fan, but I completely agree with this. Her decisions lately are not cool, and it's ok for people to speak up and say so. (respectfully).

    I know people like to say it's her life just let her live it, but you know what? Sometimes when we just sit back and don't say anything we end up watching people's destruction. We end up losing people. Speaking up about concerns is OK. Her decision to be with someone who could be so very violent (not just to her but to others repeatedly since then) is a major cause for concern to anyone who has a heart. I've known people who were victims of domestic abuse. It is a dangerous road she is travelling down, and even as a fan I don't have to be ok with it, I can say that I don't aprove. She may not like that people feel that way, but those are the ones that actually care.

    Also to the whole role model thing, Yes, it is a parents job to teach their kids right from wrong, but I understand that that can be hard when children are influenced by celebrities… and lets face it if we are being honest kids often are. Growing up I wasn't that kid that would be so easily influenced by anyone be it a celebrity or my peers, but I've known kids that were a different story entirely. It's not just about parenting. Some kids just latch on to whoever and let that person be their role model. So yes, I do think these artists should take some responsibility for the message they send to their fans. Not all of it, but definitely some.

  28. 28

    Re: blasting22 – I agree that she needs support, but not support in making bad decisions. I would never support someone allowing another person to treat them badly, or physically harming them. Sometimes support can mean speaking up and saying something is not ok. When it comes to domestic abuse it can mean life or death. I wouldn't ever tell someone it is ok and I approve and support them putting themselves at risk like that.

  29. 29

    Battered /abused women are victims of "magic" thinking…….they are waiting for "him" to Wake Up and realize how wonderful they are. The problem is that does not happen (except in the movies). It you went to the pet store wanting a sweet little puppy but because they were out of sweet little puppies you brought hom a vicious rattle snake. You wait and wait for that rattles snake to magically transform into a sweet little puppy. That is what battered / abused women are doing.

  30. ANATOMIKA says – reply to this


    Maybe next time this Woman will not have the chance to see how hard her lessons are for his sick partner, because she may be dead and the dead can not see anything.

  31. 31

    Ever since the incident with Chris Brown she has changed. She came out with all those edgier, more "hard songs (like Hard lol) and I totally understood that. It was like she was building up her own protective armor around herself, which is understandable after what she went through. But now she is just acting annoying. She seems to be glorifying sex, drugs (I think weed is a perfectly fine activity for ADULTS to engage in but she should not be exposing her young fans to that as their role model), "thug life", and abuse. She keeps running around saying she doesn't care what people think and acting like a brat. If she doesn't care what we think, why should we care what she thinks? We are the ones that buy her albums and her brand. We pay for the cars her and Chris Brown smoke their blunts on. I personally am not going to give my money to someone who is acting like an ungreatful, spoiled brat. Sucks because I did genuinely love her island style and music. I miss island RiRi. Hate this new wanna be gangster act she has going.

  32. lauran says – reply to this


    This is a weird experience, but I completely agree with you for a change

  33. 33

    At this point I am SOOO over her and this bull shit. BTY Chris does not need us to ruin his career he is doing that all by himself.

  34. A-Ron says – reply to this


    Dear Perez,
    You need not judge Rihanna for the words she says because her actions speak volumes. Most women in relationships that end in such tragedy stay by their man and are too afraid to do anything, Rihanna chose not only to leave Chris but to do it in the public eye and the words she used reflected the way she felt at a particular time. Secondly, you should not judge anyone on such a topic and the way that they chose to do things, just because someone is in the public eye does not make them an immediate role model or seek to fulfill that role. Just because the media portrays artists in certain ways does not mean that they act this way, and the way in which your "open letter" to Rihanna attempts to reach out to her, i'm sure you could have done this in a more efficient way. furthermore, if you were truly a part of Rihanna navy you wouldn't give a fuck or judge her either, she doesn't sit around all day judging you now does she?
    Sincerely, Unapologetic

  35. 35

    Yup me too, i agree with you 200 % !!! I don't really like her music except she was good for "Luv the Way You Lie". It sure is a screwed up axcuse she had and she def. will be on the beating end of CB again. He can't help himself where anger is concerned.

  36. 36

    I do agree that it is her life and she can do what she wants to do. However, I just feel like its being like thrown in our faces. I hate when celebrities say that they don't want to be role models and thinks that somehow justifies their actions. The fact is whether or not they want to be role is a mute point because when you decide to pursue fame that is one of the responsibilities that you take on. If you don't want to be in that position then stay out of the spotlight. Furthermore, this whole weed and smoking thing and the back and forth with Chris is more likely an act to keep her name in the public. The fact is like it or not she became a huger star post Chris but then it was like she was rising from the ashes. She used that situation to her advantage and is now creating a new persona to use for her advantage.

    I am a fan of her music and believe that she is talented to a point. There are other artist who are way more talented. What attracts others to her is not so much that she is a wonderful singer cause lets be real she is not but it is her persona and personality as an artist. So every few years she changes her image thus the weed, drinking, smoking, and yes even Chris because she is unappologetic as her album states. This is an image that she is creating. I would suggest that she be more mindful of some of her choices especially Chris because that choice makes her look weaker and he needs her more right now career wise than she does him.

  37. 37

    Re: A-Ron – I do agree that Perez does come off sounding judging. However, that's what all these sites do so i am not at all surprised. Despite how he said it I do agree with his comments regarding CB because it does send an awful message to young girls. She publically says that her reason for leaving an abusive situation not because it was the right thing but to get even with him and to let him know how it feels not to have her. I agree that I can chose not to support her album or other products and that it is her life to do what she sees fit. But she is choosing to make these very public statements and antics. If you smoke weed fine but why feel the need to openly flaunt it, if not to be talked about. You want to be in a relationship with CB fine, do you. But why keep talking about it if not to stay in the media. Everything that she is doing is for the media purposes so she should expect all that comes along with that. And it is working, she is on almost every gossip site every day. This has nothing to do with her living her life and more to do with PR and publicity. But I do respect her die hard fans and her hustle I hope this does not bite her in the butt down the line.

  38. 38

    STOP TRYING TO CONTROL OTHER PEOPLE! WHO ARE YOU TO BULLY AND PRESSURE SOMEONE FOR THEIR PERSONAL LiFE CHOICES???? Piss me off. Rihanna, go smoke some fatties and forget about these square losers who think their opinion about you matters. Enjoy your own life and STOP TRYING TO CONTROL OTHER PEOPLE, okay?!?!

  39. Beverly says – reply to this


    You are so F*CKING awesome!! I've been following you since 2006!
    This video made me laugh so much, you are absolutely right about liking Rihanna less lately with her actions. I feel the same way. Sometimes I ask myself where the hell is her respect for herself and her family. Where is her team? Jay Z?
    And Chris Brown is just OVER. Seriously, he should be dating Lindsay Lohan actually. They would make a better match, both train wrecks who don't want to want to take any blame.
    Love you Perez! Keep on doing what you do!!

  40. 40

    Thank you!!

  41. Nikki_L says – reply to this


    yay!! Perez is finally waking up and smelling the coffee :)

  42. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: blasting22 – Perez is bringing things up now because this is the first times she's actually commented about it. The issue is that she left Chris Brown because she wanted him to feel like what it was to lose her, which is kinda messed up! Ya…she never explicitly tells girls to go smoke weed or get back with an abusive ex, but she glorifies her actions and puts them all out there HERSELF. Honestly the last thing our society needs is just more kids screwing up their futures smoking weed (so many of my former classmates did this) because its becoming more and more acceptable to smoke it. My best friend works at a Woman's Shelter… its a seriously horrifying problem in our society. I had an Aunt who had this problem, she hid it from our family and she just would not leave my uncle. We finally got her the help she needed, and its pretty clear to me, Rihanna also needs this help. Maybe Chris Brown has gotten the treatment he needs and he has gotten better, but I don't think going back to a former abusive relationship will be helpful in either one of their healing processes.

  43. Oljana says – reply to this


    I really don´t understand why she has to explain everything she does and why it has to be logical. I think she does what she feels is right for her. That`s it. If she is happy, then everybody else should be happy. Never wondered that maybe this is the way she loves it? Just listen to her songs…

  44. Oh dear says – reply to this


    OOOFF. Someone needs to lay off the crystal meth and coke, and by *someone* I mean YOU Perez.

  45. Anon says – reply to this


    Sad how people can not look past a teenagers faults. And what really bothers me is that gay ppl think they can talk all the smack in the world to someone but soon as someone throws their "wrongs" in their face or someone disagrees with their lifestyle. the world will end. We don't always have to agree with the choices people make in their lives or their lifestyles but the least we can do is RESPECT them because they are human they need loving we all need loving.We all have did something or doing something wrong in our lives just because it may have been something different don't mean we have the right to point everyone else wrong out. wrong is wrong period. If you was ever a real fan you will not try to tear her down not every moment try to find a flaw and just run with it…Its her life her mistakes her choices…Jesus have mercy Ima just…

  46. 46

    I won't watch any of these videos I just came to say that WE LOVE RHIANNA is inaccurate I do not. I wish she'd take her syphilis face and beat it.

  47. 47

    Re: Earnestine bell – SHUT UP

  48. 48

    Re: ChristOnACracker – You only liked her because you didn't realize she was such a ho and her voice was so bad.

  49. 49


  50. Sh says – reply to this


    For once I applaud you!

  51. KekeB says – reply to this


    Love defies logic. But above all that everyone has their own path to follow and we cannot impose our will unto other people's lives. It is unfair to them and their learning/ growing process. No matter how much we love a person we have to let them walk their own path. Only Rihanna is Rihanna. We can't judge her based on our choices because we are not her. Simple. God gives us different paths and different trials. Let her live hers.

  52. 52

    She is trash, let her do what she wants.

  53. 53

    Could you put on your "to do list" an open letter to Bieber as well.

  54. B says – reply to this


    Check out my YouTube, everyone! :) Trying to throw a little light on the situation.

  55. Mushy says – reply to this


    Perez I agree with you 100% but you forgot to mention the fact that Chris Brown is making Rhianna look desperate and horrible because it appears that she is chasing him and he is not physically abusing her but mentally because he has another woman that appears to be his girlfriend, Karruche!! Then he goes and cheats on the both of them. She said she wanted him to see what it would be like to lose her, well she is the one chasing him so he never really lost her. I am very disappointed with her as well, nudity for no reasons, smoking pot openly and probably other drugs, and on top of that she looks horrible but so does Chris, I think I read someone refer to them as the new Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. Does not sound good!!

  56. Flinders says – reply to this


    Let her do what she wants. It is bullshit for anyone to expect her to be a role model. Just because someone is in the public eye doesn't mean they have to take on that responsibility. In the same way it is retarded for people to look at these celebrity types for inspiration or guidance on what to think, how to dress, act, speak. But to get things twisted enough that when a celeb fucks up or does things the sheep-like fans don't like and makes them cry, act all upset, disappointed, claiming they have been betrayed.. That is just plain sad. CELEBS OWE US, THE PUBLIC, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. JACK AND SHIT. They owe us no explanations, no apologies and no justifications. Just like we don't owe them anything. Of course they could care less what we, the common people, do and think, and rightly so. Just like we should be less invested and obsessed when it comes to them. This sick sense of entitlement, that they owe us, is absolute bullshit. They put out movies, music, books, TV shows and the like bc that's what they're here for, to provide us with that kind of entertainment, fun, beauty and sense of escapism. Nothing more. We shouldn't care about their opinion on societal political environmental economical health issues, we shouldn't care about who they sleep without or cheat on, whether they use drugs or alcohol.

  57. Val says – reply to this


    I agree with Perez. She is such a talented girl, but I'm tired of her "I don't give a fuck" attitude. Let's see what she has to say in about five or even ten years when she will look back and say "I was in a really bad place, I was really confused. I was consumed by fame." Many celebrities do this once they get over themselves (unless your Charlie Sheen). Many female musicians have opened up the doors for women to have this independent spirit, and they have all made their mistakes. I'm just SICK of these women pretending they don't really care when inside, they really do. And if her relationship with Chris Brown is "private" and her business, then keep it that way, make your instagram private, don't talk to Oprah about it, and certainly don't do magazine interviews making excuses for yourself. They are PLENTY of celebrities who refuse to comment on their private life, and are given (to a certain extent) that respect. Rihanna, independence should HURT you.

  58. It is her life! :) says – reply to this


    Even though people do not agree with her choices, they are her choices, maybe one day she will regret them, maybe not. Everyone thinks that she should be this great person for people to look up to, well just because she is in the public eye, it doesn't give anyone the right to complain about her decisions. Haven't we all made choices that people didn't like? Well she is a young woman who gets to make her mistakes, and live how she wants. People who think their kids should look up to celeberties, should be better role models for their own children!!

  59. MYOPINION says – reply to this


    As a fan of her as well, I dont agree with most things she does but that is HER personal life. There is a reason why she felt like she needed to forgive Chris Brown, and there is a reason why her parents PUBLICLY forgave him, and there are reasons why HER close personal friends forgave him. You sit and comment behind your blog, but dont sit there and act like you know what happens in these peoples personal life. And stop trying to make CB look like a monster beacuse I met him, and he is the exact opposite of how he is potrayed by the media. people will not always make choices that you agree with but if you were actually a REAL fan, which I doubt you were, you wld support them instead of constantly bashing.

  60. 60


  61. Katherine says – reply to this


    i love you Perez!

  62. allie says – reply to this


    shes a whore. and using getting beaten up for fame. every other day she is in a shear or knitted shirt without a bra. she is dirt and no one is going to feel sorry for her anymore. i've seen crack heads with more class than her. god bless

  63. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    This site is quite interesting in that they only posts some of our responses. They haven't posted mine…hmm, bias much?

  64. 64

    Totally agree Perez! I love your live blog's!

  65. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    I too was a huge Ri fan but that ended 6 months ago. I don't know if her beatdown from CB made her this rachet mean-spirited bitch she's become or if this is her true colors finally surfacing. Her late Gran Dolly must be turning over in her grave at what Ri has become and obviously her own mother has no influence over her and and can't even rein her in. With Ri keeping rachet friends around like Melissa Ford (who is basically paid to suppport and high-fiver her every rebellious move in addition to caputuring her thirsty, attention-starved cries for help in pictures), there is really only one person who could shut down her destructive behavior - the almightly Jay-Z. Clearly he chooses not to as he enjoys living off her while he and his buddies hang in his mansion. As far as CB goes, you will all be surprised this year when he does the Mike Tyson turnaround and Ri (Robin Givens) will be the one who turns out to be the instigator and manipulator. Both CB and Ri come from messed up childhoods but CB will rise above it finally, he is doing some serious soul searching right now and once he cuts RachetRi loose, he will be a new man by 2014 but Ri will be globally disdained as her true self is more and more revealed. As the saying goes, reality is stranger than fiction. 2013 will reveal true colors and CB is not the monster here, she is.

  66. shannon says – reply to this


    i feel that if you really do care for rihanna you would have the respect to contact her personally with your opinion rather than vomiting your opinions to the world. this was embarassing to watch and borderline bullying.

  67. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    @shannon: Rihanna is the biggest cyber-bully around, not to mention outright UNAPOLOGETIC racist! Are you clueless as to what she put Chris's ex gf through while they were still together and ongoing, taunting her as a rice cake attacking her asian ancestry?! She is now reeping what she has sown, karma is the ultimate poetic justice. It's impossible to feel sorry for her or respect her anymore, she burnt that bridge a long time ago by going off on her fans when they were concerned for her well being. Reap it bitch.

  68. 68

    Perez, I have got to give you props for what you said in this video. You should honest like this more often. Wish you would be honest about the Kardashian's.

  69. Soleil Coatsworth says – reply to this


    Like u Perez, I'm a fan of Rihanna & I think she is a huge talent, beautiful etc etc. (nothing we don't already know). She has managed to WAY OVEREXPOSE herself and I'm becoming SO over her. She may want to try to demonstrate an ity bitty bit of class for christ sake. As for CB, he beat the shit out of her and maybe it's just me.. that's just NOT acceptable on any level. If and when he does it again (and my $ is on it's just a matter of time), I won't feel the least bit of sympathy for her dumb, cocky ass.

  70. nic says – reply to this


    Well I could not agree more. Frankly, I am appalled and while I do agree it is her life and her decisions and mistakes to make, it is also her continued and constant decision to post and tweet and talk about it all and then turn around and say it's nobody's business! You cannot have it every which way you like. She chooses to keep her business in the public eye 24freaking7 and expects people to just smile and nod and accept her words and choices because her new found "bad ass persona" means she should be immune from judgement or something. Are you kidding me!

  71. nic says – reply to this


    I really wish people would think about this in a more real way and stop immediately jumping to her defense because she's your precious RiRi. What if she were your sister or Mother or best friend in the world and not freaking famous. Would you defend her going back to someone (also not freaking famous because for some reason that seems to excuse his behavior time and time again) who pounded on her like that. Would you? And if she ended up in the hospital again at his hands would you tell her it's cool, it's her life boo, just let her live it and back off. Or are you that friend who would just act like you didn't even see it at all?

  72. Martine says – reply to this


    I love RiRi!! But.. Perez you couldn't have said it better! She has got to know that this is the effect she's having on most of her fans and I'm glad you kept it real! Rihanna fans are loosing faith and confidence in her! Only because they care about her, this will be the downfall of her and her career. Listen Up RiRi xxxxxx

  73. 73

    Re: nic – Exactly! Thank you for saying that!

  74. Samantha says – reply to this


    Ok Perez all the time you say stuff & post stories that piss me off & I often wonder why i keep coming back but its because of shit like this!! I was laughing the whole time….not that the subject is a laughing matter but you are absolutely right 110%!

  75. Kevin says – reply to this


    perez stop with the video rants there not hot!

  76. 76

    She's a black woman from Barbados, most women there are poor uneducated women who get beat up or raped by their men, and yet they stay with them because they think they cant find anyone better. Rihanna literally won the lottery with her career, but her state of mind is yet that one of a very poor uneducated black woman from Barbados who gets beat up by her macho man black boyfriend and smoking weed all the time. She probably stays with Chris Brown because he brings all the drugs she needs and they can smoke them together after having rough sex and beating up each other all night.

  77. Amanda says – reply to this


    I lost all respect for her once she was caught with that stupid dbag poor excuse of a man won't even bother saying his name. I used to idol her, not in a crazy fan like way, but enough to where I admired her courage and I don't give a damn attitude. Now, she's a poor battered house wife that is playing "he hits me out of love" card. I don't express violence as the answer but I would slap her and say "snap out of it!" Amen Perez, Amen….