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Hillary Clinton Stresses Gender Equality On Her Last Day As Secretary Of State!!

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Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!!

Hillary Clinton, regardless of how you feel about her involvement with the Benghazi screw up, has done a lot of inspiring things during her run as Secretary of State! Of note, she has always been huge on gender equality — and as a woman in power, we are glad she recognized her important role in doing what she can for women everywhere!

Let us tell you that it's NO JOKE when we say that her speech was incredible! Seriously! If it weren't so crazy long, we'd bring you the whole thing!

What we WILL bring you, even though it too could be considered long, is the segment on women. It gave us chills. Please take the time to read it — it's absolutely worth it:

"Then there's human rights and our support for democracy and the rule of law, levers of power and values we cannot afford to ignore. In the last century, the United States led the world in recognizing that universal rights exist and that governments are obligated to protect them. Now we have placed ourselves at the frontlines of today's emerging battles, like the fight to defend the human rights of the LGBT communities around the world and religious minorities wherever and whoever they are. But it's not a coincidence that virtually every country that threatens regional and global peace is a place where human rights are in peril or the rule of law is weak.

More specifically, places where women and girls are treated as second-class, marginal human beings. Just ask young Malala from Pakistan. Ask the women of northern Mali who live in fear and can no longer go to school. Ask the women of the Eastern Congo who endure rape as a weapon of war.

And that is the final lever that I want to highlight briefly. Because the jury is in, the evidence is absolutely indisputable: If women and girls everywhere were treated as equal to men in rights, dignity, and opportunity, we would see political and economic progress everywhere. So this is not only a moral issue, which, of course, it is. It is an economic issue and a security issue, and it is the unfinished business of the 21st century. It therefore must be central to U.S. foreign policy.

One of the first things I did as Secretary was to elevate the Office of Global Women's Issues under the first Ambassador-at-Large, Melanne Verveer. And I'm very pleased that yesterday, the President signed a memorandum making that office permanent.

In the past four years, we've made – (applause) – thank you. In the past four years, we've made a major push at the United Nations to integrate women in peace and security-building worldwide, and we've seen successes in places like Liberia. We've urged leaders in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya to recognize women as equal citizens with important contributions to make. We are supporting women entrepreneurs around the world who are creating jobs and driving growth.

So technology, development, human rights, women. Now, I know that a lot of pundits hear that list and they say: Isn't that all a bit soft? What about the hard stuff? Well, that is a false choice. We need both, and no one should think otherwise."

Hey Hillary!

We have an idea! How about you come back and be President in a few years??

That'd be so fab! We're not sure if we could handle an election outcome like that!! But it's possible!! LOLz!

If not, thank you for all that you've done! Your hard work as made an impact on this world, and we hope you're extremely proud of your time in this position!


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6 comments to “Hillary Clinton Stresses Gender Equality On Her Last Day As Secretary Of State!!”

  1. 1

    let's see to how many groups she can pander

  2. 2

    yeah she's such strong woman she let her husband cheat on her over and over! dumb weak bitch.

  3. 3

    Perez, if you truly believe in equality for all, please stop promoting videos that degrade women.

  4. 4

    Re: Lasqueesha – how did she "let" her husband cheat on her? Please explain. I'm sorry but even if he is a dog- she can't keep him on leash and have her eye on him at every moment. It's not like she said "Bill I LET YOU CHEAT IF YOU'D LIKE" People don't have "control" over people. Men are pigs and she did nothing wrong to provoke it- Its Bill who is weak, yes, but she is FAR from weak. In fact, it takes an incredibly strong, brave woman to see past his infidelity, and work it out AND GO ON TO HAVE AMAZING POLITICAL CAREER of her own. I bet all the "weak bitches" you know would turn their back on their wedding vows " better or worse" and just dump their husband, try to take all his money totally unearned, shop on melrose for $12,000 pair of sandals and marry again 4 more times in hopes to score their money. that sounds like a weak bitch to me. Women everywhere wish they even had the strength Hill has in her pinky.

  5. 5

    who's the tranny in the photo?

  6. 6

    everyone knows she is a lesbian. her claim to fame is lying for two presidents.