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You don’t mess with the Biebs! Seriously, Justin Bieber is no joke, especially when it comes to the paparazzi. And now he might be getting some much… Read more…

4 comments to “Justin Bieber Might Get Justice After All In Paparazzo Chase”

  1. 1

    I hope they do charge this guy - endangering the public just to snap a photo is unacceptable. Also, driving recklessly to avoid getting your picture taken is unacceptable as well. If the photographer is charged, they should charge Beiber as well.

  2. Tiffany says – reply to this


    What about justice for the people of LA? BIEBER should also be getting a ticket for reckless driving. He was going over 100 mph, weaving, endangering so many other people. He wasn't being chased by a g un, he was running from a harmless camera.
    1. If you don't want the paps noticing you, don't drive an ugly azz obnoxious chrome car. 2. Anyone who endangers others on the road, celeb or pap, should get punished.

  3. 3

    This picture plainly indicates that Beiber does NOT have abs.
    (Remembering an article a few days ago in which Perez fawned over this little creep.)

    And where I come from, reckless driving nets you a reckless driving charge. If he did this crap in his hometown without all his fame, he'd get charged. Plain and simple.
    ENOUGH with celebrity favouritism BS!

  4. Yu Lee says – reply to this


    There's always a convoy of Paps & Cops following Him - what kind of life is that ???
    The cops stop him for a MINOR violation & the cameras are already there to humilate him!
    - but the the cops dont seem to arrest the paps who always bully, stalk & harrass him?
    The Paparazzi should get CAPITAL PUNISHMENT - they gave it to Princess Dianna!