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20 comments to “Melissa Gorga’s Scathing Secrets To Come Out On RHONJ! Ex Ready To Reveal All!”

  1. johnny says – reply to this


    shes just a bad person. destroying ur family so that you can show your ugly face on tv? good role model for ur kids famewhorga

  2. Sara says – reply to this


    SCREW HER! TEAM TERESA ALL THE WAY. Melissa acts like she is Miss trophy wife with a dream of a music career. GET REAL YOU CAN'T SING and you def got some skeletons in the closet like being a manipulative bitchhhhhhhhhh

  3. Tony says – reply to this


    This guy wants some fame off an ex. He doesnt care that he could hurt a family with what he's saying. He's a rotten person. He'll get his.

  4. Maria says – reply to this


    People who feel joy and happiness for talking shit about others and bringing them down, are obviously horrible people without empathy. I don't care what she used to do or if she didn't marry for love, it's their life and if it is a sham or something, why do we care? They have to live it, not us.

  5. krissy says – reply to this


    I think Melissa is a great person..buddy news to move the hell on she has been married for what 8 years now..she loved joe and her kids..whatever her past is her past she has moved on and is happy ..she is on of my fav ladies on the show..i cant stand tersea

  6. 6

    I'm Team Melissa all the way! Teresa Who? Joe nad Melissa are two great people and have three beautiful Babies. Who ever this SOB is that is saying things must be friends with Tersea(and screwing teresa)

  7. ImaSayinIt says – reply to this


    It might be nice to note, this guy has tried to stay away from this storm for three years, even changing his number numerous times. It's only because he is being talked about on numerous blogs and receiving threatening and vile phone calls, he's even talking now. It'd be nice if everyone would get the full story before forming firm opinions.

  8. HellKitty says – reply to this


    Isn't this the ex that she said would be "dead"……because he has a brain tumor so she wasn't real worried. One classy biatch. I wouldn't be suprised if Mel or her sisters were up to planting this - ’cause God knows she boring as all get out & needs a storyline ASAP to make people feel sorry for her. Boring. Is he the one that bought her boobies????? Oh, that was another guy.

  9. 9

    I'm glad - after all the steps we've seen Melissa take to torment her husbands only sister during one of the worst times of her life (starting with coming on the show just to exploit family problems) - I'm sincerely hoping that the revelation of who she really is and what's she's all about will make her wake up and start realizing that lying about who you are and your intentions always backfires.

  10. whoareyou says – reply to this


    Melissa is a phony. She uses everyone she comes in contact with. Bryan lived with her for two years before she married Joe. I want to hear what he has to say.

  11. Anahit says – reply to this


    This is what happens Melissa you ruin your husband's relationship with his sister and someone tries to do the same to you! Knock knock its KARMA is Melissa in????

  12. 12

    She is actually a very nice person. I am from New Jersey myself & know her sister Lysa (also nice) This is all bullshit. Trumped up by Bravo & all you dumbasses buy it & it makes more money for these people. Pull your heads out for real.
    How many women when dating a cheater, as this guy clearly is, when that cheater loser comes sniffing around again to us, hasn't said soemthings along the lines of "Well if you don't straighten up I'm gonna go with this Rich Cute Guy that is interested in me that isnt cheating". We have all done that. Nothing wrong. This guy is gross & probably has herpes but no money. He is just looking for fast buck & 15 minutes of fame.

  13. Sandee says – reply to this


    Joe Gorga won't do anything about it. He only yells at women (when their husband/boy friends are not around).

  14. Alanna F says – reply to this


    He is the male GOLDDIGGER!!! What a douche! We have seen these creeps so many times come out of the woodwork. He IS looking for his 15 min. That is ALL!! When you are happy, the haters will hate the most. She and Joe are HAPPY, of COURSE the haters will come out to try and ruin that! You can tell the Melissa's love for Joe is genuine, and vise versa!

  15. AlannaF says – reply to this


    And let me tell you ALL this, sisters are not all they are made out to be, ALSO, there has ALWAYS got to be one ROTTEN APPLE!

  16. Dox3jm says – reply to this


    Melissa deserves what she gets! She tired to intimated bulldog when he wasn't even going to say anything about her! So karma is here! Melissa came onto the show to destroy Teresa and now someone will destroy her! Wishing someone dead like she did bulldog was wrong and that's what set him off! Don't blame him at all! And I hope any money that he gets will go to his charity of choice to show everyone that he's not after the money but Melissa and her lies and of course her nasty sisters!

  17. 17

    Re: ImaSayinIt – Thank you.

  18. aidan102510 says – reply to this


    We all know that Melissa has skeletons. It is not the fact that he wants to ride her coat tail but this woman WISHED HIM DEAD!!!! Who does that?!?!?!?! I can't wait to see the drama unfold because for some reason I had a feeling she ws using Joe. He went to Kennedy High School with my aunt back in the 90's and he was cool (so people say). I believe her antics with Teresa made him who he is and she needs to be dealt with for breaking up a brother sister bond. THEY WERE FINE UNTIL SHE CAME INTO THE PICTURE. Teresa never had a problem with any of his other girlfriends so it must be something about her!

  19. Karen says – reply to this


    Melissa piggybacked off Teresas fame and so now karma is coming for Melissa. Melissa is a mean, selfish and dishonest person. You can't be such a crappy person and not expect people from your past that know the real you not to come foward.

  20. M.B. says – reply to this