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Reporter HUMILIATES Drunk Video-Bomber With STD Accusations!

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Just in case you needed another reason to root for Ravens on Sunday…

Reporter Jessica Sanchez was on assignment in New Orleans recently when an obnoxiously drunk passerby 49ers fan video-bombed her segment on the soaring STD rates in this year's Super Bowl host city.

This quick-thinking newsie was not to be trifled with! Watch her pull a SHOCKING 180º on the belligerent street walker (above)!

HA! Did she really just ask that random drunkard which sexually transmitted disease she had?!

Now, we're not sure if Jessica's journalistic ethics professor is smiling right now, but we think her comeback was absolutely ah-maaaazing!

Keep doing your thing, J!

And remember, folks — wrap your bologna pony before you ride it to Fudge City!!

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21 comments to “Reporter HUMILIATES Drunk Video-Bomber With STD Accusations!”

  1. 1

    the "journalist" just makes herself look tacky more than anything else. retarded.


  2. 2

    I bet you the asshole in the back who interrupted the interview indeed has an STD because she sure does act like she has one.

  3. Patricia Uceda says – reply to this


    They cut off her mike cause that news station is about to get SUED!!!! intentional infliction of emotional distress if i ever saw it. plus slander

  4. Lee says – reply to this


    Patricia - you clearly have no idea what I.I.E.D. nor Slander are - idiot.

  5. 5

    Are you kidding me? The reporter is the one who was out of line. Here in the NOLA area anytime you are interviewing where the reporter is, it is almost EXPECTED that a fan of some sort will be trying to get on camera and chat, MUCH worse than what that fan did. USUALLY, the reporters love it and play along with the fans. That reporter was extremely rude in my opinion and does not need to interview in New Orleans anymore.

  6. 6

    Slander. False Accusations. Unprofessionalism. Fade to Black

  7. Kells says – reply to this


    GUYS. Listen, the reporter MAY have been a LITTLE unprofessional, but you need to give her some credit! She handled it calmy - she could have flipped her shit. She has a random girl coming up to her, while she's doing her JOB, and to me, THAT is extremely rude. It's ignorant. That girl should not have interrupted the reporter. I would be bothered as well if I was trying to do my job and someone bothered the fuck out of me. Leave the poor girl alone. At least she had a sense of humor about it.

  8. 8

    Funny, but the reporter is off the line who cares if the other lady is interrupting

  9. Bob says – reply to this



    You're a dumb bitch, I bet you're one of those negro fucktards that have to rely on welfare. Get owned you std infected african slaves.

  10. Suite says – reply to this


    Perez! Fudge city????? I mean come on man, that was the most racist thing I have heard you say! Its New Orleans not Fudge City!

  11. joselli bitchen says – reply to this


    WOW! Is this how an educated journalist should behave? Jessica you could have said something much better than to humiliate a drunk person that it;s not even that drunk!!!!! I hope you just stay as a field reporter for the rest of your career!! you are already acting like a DIVA reporter!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. SweetPeanuts says – reply to this


    Re: joselli bitchenRe: joselli bitchen – @Suite -Perez is talking about protecting yself by using a condom before having a**l sex, you dingbat!

  13. SweetPeanuts says – reply to this


    I meant @ Suite, not @joselli bitchen.

  14. 14

    Re: Bob – You are ignorant Bob. Evidently, you know NOTHING about New Orleans. I do, very well. If a reporter is in the Quarter, most especially at night, it is a given that SOMEONE will be in the camera and WILL say something. The tourist said nor did anything wrong. I wouldn't be surprised if the reporter is fired over this. All of the local reporters here are friendly with the tourists and any time I have seen a similar situation with a tourist or fan, the reporter loves it and so does everyone else, they stay on similar terms. I wouldn't be surprised if the girl sues the reporter.

  15. albanypark says – reply to this


    Wow this reporter was wayyyy out of line! Please she's on Bourbon street reporting'news'? I am sure the superbowl hype is getting pretty monotomous, and they have to fill the airtime with some tripe. The black chick didn't appear drunk to me and when the smart ass reporter said that bullshit remark it clearly took her of guard. Totally unprofessional and mean spirited,not cool.

  16. 16

    1 in 4 people have contracted an STD. Considering she was black, and considering she was a drunken skank wandering around a lone on a pretty deserted street, she probably does have an STD lol.

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Reporter: 'Meow.'

  18. thinkbeforeyouspeak says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – wow that's really racist

  19. Rond says – reply to this


    Sue the reporter, STD Sue The Dumb Bi–h

  20. 20

    i thought it was awesome LOLOLOLOL

  21. 21

    she was a bitch, could have handled that with a lot more class.