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41 comments to “Taylor Swift Snubs Harry Styles On His Bday By Boasting About Success!”

  1. AG says – reply to this


    It seems like you are reading too far into her tweet. I think everyone is over their break up already…except maybe you?

  2. 2

    Can't stand this woman. She seems to be a totally self-absorbed twit who chases after any man — and still expects us to be she is a virgin. If it looks like a slut and acts like a slut — it's probably a slut. And I am not saying he is any better, because he isn't. Although announcing her success isn't dissing him necessarily.

  3. A says – reply to this


    I agree with AG. U guys need to calm down. Wouldn't you be happy if u sold that much of ur own music? I think so. U are just trying to make drama. Chill out and try to respect her for once.

  4. 4

    When this boy was a freshman in high school, Taylor Swift had already graduated. She's a 23 year old woman and he's still a teenager. Same with her last boyfriend. Did anyone REALLY expect either of those things to work out? And if the genders were reversed and a 23 year old male was dating teenage girls, everyone would freak out. She needs to grow up and date adults, not children.

  5. Honest says – reply to this


    So glad THEY are not getting back together… but maybe Taylor should take the example from Harry and finally get back together with her ex from BTD! Everbody wants a happy ending to her Love Story, the world loved them together. Hope she helps him celebrate his 21st by watching their Valentine movie together. In fact she should sing that song for the Grammys and have him come on stage and give her a big kiss. That would shut everybody's hate down and turn up the true love vibe.

  6. MB says – reply to this


    Yeah, I don't know what it is so interesting about me with these fucking famous brawds, but it's pretty fucking annoying actually. Especially the young ones like her age and younger, but including Katy Perry. It's like fuck off….. if you don't measure up to that one, and you don't, you're a waste of my time.

    If I were Harry, I'd shoot down all the famous brawds who are on him like a bad rash because of who he is, especially the American pop stars, and find an average chick. That's seriously what I'd do, but then he's 18 and probably wanting to fuck 100 chicks on any given day.

  7. 7

    Re: FrankieLA – @FrankieLA….what's with the whole slut name throwing? Even if she is sleeping with all these guys, so what? Are YOU a virgin?? Just cuz she's a chick she's suppose to be chaste, huh? You're a fucking idiot.

    Personally, I think she's a fool for keeping her business out in public and dating 18yr olds. Now she looks like a jackass every time it doesn't work out. Anyway, YOU AND TAYLOR SWIFT are fucking stupid as fuck. B'bye.

  8. barbara says – reply to this


    This page está en ingles y no entiendo “ e.e from: Venezuela (but translate! :D )

  9. celeb whack says – reply to this


    This poor guy probably still has nightmares about this Medusa like chick. She reminds me of an evil looking giraffe. They should do a remake of fatal attraction and cast her in the lead.

  10. MB says – reply to this


    Is she in a performance in that pose, or posing for a picture?

    How over exagerated, or fake, cliche, can you get? That bugs me about this generation these days. The fakeness. Tayor Swift is completely ridiculous since about fall of 2011. What the fuck is up there?

    Hey Perez, ask Taylor what the fuck is up there, and get back to us. You know her.

    Being fake in certain ways, under certain circumstances is cool with me. Like maybe you don't want to be recognized by your past, but with her…. it's like, who the fuck taught you to live like that?

  11. 11

    sounds ike shes obsessed

  12. helen says – reply to this


    FkY perez let the girl enjoy her success, i don't care a fuck about the kid and his "day"

  13. 13

    Why would she wait a day to share that news? Anyone would be excited about it you're just looking way too into this. She isn't making it all about her she is sharing her excitement and its not like she was saying she was better at music either.. just let the poor girl enjoy a moment for once without making it something to do with Harry..

  14. 14

    she seems like a nasty little bitch.

  15. Joe says – reply to this


    Some people are so fucking sad. They just read something and they're like "OMG TAYLORS A BITCH, SLUT, WHORE, SHE NEEDS TO GROW UP" Wake up honey, you know NOTHING about her or anyone in this business. Get a fucking life you bunch of idiots, leave taylor ALONE she did nothing to you and she means all too well. Yes she is slightly boy crazy and maybe she can't keep a relationship, so what? WHY is that your business? WHY do you have to voice your opinion when no one is listening. Why do you feel the need to stab at her constantly? What is wrong with you! People need to grow up, they're just simply jealous.

  16. DarkO says – reply to this


    Re: A – By that argument, male celebs like Harry Styles and Justin Bieber looks like a player, acts like a player, therefore they are players. Although, not surprising since they love to party and flirt with girls so much.

  17. Dan k says – reply to this


    Dont think she couldcare less about the little dick

  18. leslie lorene says – reply to this


    Re: MB – SHe is posing for a picture on the red carpet for an awards show

  19. leslie says – reply to this


    Let Haylor die a natural death. The press is keeping this thing going, let them both be. And by the way, thanking her fans is not snubbing Harry.

  20. Bravobravisimo says – reply to this


    Taylor got the only triple platinum album of 2012! That!s amazing!!

  21. Chelsea says – reply to this


    Seriously… Perez not everything that Taylor Swift does or tweets has to do with Harry. Stop trying to read behind the lines and just read for what it is. She had great news. That is all.

  22. Emily says – reply to this


    You're seriously still writing about them!? Get over it already!

  23. Dan k says – reply to this


    Harry was hooking up with his old girlfriend, she's 32, see Perez story. Yah, sex with his old 32 year old girlfriend, pervie boy. No wonder swift freaked and left after she read his texts. Brrrrrr, creepy

  24. MLB24 says – reply to this


    The only reason she dates boys is because men would not put up with her bullshit. Whats going to happen to her career when she runs out of ex's and has to write songs about the rest of her life?

  25. DarkO says – reply to this


    Re: MLB24 – I think she'll do fine. Not ALL her songs are about her boyfriends. It's arithmetic, how many songs are on each album and how many of them are about her ex boyfriends. Heck, "Safe and Sound" and "Eyes Open" were very successful

  26. Kei says – reply to this


    I think this is bias :/

  27. jessica says – reply to this


    Taylor love u so much! u deserve it! its better news than harry styles b-day.

  28. nnn says – reply to this


    of course it's all about her. she's so insecure she would make everything about her. why would she date hollywood folks if she is not after attention? then struts outside for all the paparatzi to see? people still don't get it how she is so competitive for publicity…

  29. k says – reply to this


    it will never work out between the two of them. he is super down to earth, came from a humble background and he would even distribute food to the homeless himself without publishing it to the media. She on the other hand, came from a wealthy family, she has tons of assistants and PR people who makes the donations for publicity and calculate the tax rebates she will be earning back from the donation and of course publish it to the media as an "act of kindness". She looked so unhappy when Harry took her to his favorite chinese takeaway place because she's not used to it. She is totally high maintenance and will never date ordinary people.

  30. jean says – reply to this


    people like her because she can "fake" it. She knows what people wants to see and she gives it to them. i'm convinced that she is not really the sweet and nice person that she is trying show people. Harry is being true to people, so some people don't like him because he is not pretending.

  31. Izzy says – reply to this


    Never mind getting snuggly with his ex … Have you not seen the pictures of him getting snuggly with that stripper? Good on ya, Hazza. Not having a birthday tweet from Taylor is nothing when you have millions from Directioners worldwide. As for this whole Perez Hilton shit, whatever. I hate Taylor with a passion, but all you do is bully celebrities unnecessarily. You don't even know half the shit you write about. And for the record, a Directioner is a One Direction fan. Calling Harry a Directioner doesn't make sense. :)

  32. Katlyn_Nicole says – reply to this


    I don't think Taylor should've had to wait to spread HER good news, I mean it's not like they were dating. But, then again, the album had gone platinum in the U.K, which is Harry's hometown…..so that was kind of unfortunate…

  33. 33


  34. 34


  35. Mel Thomas says – reply to this


    Everyone stop being mean towards Taylor, I love her to death she is my idol. If she is reading these comments that people like you guy say she won't be very happy just leave her alone what did she ever do to you? She is a beautiful talented woman and she dose not need your atroshous comments putting her down.

  36. jay says – reply to this


    her voice is horrible, her song writing abilities are 2 x horrible… plus she's a slut

  37. Mel Thomas says – reply to this


    Re: jay – you are so rude she is an amazing singer and songwriter

  38. Stef says – reply to this


    Re: MizFrizz – The thing is, she's not an adult. She basically has the emotionally maturity of a 15 year old. Actually, that's insulting to 15 year olds.

  39. name says – reply to this


    Re: MizFrizz – People like you irritate me to no end. He's not a child.

  40. name says – reply to this


    Re: Joe – While you do have a lot of valid points, I don't agree with you on the "they're just jealous" bit. That part's just bull.

  41. name * says – reply to this


    Re: Mel Thomas – You're saying all this because you like her. You see people differently when you like them. If she is what everyone else is saying, you wont think so because she's your idol and you see what you want to see.