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Chris Bown Caught By The Cops! Guess What He Did Now!

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chris brown speeding gif<br />

We've never seen the appeal of living so recklessly.

But clearly we're not Chris Brown… who was caught by the cops Friday for breaking the law in Beverly Hills!

Following his alleged vicious fight with Frank Ocean, the police laid down the law when they spotted him speeding, doing a 60 in a 35!

The Beverly Hills cop gave him a ticket and let him go about his way.

Jayzus, Breezy!! 60 in a 35?? Really??? Really??????

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13 comments to “Chris Bown Caught By The Cops! Guess What He Did Now!”

  1. 1

    a comment for ALL OF YOU HAVE DISSED OR TALKED TRASH ABOUT RIHANNA AND HER DECISION TO GET BACK WITH CHRIS BROWN : I am not a fan of it. BUT -We dont know what has transpired between them behind closed doors, so it truly is none of OUR business and we should not judge HER DECISION SHE MAKES FOR "HER" LIFE, especially NOW, people. DONT YOU SEE?… Stripping someone, fellow brother, sister, fellow mankind of empathy and support just because we don't agree with their actions is a cowardly and selfish act on our part… if anything, when people are that vulnerable, THATS WHEN PEOPLE NEED US THE MOST FOR SUPPORT.I think its a damn shame people will turn their backs and trash talk people at the drop of a hat if they don't do what actions are the most popular and expected. its like ppl THRIVE off getting to say to a severely broken soul "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" Its like you are all waiting for her to be abused so you can laugh at her. She doesn't deserve to get hit again and she doesn't deserve the BS everyone is giving her. its disgusting. GET REAL.

  2. Girl says – reply to this


    Shit, what a fool! Like I said , he is not good in or around cars!

    Check out Beyonce's reaction to Kim's baby news!

  3. TEE says – reply to this


    You need to be objective in your headlines.its obvious you hate Chris Brown, tone it down a little Perez……No one is perfect…

  4. 4

    He got caught speeding ?
    Wow ! That is fierce !
    Death penalty material, for sure.

    Perez, you are ridiculous with that all hate.
    You'd think Chris Brown is a woman seeing the way you hate him.

  5. 5

    Chris Brown should have gotten a reckless driving tix for that. The cop acted just as irresponsible as Chris Brown and will feel just as guilty when Chris accidentally kills someone.

  6. 6

    Guess what he did now? No thanks. How often can a celebrity misbehave before we lose interest? Keep it moving.

  7. Nande says – reply to this


    HTrashing Chris is getting old, pls get another hobby pathetic perez… He'll never be gay or be white…I've narrowed ur hatred towards him down to that…. U r a narrow minded pig… He is just a talented young black men in a world filled with devils like u… That will stop at nothing to bring him down… U disgust me…..

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    There are safety reasons for posting a 35 limit in any physical area. It's to ensure that a driver doesn't injure others, apart from not injuring himself doing 60 in an area only capable of handling 35 mph in a moving vehicle.

  9. 9

    chris doesnt need anyone to bring him down he trips himself up with his hideous rage which we see rearing its head all the time who knows if someone could of been run over but hey hes chris brown …so who cares if a small child is run over

  10. caravaggio_retribution says – reply to this


    Someone put this manaiacal asshole to sleep. Please. PLEASE!

  11. Heather says – reply to this


    @blasting22 you are living in a fantasy. This Isnt Taylor Swift and Harry getting back together this is a guy notorious for always getting physical. Every week he is in a fight with someone new or doing drugs, cheating on each other or fighting and breaking up. They can choose to live how they want but they are also being looked upto by little girls. So Rhianna is teaching them that its totally cool be with a guy who cheats, hits and dumps you all the time as long as he is a famous rapper. Maybe if it was just cheating and breaking up I would support your comment as its their life but all the fighting this guy does and posting pics of doing drugs get real!

  12. 12

    Re: blasting22 – You posted this exact same thing yesterday. You don't seem to get that it isn't about stripping someone of support. You don't support someone by sending a message that it's OK to go back to someone who bashed your face in. Would you tell your sister/daughter/mother that it's ok to go back to someone who brutally beat them in the past because it's their life? I'm 99% sure you wouldn't, because that wouldn't be real support of empathy ad it would be putting them in danger once again. In this case REAL support means not encouraging such a dangerous and volatile relationship. It is Rihanna's life, and she will do what she wants, but I personally don't support her going back to someone who would hurt her so badly, especially when he continues to have a violent tendency and anger issues to this day.

    You speak about caring for people, but if you really care you won't support someone putting their life at risk. Domestic violence can mean life or death. She deserves better than that, but doesn't realize it. It's sad.

  13. 13

    its speeding. perez give it a brake. such worse things people can do. everyone has done speeding. its as minor as a paper cut. lol its funny how your saying "living so recklessly" because hun its not. living on the edge is like doing coke before jumping out of a parachute. and anyway its actually fun to go fast in a car. fast and the furious. initial D, helloooo. his speeding ticket are something that most people get. it is not un common. you are trying to make it a big deal cause your an extremely biased media source and you prob want to get some money of this article. your nickers are in a not. get them fixed and talk.