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Music Producer Speaks Out On Chris Brown Brawl! Claims He "Was Trying To Beat The Living Sh-t Out Of" Frank Ocean!

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chris brown vs frank ocean


All we have to say here is that Chris Brown is VERY lucky that Frank Ocean decided not to press charges against him after their recent parking lot brawl, because according to the channel. Orange singer's producer, Michael Uzowuru, who was present that evening, the notoriously rage-prone singer could have found himself in SERIOUS legal trouble!

Uzowuru re-counted the entire incident at Westlake Studios via blog-post early this morning, and asserted that while the fight did stem from Breezy parking in a spot labeled "Frank," it only escalated AFTER Ocean told him to move!

That's when one of Brown's friends, described as a "big dude," suddenly punched Frank's friend Chito in the face, and:

"Then instantly Chris and the other dude grab [Frank] and try to jump him. There's no doubt in my mind the whole thing was a set up."

It was then that the pair managed to throw Frank into a "big fake candle display laced with glass," which resulted in his finger getting cut, and when you think it couldn't get any worse, Brown's friend pinned him up against the wall "while Chris was trying to beat the living "shit" out of [him]."

Uzowuru then claimed that he was finally able to get the violence to end after screaming for everyone to stop, but he concluded:

"I don't know what type of demons Chris is facing, but I hope he clears them all and finds a new life rooted in love and light."

We don't know about you guys, but we CERTAINLY second that sentiment.

If not for his well-being and personal happiness, then for the safety of his loved ones and anyone else who may accidentally incur his violent wrath.

No good will come from continuing down this path, boy.

We hope you realize that before it's too late.

[Images via WENN.]

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31 comments to “Music Producer Speaks Out On Chris Brown Brawl! Claims He "Was Trying To Beat The Living Sh-t Out Of" Frank Ocean!”

  1. 1

    FOR PEOPLE WHO BASH RIHANNA FOR TAKING CHRIS BROWN BACK OR CALLING HER NAMES: What you all know is from the media reporting. There is no doubt Chris follows trouble, but the specifics are not ever truly known, and media reports any falseness as they do it sell $$$$.We dont know what has transpired between Rihanna and Chris behind closed doors, so it truly is none of business and we should not judge HER DECISION FOR HER LIFE, especially NOW, people.. fine judge her but don't stop being compassionate. DONT YOU GET IT?… Stripping someone, our brother, sister, any mankind of empathy and support just because we don't agree with their actions is a cowardly and selfish act on our own… if anything THATS WHEN PEOPLE NEED US THE MOST FOR SUPPORT.I think its a damn shame people will turn their backs and trash talk people at the drop of a hat if a person doesn't do what actions that's the most popular and expected. its like ppl THRIVE off getting to say to a severely broken soul "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" It's like people are waiting for the moment to tell her " YOU DESERVED IT!!!!" it's disgusting. GET REAL. ..no she doesn't deserve it & she doesn't deserve the hate most people are giving. Even if Chris DOES something again… that means you would pass her by on the street as she is bleeding and slowly dying and say " 'Sorry you knew this was gonna happen, you deserve to die" . Disgusting Human Behavior!!

  2. 2

    CB needs to be completely excommunicated from music/show business altogether, and put in a feckin cell to rot. He'd be treated like the little bitch he is there. Too bad the execs don't have the nuts to blacklist him altogether. Greedy fookers!

  3. 3

    I'm sorry but this just doesn't make sense to me. I thought there was video footage that show that Chris and Frank did not throw any punches but only caught the end of the fight because it actually started in the parking lot. But this guy is making it seem like the fight started in the lobby of the studio so wouldn't the video footage have captured all of this….Somebody's lying..I just don't know who

  4. jay says – reply to this


    Re: blasting22 – great comment blasting22 I completely agree and glad to see more and more beings choosing to be compassionate and caring instead of what we have been brainwashed to be.

  5. samdavid says – reply to this


    um, chris doesn't follow trouble, he is trouble and he causes trouble wherever he goes. sounds like blasting22 is in love with chris and in major denial of reality. just because people think rihanna is a moron for taking him back, doesn't mean anyone thinks she deserves to be beaten, or that anyone would deny her assistance were she to need it. this frank guy isn't doing anyone any favours by dropping charges/not bringing charges against chris for this attack. chris should be held accountable for his actions, this kind of behaviour should not be tolerated, from anyone. chris has serious mental issues and i highly doubt he will ever overcome them, as he probably has a very huge ego and those around him are probably so desperate for a piece of his money and fame, they will never put him in check. they probably just help feed the monster within him. he is trouble, and always will be.

  6. samdavid says – reply to this


    also, no matter what happens in private or otherwise, no woman - or man - deserves to be beaten senseless by anyone. there is NEVER ANY EXCUSE FOR VIOLENCE.

  7. Deanna13 says – reply to this


    Oh so we are supposed to believe Oceans' producer and take his word as fact…. yeah, like the guy is going to put the blame on his own guy. I will reserve my opinion till the actual facts come out and not base it on this hearsay shit… Wake up Perez!

  8. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    Re: blasting22 – Unfortunately, I do not agree. Some girls/women, look up to Rhianna and unwisely follow by example. Rhianna as admitted both in interview and lyrics that her relationship with Brown was volatile and toxic and she put herself right back into the fire. He has some anger issues that obviously he has still not worked out and she is clearly damaged from that entire scenario. We've watched her spiral downward. You can still love someone, you can forgive someone, but it doesn't mean you need to be with them. A lot of girls stay in abusive relationships instead of getting help or their partners seeking help because they're afraid to be alone or they're convinced their abuser truly loves them. Throughout the whole ordeal all we've heard from Chris Brown is wanting redemption, but he's yet to prove it and anytime he DOES do something good, its immediately followed by something negative. He needs to fix himself and she needs to let him. Women who go back, make it harder on those who are trying to leave because then people don't take them seriously when they cry for help.

  9. Watch Your Language says – reply to this


    You might want to think twice about referring to a black man as "boy".

  10. 10

    Chris Brown is a useless, talentless, ungrateful, worthless jungle bunny. No matter what you post about him, Perez, we all know you'd love to suck his big black cock.
    Re: blasting22 – If you're this emotionally involved in the situation, you need shock therapy; there aren't strong enough meds for a no-life, pathetic freak like you.
    Re: jay – We don't need MORE liberal BS, we need LESS; you spineless fucks are RUINING society. If you can't be a man, go off yourself. But for fuck's sake don't encourage a loser like blasting22. What she needs is a punch in her mouth and to have her fucking fingers cut off so she can't make more retarded posts.
    Re: Watch Your Language – Perez doesn't think. With any luck Brown will go ape on the homo and we'll all be treated to another darkie punching him out, followed closely by another crybaby video screaming that violence isn't the answer. That was fucking PRICELESS.

  11. 11

    Re: samdavid – There may not be an EXCUSE for it, but sometimes there are valid REASONS for it, homo lover. Perez deserves to have the shit beat out of him on a regular basis. He earns it on a daily basis. Now stick your liberal whining up your ass and STFU.

  12. 12

    Re: blasting22 – You are an idiot. Give it up already.

  13. Pata says – reply to this


    STOP promoting him on your website by writing about him, Mr. Perez. NO one cares about him or whats to read about Chris Brown. There is better talent out there!

  14. 14

    Some people are just douchebags and that's all there is to it.

  15. bobo99 says – reply to this


    could these miscreants be any lower form of human life. these are your role models. stand up for criminal scumbags. stand up for them at all costs. run to defend animals. its all lies. hes an angel. it tells me more about black culture then it does about some talentless tool

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Breezy's name isn't 'Frank.' He should have moved his effing car, period. No respect.
    If he can't control it, he's going to end up doing a lot more time down the road, because he's a juvenile fight waiting to happen. Ocean has shown class, maturity and most of all,
    big time empathy dropping this. He didn't want Breezy to suffer the huge consequences.
    I wonder if Ocean's still a big joke to Breezy; Brown being an ingrate wouldn't surprise.

  17. Que says – reply to this


    Okay, I'm sorry but this just doesn't make ANY sense. How the hell does one get jumped by THREE people - three grown ass men to be exact, but only come out of the fight with a cut on your finger? On top of that, now Chris tried to "beat the living sh*t" out of Frank AND he doesn't want to press charges? WHAT?

    Something ain't addin' up here. I'm now starting to feel like Frank and his entourage are stirring sh*t up just to slander Chris' name even more and they're doing it because people are going to be quick to believe it because of Chris' past.

    Come on now, people. I think we all can agree that Chris Brown has done some stupid sh*t in the past but if you look at this from a LOGICAL perspective, you can easily see that they're stirring stuff up on purpose and are probably blowing the entire situation out of proportion.

    Like I said, one does not get jumped by three men and not want to press charges, especially when one tried to "beat the living shit out" out of you. I'm beginning to feel like Frank doesn't want to press charges because him and his crew are the one who started that sh*t in that first place. He's playing the victim role to his advantage.

  18. Lona says – reply to this


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  19. 19

    Re: samdavid – LOL not in love with Chris at all! I think he looks like he is "special" no denial here, just pointing out people are IGNORANT

  20. 20

    Re: RainbowBrite – Is that interview you talk about with Rihanna claiming Chris is violent A RECENT INTERVIEW? did you read your new rolling stone? she addresses that. TIME HAS PASSED,i'm not saying what chris did is forgivable or she is right for taking him back NOT AT ALL. Just pointing out ignorant ppl's choice to trash talk and turn their backs on human compassion just because we are so up our own asses we dont allow others to make mistakes or they dont deserve our concern. i'M NOT SAYING ALL PEOPLE WOULD PUNISH HER but Ive seen plenty message boards say disgusting things like "SHE DESERVES TO GET KILLED NEXT TIME" makes my skin crawl. Disagree with me all you want, not sure you are disagreeing with though

  21. 21

    Re: RainbowBrite – ALSO why does Chris have to prove to US he has changed.? The only way we can prove that is getting our information from the media. UM…. YEAH REAL TRUSTWORTHY SOURCES. Now do you get it? We do not know MORE THAN HALF OF WHAT GOES ON IN THEIR LIFE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Sure we hear him in trouble at the recording studio, he called someone a name, or he said this or that, or got a speeding ticket. Yeah but what about ALL the great stuff he does. And I know that seems not possible, i know…. but he does do good, do research. So ALL THAT GOOD STUFF HE DOES 80 % OF THE TIME GETS WIPED OUT OVER THE 20% OF BAD CRAP HE DOES AND IT ENDS UP IN THE MEDIA.??? Hmmm how fair is that to judge? How do we know "he hasn't proved himself?" we have NO CLUE.

  22. 22

    Re: Pansy Hunter – LOL HAHAHAA. way to just pop off and call me names, NO just you know reading someones opinion and just shrug and think " ok thats their thought" and just mosey on along but you have this need to press reply and make ignorant comments…. Why do that? It says more about you than me. i wrote a thought on a subject, and im proud I brought it up to address the level of BASHING vs having empathy. BIG DEAL. all you do is troll and try to pick at everyone and belittle because you hate yourself. I'm sorry, I can offer free therapy…. BECAUSE I AM A THERAPIST DUMBASS ;)

  23. 23

    Re: Lady Amalthea – You are an idiot because you like trolling and bashing people for no reason. You are a bitch AND YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT. LICK IT.

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    I think Chris Brown has talent, and I sincerely hope he moves into adulthood soon here, which means trying for a win/win and making a sincere effort to accommodate for all
    colleagues; and realizing that it's no longer some proving ground pissing contest or another testosterone filled antler butting opportunity. While this was happening, he could have instead been making solid friends with Mr. Ocean and crew, which might also boost him somewhere down the road. It's about making and helping friends and others, not amassing enemies, dude. You're trying to build karma, not raise your negativity points.

  25. NR says – reply to this


    Perez, we all know you do not like Chris Brown. His lawyer Mark told the police that they have video of the fight from the parking lot. When the fight first happen, Frank thought the only video footage taken was in the hallway, in which Frank nor Chris were doing anything. But in the parking lot where it began, Frank started it. I hope the video surfaces after this investigation closes. Kid Red was there, and you know that he is sly, I bet he took the video.

  26. NR says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – You do know that video surfaced from Chris's lawyer showing how the fight started, that was when Frank dropped the charges right? And you know the parking space did not have Frank Oceans name on it…he has like what 2hit songs??? EVer?

  27. Goodnessevilpeople says – reply to this


    If this were true charges would have been filed regardless. Also a cut on the finger and no other injuries is impossible. Perez and all of you that hate just say you hate him. But seriously stop spewing illogical and hateful untrue bullshit. Let the facts come out and be done with it.

  28. Missdlh says – reply to this


    Just because Frank came out and said whatever and chris chose to stay mum does not mean its the truth……if it was really like that frank wouldn't have to press charges the D.A. Could and most likely would have. I don't believe frank is as innocent as everybody is making him out to be. Chris did the right thing by not going to the media about it all they would do is turn it all around no matter what he said. A guy made a mistake 4 years ago and we still hold it against him but only god could judge

  29. binky04 says – reply to this


    Really young men get in fights. I get it the beating of Rihanna should never be forgotten however if he is confronted by others how many times should he walk away. People keep saying oh he beat an openly gay artist{ i guess we all know who will win the grammy now} I don't think frank being Gay had anything to do with the fight. We as a nation seem to pic k and choose who to punish, some people get a pass and others we wanna beat them down and take every thing away from then. Mrs Carter husband was a crack dealer and destroy many lives rob stole destroyed families. But every one thinks he is the CAT'S MEOW. Meanwhile other Crack dealers who have gone straight get there past thrown in there face everytime they go to a job interview. Mr Carter hangs out with the president how many other X crack dealer's get that option. Not hatin just saying

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: NR – I knew there was a vid but haven't read anything about what was actually ON it…and did read that Ocean's name was on the stall…which is a common nicety when someone's booked recording time.

  31. Missy says – reply to this


    Of course Frank's camp said that. Why would they say Frank started? Lmao but in all honesty, this whole situation is a he said/he said, no one knows the truth not even Perez f.a.g. Hilton. And Perez, do us all a favor and stop pretending like you care about Chris. We all know you are his #1 hater.