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Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network Slapped With A Sexual Discrimination Lawsuit!

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Eek! It is a TOUGH week to be Oprah Winfrey, folks!

She's already been injured trying to carry a large flower arrangement sent to her by Tyler Perry, has been harassed about looking "old as hell" by random Twitter users, and now, her troubled OWN network has been slapped with a lawsuit on the grounds of sex and disability discrimination, failure to prevent discrimination, retaliation and willful failure to pay wages upon discharge or termination!

According to legal documents, filed Friday in the El Lay Superior Court, Carolyn Hommel asserts that she was originally hired as senior director of scheduling and acquisitions back in 2010, and during her time at the company, co-owned by Discovery Communications, she was considered a valuable employee and even expected to become a vice president!

All of that changed, however, when she was forced to take a medical leave to accommodate her pregnancy! It was then, she says, that her duties were stripped from her and re-assigned to a temporary employee, and even when she returned to the office she was shut out of meetings she would have normally been required to attend!

Within a month of giving birth, Hommel was informed that she was being laid off, and even though she was told to re-apply for a vice president job, she didn't get it, as she alleges that her direct boss, Michael Garner, constructed a fake performance review that "made Hommel's job duties and responsibilities appear less 'senior' and therefore not a candidate for the new vice president position."

Well, if all of this is true, then can anyone actually blame this woman for calling in the lawyers?!


Especially since it's at a company founded by a woman who should know better than anyone what kind of pitfalls and institutionalized sexism come with trying to get ahead in the business world!

We just hope that justice is served, if actually warranted, and that the Big O goes out of her way to right what seems to a grievous WRONG!

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6 comments to “Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network Slapped With A Sexual Discrimination Lawsuit!”

  1. 1

    That GIF is perfect

  2. 2

    If she wins she can use the money to stay home to do dishes, laundry and push out more babies.

  3. david says – reply to this


    i am sure ms winfrey will step up to the plate, immediately, and address this issue. she is a humanitarian. she is not out to hurt people. perhaps, some of her 'people' may be more prone to that, but i am sure if ms W knew of this, she would have dealt with it at that time. that is ms W's way. she is kind and decent.

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    This doesn't sound good; but first lands squarely in the lap of the man who was her direct boss. Who knows if Oprah knew a thing about this, because it doesn't quite sound like the way she would like things done in her name. Then again, who really ever knows. I'm going to watch and see how they resolve this. Giving lip service to the glass ceiling? We'll see.

  5. luci-fer says – reply to this


    The lady is lazy: giving birth is not the issue here!

  6. Karen says – reply to this


    I really wouldn't accept all of these allegations as true. They basically plead everything and the kitchen sink in a complaint and it doesn't have to be true; later on when they start to investigate, it will come to light what parts of it are true or not. Of course she will call herself a stellar employee. A company as big as Oprah's with probably a predominantly female staff knows how to handle one employee going out on pregnancy leave. They wouldn't be so stupid to target this person once she has become pregnant. If anything, she probably had a series of performance issues which they had to put on hold while she was out on leave; and now that she's back, it's all too easy to say "It's because I'm pregnant." In fact, shame on her if she knows that it has nothing to do with pregnancy leave and this is just an easy way to extend layoff pay. Employment is generally at-will and there's no protected class for complainers who want handouts.