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Beyoncé Gives Props To All Her African American Ladies After STELLAR Super Bowl Show!

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beyonce note african american ladies super bowl

And what a female power driven performance it was!

After a mind-blowing Super Bowl halftime show featuring Beyoncé AND her Destiny's Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams Lady Bey posted a picture (above) along with a thoughtful note of gratitude for her ladies on Instagram, writing it's a "proud day" for African American women!

The entire note reads:

"What a proud day for AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN!!!! Kelly, Michelle, Alicia, JHud. You are all beautiful, talented, and showed so much class! It was an honor to perform at the Superbowl with you phenomenal ladies. Love, Beyonce"

Aww she even gives mad props to Alica Keys AND her Dreamgirls costar Jennifer Hudson!

Ooooo could Bey's J-Hud namedrop also be hinting at a DREAMGIRLS Oscars reunion performance?! We've heard the rumors, and we are teelllllliiinnngggg youuuuuu they MUST be true!


Ch-ch-check out Beyoncé's note in it's hand-written glory (below)!

[Image via Instagram.]

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21 comments to “Beyoncé Gives Props To All Her African American Ladies After STELLAR Super Bowl Show!”

  1. 1

    I Hope SO SO much the next time all white singers perform, or a white person is elected into an office, some famous white person mentions what a proud day for whiteamericans it is. We are now becoming the minority & already are here in Fla & a few other states why not start miking this sh it? Do what they do? Aren't you so TIRED of the double standards white america? There is a difference between standing up for yourself, & Are we gonna be the only;ones who have to sit down & shut up

  2. 2

    Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys kept it classy. Beyonce pranced around like a stripper - nothing classy about that. She should cancel her tour and go back to school. These fifth grade style notes she writes are embarrassing.

  3. Aunt Jemima says – reply to this


    This type of Stripper act is nothing but overproduced smoke and mirrors. Without all the flashing lights and smoke bombs there's really little to see.

    Young people are easily duped into believing that today's entertainment is high quality.
    Let's put the canned acts to rest.

    How about real artists who have more dignity, original and pride, huh? :(

  4. MONSTERS says – reply to this


    Easily one of the most forgettable half-time shows ever.

    Hope her new album will FLOP !


  5. Yeah Right says – reply to this


    Her whole performance was disgusting - from the coochie flashing to the licking of her finger - did someone forget to tell this jacka$$ that its a family show? Pathetic !!!!

  6. Beyawnnzzzzze says – reply to this


    Worst Super Bowl halftime show EVER.

    I have seen every one of them and this was just awful. The best part of the SB that was not the game was Jennifer Hudson working with the Sandy Hook kids. That was good. And to Alicia Keys: The Star Spangled Banner is NOT a nightclub song.

    That was almost as bad as the halftime show.

  7. LLALALALALA says – reply to this


    Proud day to be a… STRIPPER.. Next !? :)

  8. Riri Fan says – reply to this


    BIG LEGS…….NO CLASS !!!!

  9. K Bye says – reply to this


    Come on Perez, grow up! Shaking your bottom and being half naked does not make you a singer..it makes you a showgirl !!!!

  10. SAMSASH says – reply to this


    God she really is pushing it with her jesus/ god complex………get over yourself…….it was just your typical seen it a million times beyonce crotch and weave show…………..humility is a virtue…….learn some

  11. 11

    I understand how hectic your schedule must be B.K.but perhaps you could consider an online Grammar 101 course, where you could work at your own pace and time. It is tempting to emphasize words in a sentence by capitalizing them but in fact it is not grammatically correct and a common error with those who are unfamiliar with the rules. As well, the last time I checked there were no accents on any letters in the word phenomenal. Not to worry, soon Blue Ivory will be going to school and she can teach you the basics.

  12. Nahhhh says – reply to this


    What a waste of time….. another halftime show with untalented hacks…. take away autotune and lipsyncing and this chick can't perform…. same dance steps she's been doing for 20 years. Nothing to be proud of.


  13. Nononono says – reply to this


    Why do we need a half time entertainer, at what is supposed to be a show for the whole family, performing in a corset? That's something that belongs in a nightclub act.


  14. Katie says – reply to this


    As long as we keep saying "Ohh we african americans are so great" we will never have equality. We are all humans and that's it.

  15. prg says – reply to this


    racist skank she thinks shes the queen of all afircan american ppl if shes proud to be african american then why is she bleeching her skin to make it white

  16. Rich P says – reply to this


    Great day for African Americans! REALLY!!! I am sure all the African Americants felt the same way!!! NOT!!!!
    Reverse discrimination at its best and the WHITE people just sit there and swallow it, we are racist to feel anything is wrong with this comment. Black channels, magazines, Pageants etc

    You people need to wake up!!!!

  17. 17

    Honestly I didn't realize they had all African American (kind of, Alicia is half Italian) performers till Beyonce pointed it out… kind of sad on her part.

  18. rollini says – reply to this


    so proud to be african but ashamed to look it!

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    What, and Madonna last year was a proud day for CAUCASIAN WOMEN?

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Why the racial comment on her part? From what I've read, Beyonce grew up in a life of
    relative privilege.

  21. 21

    WTF! She's giving props to her african american ladies while she's too ashamed to actually look like one? Bleached Sellout. She IS NAsTY. U know why? Cause she embraces her job of distracting the masses while the new world order tries to force its way onto us. Roca Wear is named after Rockafeller, the illuminati family. Next thing Beyonce will do is tell her African American ladies to get chipped. Suck on it, you greedy perverted beast!