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Beyoncé Helps CBS Score Best Super Bowl Ratings EVER!!! BUT… She Couldn't Tackle Madonna's Record!

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Who on this planet with access to CBS WASN'T watching the network with baited breath Sunday eve… to witness the Beyoncé extravaganza/Destiny's Child reunion!!!!

Oh, there was a football game going on too? ADORBS!!

LOLz! Nah we just kid!

Sunday's Super Bowl XLVII was a NAIL-nibbler of a game with the San Fransisco 49ers ALMOST making a crazy comeback, but in the end the Baltimore Ravens reigned supreme…

As did CBS! Sunday's game garnered the HIGHEST SUPER BOWL RATINGS in recorded history with WELL over 100 million peeps watching!

Congrats to EVERYONE involved!

And we're sure Beyoncé, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland helped just a teeeensy weensy bit … although, in the end, Queen B couldn't topple Madonna's record for Super Bowl halftime ratings. Beyoncé’s halftime show megashow, which occurred in the 8 – 8:30 PM ET time slot, scored a 48.2/71; that’s down from the 48.1/72 of Madonna’s 2012 halftime performance.

SO CLOSE! They are both remarkable ladies in our eyes. Screw it, let's call it even, huh?!

If you're curious, ch-ch-check out the top five highest rated Super Bowls …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

1. 48.1/71 – Super Bowl XLVII, Ravens 34-49ers, 31, (CBS)
2. 47.9/71 – Super Bowl XLV, Packers 31-Steelers 25 (Fox)
3. 47.9/68 – Super Bowl XXI, Giants 39-Broncos 20 (CBS)
4. 47.8/71 – Super Bowl XLVI, Giants 21-Patriots 17 (NBC)
5. 47.4/NA – Super Bowl XIV, Steelers 31-Rams 19 (CBS)

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108 comments to “Beyoncé Helps CBS Score Best Super Bowl Ratings EVER!!! BUT… She Couldn't Tackle Madonna's Record!”

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  1. 1

    She sucked. She barely sang anything. Watch it back Mario.

  2. Queen M Fan says – reply to this


    Madonna remains unbothered :)

  3. Boring says – reply to this


    Her whole performance was disgusting - from the coochie flashing to the licking of her finger - did someone forget to tell this jacka$$ that its a family show?


  4. 4

    WOW that's so close. My Ravens won, Beyonce killed it. Couldn't have been happier. I thought Madnna would have won by bigger numbers because of her much older fans and more guests. I love them both. They are both Queens in my book.

  5. neesh says – reply to this


    she is just an overhyped stripper.p*ssy popping hyped up

  6. Mehyonce says – reply to this


    THE WORST SUPER BOWL HALF TIME EVER….her whole performance was disgusting - from the coochie flashing to the licking of her finger - did someone forget to tell this jacka$$ that its a family show?

  7. Llalalalalalaa says – reply to this


    Stripper show recycled…oh la la !!!!

    The most pathetic Super Bowl half time show of all time. What were the Super Bowl organizers thinking? That music is music to bore you to death with.

    R I P :)

  8. Jojo says – reply to this


    Most boring 1/2 time show ever!

  9. Wizzle says – reply to this


    Re: neesh – madonnas fans much older? im 25 and a fan of botch but a much bigger Madonna fan. Madonna has fans of all ages. :s

  10. Lamb4Life says – reply to this


    She belongs in a nightclub of New Orleans !!!!!

  11. nononono no says – reply to this


    Mrs Carter Tour her big peroxide-washed sagging & overused a** !!!!! :(

  12. BEyawnce says – reply to this



  13. emily says – reply to this


    so its not the best ratings ever then…..

  14. Yassssssssssssss says – reply to this


    She Couldn't Tackle Madonna's Record !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  15. genarae says – reply to this


    If a male artist was on stage wearing a tight little speedo that emphasized his dick and balls and was thrusting his pelvis at the screen throughout his performance you can bet there would be an enormous outcry. Don't understand why it's ok for a female to spread her legs and constantly show her vagina to the masses. A friend said they could see her stitches from giving birth. LOL

  16. Oh Well says – reply to this


    Beyonce is so played out.

    No new material.

    No new dance moves.

    All she did was predictably get out there and shake her wide butt.

    Note to NFL. Next year put some real talent out there at halftime. The Eagles. The Zac Brown Band. Willie Nelson.

    How about bringing One Direction out there ???

  17. YOLO says – reply to this


    Add a Volkswagen full of clowns and the Beyonce half time 2013 will be a perfect circus show.


  18. Tatayyana says – reply to this


    It was like watching a bunch of jobless choreographed strippers. Recycled much, Beyonce ????

  19. Ryan says – reply to this


    Was there any singing in between the strutting, hair flipping & posing??

  20. Truth Tea says – reply to this


    Expensive strip show. Glad my kids are over 21! This is supposed to be a family sports event! Put some clothes in & stop humping, Bey !!!!


  21. Kanye says – reply to this


    I'ma let you finish, but Madonna had the best superbowl of ALL TIME!!!!!!

  22. Hahhahahahahaha says – reply to this


    We had Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. Now we have Beyonce's entire performance malfunction.

  23. Stephen says – reply to this


    Call it even. Dude for real that half time show was totally unoriginal. This queen wanna be has a lot more time to put in before she warrants this amount of praise. The show was CRAP! You know there is only one queen, and we all know who that is. Enough said!

  24. 24

    I am a fan of Beyonce. I don't know but last night performance is not the best Beyonce can pull off. I don't get why people keep praising her performance as the best half time show ever because MJ, Prince and Bruce Springteen clearly set the bar to be so high. I honestly enjoyed madonna performance more since it has better transition from one song to another song.

    Beyonce performance is so disorganized and song choice is not great. I am so disappointed when Kelly and Michelle only were able to lip sync.

  25. Crazy in Flop says – reply to this


    I wonder if lace, lingerie and stripper pole will increase in sales ? (wink)

  26. Vanbot says – reply to this


    Re: Truth Tea

    Beyonce was just terrible,one of the worst halftime shows ever. Just yelling and screaming while giving a lap dance to kids. And you ask what is wrong with our social values. Who approved this bump and grind show for kids to watch? I've had enough Beyonce and that cultural trash….

  27. Buddha says – reply to this


    Re: Crazy in FlopRe: Queen M Fan

    What" decent" man should want his wife performing like this in public?

  28. 28

    Re: neesh – I am 23 and I love madonna.

  29. So Messy says – reply to this


    I was there..and I remember the pyrotechnique effects. Thats it !!!!!!! :(

  30. mlington says – reply to this


    Re: trinigirl123 – madonna fans arent older. im 24 honey. madonna has more fans cause shes a genius, and its a legend. beyonce did 100 million madonna did 114 million. and amdonna did even more outside usa. and actually many ppl were saying bey show was poor. madonna scene was genius

  31. mlington says – reply to this


    Madonn had the bets show. no one will top that… just herself

  32. Condolences says – reply to this


    *****************************AN EPIC FAILED STRIPPER PERFORMANCE *******************************

  33. 33

    I am so disappointed when beyonce made the show all about her when she turned off kelly and michelle mics. I was looking for DC reunion tbh

  34. The Navy says – reply to this


    Beyonce's performance was beyond tasteless, and not to politicize everything but a stark reminder of the Obama's poor choice in having her as part of the inauguration. Many entertainers sexualize their music, videos and attire - it is what it is - but she is no role model and shouldn't be presented as such, either by the NFL or by the president

  35. Beyoncestupid says – reply to this


    The biggest mystery: Why does ANYONE think Beyonce is talented? She freakin' suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. BTW . . . she lip synced AGAIN.

    :( :( :(

  36. 36

    That awkward moment when blackout stole Bey's moments.LMAO

  37. 37

    Beyonce still cant beat M despite all the hype and lip syncing scandal. All hail one and only Queen Madonna. Can't wait for her next tour in Australia. Australia is waiting for u Queen M.

  38. Jesse says – reply to this


    She shouldn't have let Kelly and Michelle perform if she was only going to let them come on for a minute and so quiet nobody could hear them. Beyonce, remember where you came from!! DESTINY'S CHILD MADE YOU. I was so happy to see you three together again only to be disappointed when you couldn't take the spotlight off of yourself for more than a minute. Disgraceful. I love Kelly and Michelle!! You are so much better with them than without them!

  39. Close Coffin says – reply to this


    What a waste of time…..

    Another halftime show with untalented hacks…. take away autotune and lipsyncing and this chick can't perform same dance steps she's been doing for 20 years. Nothing to be proud of.


  40. Grow Up Y'all says – reply to this


    Ass shaking is a talent? Sad night for America's music industry :(

  41. mlington says – reply to this


    u must be crazy., forget Madonna? Madonna performance was way superior. everybody said it. she kept the record. Madonna took it to another different level. Beyonce just danced… NOTHING NEW AT ALL. million of ppl were disappointed. many were saying that. actually after crazy in love it was getting bored. do u remember last year superbowl??? madonna blowed the world. Forbes is always the same. bring Madonna down all the time… BEST SUPERBOWL EVER WITHOUT A DOUBT BELONGS TO MADONNA… FROM ALL. Maodnna reigns supreme bets performer ever

  42. Bye Skank says – reply to this



  43. Bot says – reply to this


    Im sorry, but Madonna only got marginally more because she has a huge gay following who probably dont watch the superbowl otherwise. Secondly, there was a lot of media coverage about her being too old for it which would have prompted more watch. IN ADDITION TO THAT, Gaga was still rather big at this time and there was that whole 'reductive' comment blowing up. Beyonce's performance was 10000x better. Not only is she a better singer, but she's a much better dancer. Although I was still slightly disappointed by her.

  44. Tatatattaa says – reply to this


    Re: Bot

    Still Madonna…the MOST WATCHED SUPER BOWL HALF TIME. Try again in the next lifetime…

  45. Fact Told says – reply to this


    Beyonce.. a has-been closeted stripper with exceptional lipsynching skills !!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  46. The Scammer's Child says – reply to this


    She is just a scam ..She looked like a downgraded stripper….sad sad sad….

  47. Clearly says – reply to this


    Hype..just like Lady GaGa !!!!!!!!!

  48. Mehyonce Much says – reply to this


    Beyonce Halftime was messy, incoherent, no sould and no flow just like her '4' flopped album

  49. JT says – reply to this



  50. Eyebytes says – reply to this


    It was very uncomfortable to watch the Beyonce Halftime show with my family. Every person in the room, from age 13 to 46, HATED it. She distracted us from her un-interesting songs and lyrics with sex and flashy effects, but in the end it was nothing but a burlesque show on the world's biggest stage. If the majority of people think her show was amazing… then it scares me to think where this society is headed.

  51. mlington says – reply to this


    all the euphoria about Madonna half time superbowl show… beyonce didnt got that QUEEN MADONNA SLAYS.. NOW UR KISSING BEY ASS? dont even compare madonna impact to beyonce worldwide QUEEN MADONNA LOOK UR FIERCE EYES

  52. Stinky Hole Bey says – reply to this


    Re: Bot

    Holy chet! What crack were you on watching this train wreck? It was horrible and nothing but T&A on steroids only she did not strip! She has zero talent and her so called noise of music is proof of that!
    YOu must be an Obama fan too!

  53. Boring As Pruck says – reply to this


    This was the absolute worst half-time show… unless you are into dancing. Beyonce, lacking any singing talent was jumping, shaking her bottom, and throwing around her "naturally blond" hair for the entire show. Boring, boring, boring!


  54. Aunt Jemima says – reply to this


    I wish the lights had gone out during her performance. It would have improved it. LOL!

  55. MADONNADELE says – reply to this


    The only reason she turned Kelly and MICHELLE mics because she felt insecure. Michelle and Kelly had more talent than Bey can imagine.LMAO

  56. 56

    Re: mlington – I'm a Madonna fan as well honey. I don't know why people are so up in arms. Women especially are always putting other women against each other. Why can't there be two queens? Why can't we love them both? It's always this one vs that one. What a shame. I pitty you people, hopefully you don't have daughters. This site has the most haters. Other people on other sites LOVED LOVED LOVED it including me. You guys are a bunch of bitter bettys with sagging tits and asses I bet. She is getting praises from all the news outlets, being hailed the queen. Saying it was the Beyonce show. JEALOUS BASTARDS! LMAO. SHUT UP!

  57. Fixed says – reply to this


    Re: Eyebytes

    *****************************AN EPIC FAILED STRIPPER PERFORMANCE *******************************


  58. Byeonce says – reply to this


    1-2-3….flush !!!!! hahahahahahahaahaha

  59. SIGH says – reply to this



  60. LMFAO says – reply to this


    3 strippers shared 1 big stage… 1.2 price :(

  61. DaBoi says – reply to this


    Nothing historic about Bey…and Superbowl

  62. MADONNADELE says – reply to this


    This Bey is an overrated hag who happens to marry a powerful ape

  63. Danielle says – reply to this


    Everyone is saying Bey's performance was vulgar like Madonna is mother Teresa haha please. Madonna has done worse shit than Bey so sit your asses down and let the girl shine her performance was amazing unlike Madonna that needed the help of LMFAO, Nicki and M.I.A

  64. Lu says – reply to this


    Re: Bot – Ummm… Beyonce has a HUGE gay following too! The fact is, she just doesn't have the same star power as Madonna.

  65. News says – reply to this



  66. Goodbye says – reply to this


    Beyonce——————-> Janet——————— BEP :)

  67. Lona26 says – reply to this


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  68. kirai1 says – reply to this


    Lot's people watch the game that's why Beyonce had an audience. Madonna last year beat the actual Super Bowl. More people watch the half time show than the actual game. Madonna is the Queen and everyone can can follow a 100yards behind her.

  69. KB says – reply to this


    Re: genarae – Oh yeah males have it so bad don't they… She wore pretty much the same stuff she always does. It was no more or less than what most of the cheerleaders wear in the NFL, so you were saying? She's an incredible singer. I think Madonna gave the better "show," but I prefer Beyonce/Destiny's Child's music overall.

  70. boi says – reply to this


    You need to update this post, Perez! The actual overnight numbers came in and actually this years ratings were down compared to last year and the year before that. The viewership actually peaked after Beyonce's performance. So, oops to her PR people.

  71. JesusChrist says – reply to this


    Re: Tatatattaa
    Madonna was only most watched because people were expecting a train wreck and got to see one.

  72. Jayanara says – reply to this


    Kind of expected that. Madonna is the biggest and amazing entertainer of the 21st century. Case close..

  73. diva says – reply to this


    Uuuuhhh…. Perez b4 you speak I don't re call having over 4.2 million followers is teeny weeny. As a Kelly fan we were all tuning in just to see her perform with her bandmates. Beyonce as well as Kelly & Michelle did a phenomenal job and this post definitely isn't necessary. Bey & Madonna were basically tied point blank period!

  74. The View says – reply to this


    MADONNA- classy, well executed, consistent, minimalist and got nice flow to it.

    BEYONCE- "too busy", lack of flow, incoherent and tacky. Just noise…

  75. Sit Down says – reply to this


    When talent overshadowed by hype. Minus the ass popping, stripper clothes and pyrotechnique ……what's left for Bey?

  76. Truth Tea Spills says – reply to this


    As much as I like Bey, she's still "amateurish".

    Bey didnt "wow" me and just very predictable and lame.

    I want something fresh and new but Bey….just studio singer/ night club performer who stuck in 2008.

  77. 77

    wierd: I read a conflicting report on E! online and a few other sources

  78. 78

    Re: Tatatattaa

    Are you trying to imply that Beyonce doesn't have a huge gay following? If so you clearly aren't hanging around a lot of gay men. . . .they are both huge stars to the gay community.

  79. Todd says – reply to this


    Dang, I guess this is where all the Beyonce haters live. One question, where did ya'll perform sunday night?? how big is ya'll bank accounts?? Oh ok.

  80. skullbox says – reply to this


    Re: Tatatattaa – WELL i guess u can say that beyonce got close to madonnas ratings cuz she has a large black following!!

  81. Delusional Much? says – reply to this


    Re: Todd

    Who cares about money. She can't even buy 'class'.

    I dont want to marry with that baboon and be knows as the fraud lipsyncher for the rest of my life!

  82. The Truth says – reply to this


    Re: boi

    Yes, people left during Beyonce's performance and take their dogs to poop. :)

  83. LOL says – reply to this


    Re: The View
    When has Madonna ever been described as "classy"? LOL

  84. JustBecause says – reply to this


    Since when we did we become a nation of prudes again? Everyone's talking about Beyonce looking like a stripper, and the Superbowl being family entertainment (as if), but they don't seem to be bothered by the equally skimpy cheerleader outfits or the sexist and sexy beer commercials that air during this "family time." Typical American hypocritical bullshit thinking.

  85. happyrockafellah says – reply to this


    Re: mlington – Beyonce tried and couldn't beat Madonna!! Let's face it, most people who watched Beyonce's crapfest were dissapointed –even her fans said it sucked. BORING!! Madonna is the queen for a reason!! :-)

  86. FIXED the scammer says – reply to this


    Re: LOL

    When Beyonce's lipsynching saga was out and lied to America and the President recently? :(

  87. lmfao says – reply to this


    The shortest Beyonce joke ever- "I sing live" !!!!!!!!

  88. All The Flop Ladies says – reply to this


    Re: FIXED the scammer

    You nail it. Beyonce lied and becomes the female of Lance Armstrong.

  89. Monster says – reply to this


    Re: lmfao

    Haahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..epicness :)

  90. 90

    she sucks!!!

  91. Jackie says – reply to this


    Madonna older fans???? I am 39. And my 2 nieces, one age 22 and the other 19 are BIG Madonna fans. They like Madonna over Beyonce. Beyonce was ok. But Madonna was better. Again she set the bar high for all who follow.

  92. Queen M Fan says – reply to this


    Re: Jackie

    Beyonce didn't break any records. It says a lot… :D

  93. RUSSLE says – reply to this



  94. Kayote says – reply to this


    The press love it..but the public don't.

  95. justsayin says – reply to this


    Didn't anyone else notice that Beyonce copied madonnas outfit??? even down to the hairstyle!!!! Its all the same basic shape as madonnas!!! Although you can tell that Beyonce is wearing a lace WIG {no not a weave!!} like the ones Tyra banks admitted to wearing on her show!!

  96. J.c says – reply to this


    I am a 22 year old boy and I love Madonna, so stop saying stupid things like Madonna has old fans… I am a huge fan of Madonna the Queen of pop, It is time to admit that Madonna is the best female pop singer ever and can`t be beat by Gaga, Britney or Beyonce…. they will always be wanna be…

  97. Madonnathebest says – reply to this


    Madonna is the best!!! much better than any other pop star.

  98. 98

    Madonna will be immortalized in the History books along side the Venus Demilo, The Mona Lisa and yes even Medusa! Love her! hate her! She is still here she did one thing Elvis, Michael, and yes even the Beatles has never done. Is not let the public scrutiny Weight gain, Drug Addiction or even a male Yokoono Spingalli to controll her. I first saw a Interview of her in Creem magazine 1983 I was 16 now at 44 years old it still thrills me to see her! Appreciate the legend and Icons while the are with us.We are all teenagers at heart!

  99. > says – reply to this


    I was with you until you tried to compare Madonna to Elvis, Michael, and The Beatles. The one thing they had that she's never had: raw talent.

  100. LOL says – reply to this


    Re: FIXED the scammer
    That's your best answer? I didn't ask anything about Beyonce. Nice way to deflect.

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