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Beyoncé Helps CBS Score Best Super Bowl Ratings EVER!!! BUT… She Couldn't Tackle Madonna's Record!

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Who on this planet with access to CBS WASN'T watching the network with baited breath Sunday eve… to witness the Beyoncé extravaganza/Destiny's Child reunion!!!!

Oh, there was a football game going on too? ADORBS!!

LOLz! Nah we just kid!

Sunday's Super Bowl XLVII was a NAIL-nibbler of a game with the San Fransisco 49ers ALMOST making a crazy comeback, but in the end the Baltimore Ravens reigned supreme…

As did CBS! Sunday's game garnered the HIGHEST SUPER BOWL RATINGS in recorded history with WELL over 100 million peeps watching!

Congrats to EVERYONE involved!

And we're sure Beyoncé, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland helped just a teeeensy weensy bit … although, in the end, Queen B couldn't topple Madonna's record for Super Bowl halftime ratings. Beyoncé’s halftime show megashow, which occurred in the 8 – 8:30 PM ET time slot, scored a 48.2/71; that’s down from the 48.1/72 of Madonna’s 2012 halftime performance.

SO CLOSE! They are both remarkable ladies in our eyes. Screw it, let's call it even, huh?!

If you're curious, ch-ch-check out the top five highest rated Super Bowls …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

1. 48.1/71 – Super Bowl XLVII, Ravens 34-49ers, 31, (CBS)
2. 47.9/71 – Super Bowl XLV, Packers 31-Steelers 25 (Fox)
3. 47.9/68 – Super Bowl XXI, Giants 39-Broncos 20 (CBS)
4. 47.8/71 – Super Bowl XLVI, Giants 21-Patriots 17 (NBC)
5. 47.4/NA – Super Bowl XIV, Steelers 31-Rams 19 (CBS)

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108 comments to “Beyoncé Helps CBS Score Best Super Bowl Ratings EVER!!! BUT… She Couldn't Tackle Madonna's Record!”

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  1. 101

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  2. Real Deal Comment says – reply to this


    People calm the fuck down your just mad cause no one wants to put you ugly asses in a half time show yes ill agree there was alot of stripper moves but its beyonce get over it move on you could have changed the damn channel

  3. CC says – reply to this


    It's funny that the ones leaving the nastiest and most negative comments about Beyonce, not just on here, but on every other site, are the Madonna fans. Why can't you all EVER just be happy for another female artist's success? Not everything they do is in direct competition nor a copy of Madonna, who's not that original herself.

  4. Gynna Kuntoria says – reply to this


    RIP. The lowest ratings since Black Eyes Peas…. :D

  5. Monster says – reply to this


    Re: Gynna Kuntoria

    People actually left during Beyonce's Toilet Bowl Half Time performance ……. lol

  6. Jemuel says – reply to this


    "Praised SB performance"?….Really?……She can't sing, and her dancing looks like a horse counting & stomping out its age on the ground…….THAT praised performance? :(

  7. Condolences says – reply to this


    Average singer, and she was dressed like a streetwalker. No classier than the Janet wardrobe malfunction. RIP

  8. fldiamm says – reply to this


    Re: > – actually none of them were that talented. Ive heard mj growing up (who hasnt? Lol) ive heard Elvis even the beatles and lets be honest they do NOT have the best voices theyre NOT singers and neither is madonna BUT what made them famous is by their UNIQUE artistic ablilities. Mj was an amazing performer and songwriter. Beatles idk much about but their music for that time mustve been unique but if they didmt write their music they dnt deserve their title. Elvis idk about either ik he did not write "always on my mind" so if he didnt write his music he dsnt deserve his title either he has an average voice sex appeal sold him and his sexy but average voice. Madonna needs no explanation she was an artist and performer. Ppl will totally bash me for this but be real go listen to tgeir voices none have a powerful or anything special. Just amazing songs lol

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