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45 comments to “Jim Carrey Pisses Off The Right With Assault Weapon Tweet!!”

  1. 1

    I'm sorry, but when I imagine people rushing out to "buy their guns" every time we start to talk about gun regulations, I imagine a redneck with General Lee tattoos and missing teeth. GOTTA GO GET ME SOME GUNS BaFORE OBAMA COMES TA STEAL 'EM AWAY!

    Get the fuck out, bitches.

  2. shan says – reply to this


    i whole heartedly agree.

  3. Ali says – reply to this


    Jim is out of his tree. I wonder what happened to him. He's just so off lately. Drugs? Booze? All of the above? Train-wreck.

  4. Ali says – reply to this


    WHAT is wrong with his cheek? God he looks awful. Mid-Life Crisis in progress.

  5. 5

    i thought they were handing out ak47s as part of the school curriculum

    jims a legend

  6. boopin says – reply to this


    And now Arkansas is just about to pass the law of having guns in Church. WTH

  7. Molls says – reply to this


    These are the most uneducated comments I've ever seen.

    Anyone who uses the word "fuck" or "bitch" to prove a point that is horribly defended looks completely irrelevant and not intelligent.
    Obama shoots guns, he must be a redneck with General Lee tattoos with missing teeth too.

    Good lord, this country needs to educate themselves.

    You wonder what is wrong with this country, ON WORD… MEDIA!
    All media outlets are creating fear in the average american, and egging on the stupidity in the uneducated

  8. 8

    Jim Carrey Rocks

  9. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    @JungianQueen - -Okay that was funny

  10. 10

    He has a point… and not anyone can just go out and buy a car. You have to be able to loan one/pay A LOT of money to get one. Or of course steal/use your friends. And responsible drivers have to get a license. And if the car is standard.. a lot of people don't know how to drive stick shift. So I don't think guns and cars can be categorized like that.

  11. 11

    Apparently this website doesn't like lengthy freedom of speech, so since I have reached the maximum capacity of characters in a comment, this will be divided into a few separate comments.

    I think Jim Carrey is great and I respect him as an actor… that being said, what actually made me angry was the amount of times YOU referred to "right wingers" as obviously being the only ones who support the second amendment… That's weird, considering i'm registered as an Independent and I fully support our second amendment.

    And some of these comments… the sheer ignorance astounds me. There's nothing like lemmings who are the perfect prototype of media-generated zombies to show just how easy it is to manipulate a mass of people. I wonder how many of you know the actual statistics of how many lives guns SAVE as opposed to the amount of guns used to kill innocent people? From your reactions and opinions, clearly you don't.

  12. 12

    And now to continue my comment…

    A little fun fact.. the second amendment exists for more than "rednecks with missing teeth", it exists so that we can have the right to protect ourselves not only against the typical criminals who are a danger, but also to protect ourselves from our government should we need to. Educate yourselves and open your mind. When you take guns away… when you begin disarming law abiding citizens instead of addressing the REAL problem (which is mental health and the lack of insurance coverage and resources), you're basically saying "hey! now that we're vulnerable, come rob, rape and kill us!" due to the fact that criminals DON'T CARE OR ABIDE BY THE LAW. This is probably the most simple fact that the majority doesn't seem to want to absorb… and I don't understand it.

    It is most important in these tragic days that we see things for what they really are… and instead of disarming law abiding citizens and causing more vulnerability and danger to innocent people, we should look at a way to prevent it… like I said, more resources and affordable insurance coverage for those who are mentally ill. THAT is how we can prevent these psychotic, evil people from doing these terrible things… because sadly, with or without guns, evil people will do evil things no matter what it takes.

  13. 13

    And lastly, to the person who said "WTH" to that law being passed to have guns in churches… a few months before the Aurora shooting, there was a shooting nearby in a church, which was only stopped thanks to an off-duty cop who was attending the service and had his gun. Ask the people in that church that day, and I think they will agree with that bill.

  14. 14

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  15. 15

    these liberal celebs do love to jump on the simplistic bandwagons with simplistic slogans; stop war, ban all guns etc etc But theyre quick to stay out of more challenging political issues like immigration. Cuz theyre scared of saying anything that gets them a negative reaction from the left so they stick to classic left wing agendas.

  16. 16

    "Shallow parrotted talking points????" LMAO! How about the NRA's "the only thing that can stop a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun" silliness? The American sniper was a great man with a gun AT A FIRING RANGE. Guess what? A bad man with a gun murdered him.

    TEAM CARREY all the way!!!!

  17. 17

    People buy them after shootings because the lefties demand a ban on them. Then talk about gun control arises, which is mostly a "zomg ban X". This is counterproductive and does nothing except send them flying off the shelves. People don't buy them because a famous shooter used it LOL they buy them before a suggested ban is implemented.

    That said, most mass shootings are carried out with pistols. Most gun violence is pistols. In 2011, only 353 homicides were carried out by a rifle, compared to the 1600 homicides, 500ish blunt objects and 400ish hands and feet. Hands, feet, blunt objects and knives kill more people than assault rifles. Now the 353 rifle deaths include ALL rifles (pump, lever, bolt, semi automatic).

    People are wanting ARs banned under the guise to save lives, even though they account for around 4.7% of gun homicides..Nice logic..He's just parroting what other uninformed morons say..

  18. 18

    FBI Expanded Homicide Data table for 2011. Total Firearm homicides 8,583. Handguns - 6,220, rifles - 323, shotguns - 356, knives - 1,694, blunt objects - 496, hands and feet - 726

    These numbers pretty much stay the same every year. So people say they want ARS banned because they are efficient killing machines and designed solely to kill..Weird, then why are they the least likely weapon to be used to kill someone? Sorry, you cannot claim ARS slaughter everyone, that they are more efficient at killing or want to ban them to save lives after actually looking at these facts. Anything at this point would simply be irrational and moronic and you shouldn't even be allowed to vote.

  19. 19

    Well he's from Canada where there is a lot less gun violence.

  20. lana says – reply to this


    Guns aren't always used for the wrong reasons. I am not an Obama supporter, but why should he not be allowed to use a gun because of those mentally ill individuals who go and commit horrible acts? Ban assault rifles and other assault weapons, but making a ban or stricter rules is not going to stop anybody.

    Tighten up regulations, but do not ban them.

  21. Linda says – reply to this


    What happened to freedom of speech people? I don't know what the answer to the school shootings are maybe they need to put metal detectors by the doors like in the courthouses and keep the doors locked at all times and when there not locked maybe the principle needs a gun locked in a safe of course or maybe they need a armed guard who knows what the answer is? I'm sure Jim probably didn't mean any harm by his tweets I'm assuming he's talking about anyone that would go out after the shootings and buy these guns to do such a horrible thing is what I think he meant and yes he probably does have security guards and the average person don't but as far as I know at this moment we do have the right to say anything we want at this moment??? I have to say I'm a gun owner myself but am responsible I don't have a guard and feel much better having them just in case you never know. I don't know why anyone would need a Machine gun or assault rifles for personal protection??? Yes there are some crazy people in this beautiful world we live in and I don't like the fact that the government or anyone else would be able to tell me what I can and cant do to protect myself and my family that's control people as far as I am concerned and I think the government already has enough of that!

  22. Linda says – reply to this


    As far as him having a mid life crises I don't understand the young girls myself maybe there just friends did any of you think of that??? But it's really none of our business what he does with his life unless of course any of you are paying his bills and if so then you might have a say so but until then let it go he's a big boy and can do what ever he wants to do just like the rest of us. Maybe he don't drink or do drugs (that's what I believe) and would rather just to be by himself for a while rather than to be with someone he don't really care about or is 2 much drama who knows but remember its not our business. I would love to live in a world with no violence or discrimination maybe we will see that one day but but I doubt it! We need to start looking for the good in people and situations I know there lots of bad things going on every day but there's also a lot of good things going on every day that I guess is just not as interesting to talk about. Why is it it seems to me people like to see people when there down what's up with that??? Come on girls and boys lets think positive and get off of Jim's back I personally think he's a good man people only know what he wants them to know about him if you feel that negative about him maybe you don't know enough about him. I would suggest going to his tru life site from what I can tell he tries to do the best he can NOBODY'S PERFECT!!!! anyway gotta run but hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

  23. Linda says – reply to this


  24. 24

    You Americans are such fuckin' idiots. You and your damn guns. How many ppl hafta die before you finally get it. You give out rifles like toasters; buy a truck or open a bank account, get a gun. WOW. You create wars to make money off them, you put PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE. You have thousands of homeless starving ppl, and you don't give a shit.
    It's really really sad. Pathetic. A bunch of patriotic imbeciles.

  25. ShadowRider says – reply to this


    Re: shanRe: shan – All people who have guns are NOT as you describe, but people who believe in the 2nd Ammendment. That's right after the 1st Ammendment that gives people, ignorant people, like you the right to make stupid remarks. Please, learn how to construct a sentence, so you won't sound so stupid.

  26. ShadowRider says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse number 777 – So is Charles Manson.

  27. 27

    I agree one hundred percent. I was disgusted when I heard that gun stores were running out of stock and that gun sales were skyrocketing so soon after 26 innocent souls were lost

  28. 28

    Re: shannoncooper – That is so true. Why is it harder to own and drive a car than it is to buy and shoot a gun?

  29. 29

    Re: JungianQueen – Lol. Same image comes to mind and these people already own enough weapons to take over a small town. They need to realize that gums aren't going to be outlawed completely but it needs to be regulated more. Action needs to be taken besides more guns because only gun manufacturers will benefit. People should be required to have a license to own a gun, pass shooting range classes, get that license renewed, undergo background checks including mental health checks, limit the amount ammunition one can buy, and make every bullet traceable. It is a lot but it needs to get done.

  30. 30

    Hello more guns more deaths since their are so many more sick people out their. See don't do drugs and you won't have crazy kids turning into criminals as adults……

  31. Mama says – reply to this


    I live in the south and I find the redneak comments funny. People don't look or act like hillbillies they are all obnoxious yankees from the northeast who have moved here to get away from big govt they created.

  32. Barbara says – reply to this


    Why does Mr Carrey have to be nuts because he does agree with people when It comes to guns but just know this I commend you Mr Carrey for what you said.

  33. 33

    For everyone who thinks all guns should be banned go kill yourself because you sound like such a moron then looking at the real issues at hand. STOP living off the government and get a job and try protecting yourself when you are getting robbed then we will see how your answer really is.

  34. 34

    who cares about jim carrey, most of his movies were for morons anyway

  35. 35

    maybe Carrey should go back to Canada where he will be safe. he doesn't have any kids anyway.

  36. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – He also has U.S. citizenship since 2004, so he has dual citizenship for both countries. He has a right to an opinion, without being told he should
    'go back to Canada.'

  37. 37

    Re: Mary Mayhem – Well stated! 100% agree with your posts.

  38. 38

    Thank you Jim.

    Why are people so against common sense?

  39. 39

    When I was in school it was nothing to bring a gun into school. We had fire arm safety in the gym as well as out in the football field. During hunting season, the guys would bring them in and stuff them in there lockers or just leave them in the car. Maybe rather than blaming people that are law abiding citizens as myself, we should focus on the decaying morals and filthy society that we live in. Just a thought!

  40. Jo says – reply to this


    that is not harsh, that is right on. Buying assault rifles after children were massacred with assault rifles is like going ot stock up on cyanide gas after jews got gassed in chambers with cynadie gas. it is completely tactless and cruel

  41. 41

    ok, jim carrey is canadian. ALL assult rifles are banned in canada. we see no reason to have them. thats the basis on his comment and i completely agree with everything he's writtten above.

  42. 42

    Re: Molls – Actually, not using words like fuck and shit is racist. They were the normal language of the Anglo Saxons in England before 1066 AD when
    William the Conqueror invaded Britain from French speaking Normandy and made French the language of the court while declaring the native British tongues vulgar. So, pardon me when I speak Anglo-Saxon. I had to explain this to a woman who called me ignorant as I added that I also speak French. Spanish, and a smattering of Arabic. It's probably a good thing to get to know people before you judge them…..

  43. Scratch says – reply to this


    Re: shan – Fuck you. I have two degrees and can teach middle school. I was a reporter for two years and a middle school teacher for five years. I am highly educated and I like to shoot. I particularly like to shoot AR rifles. Get an education or you get the fuck out. Read up on the Heller decision. Molon Labe.

  44. kenny says – reply to this


    Jim Carney,stick to something you know about.
    You probably are scared to own a Gun.
    Afraid your suicidal thoughts will take over.

    Best Wishes,KENNY

  45. mndudester says – reply to this


    Jim Carrey, what a looser, attacking a dead American that can't even defend himself. I bet dollars to donuts that he has an armed body guard. Jim has no qualms holding a gun and shooting people in movies to make a buck, what a hypocrite…