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Johnny Depp So Not Cool About Amber Heard Loving On A Lady

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johnny depp amber heard devastated new romance

Well, he might be the only guy out there who’s not into it!

We guess Johnny Depp was just hoping to have the lovely Amber Heard all to himself.

Selfish, selfish boy!

Unfortunately for him, Amber has been keeping the company of Marie de Villepin, which is so not how the pirate of our dreams wanted things to turn out.

A source revealed Johnny’s totally crushing heartbreak about not being the one for Amber after seven months together:

“I doubt he realised this would happen. He'll be heartbroken … Johnny had felt he'd found his soulmate in Amber.”


We hate thinking about our Johnny so sad over losing love!

Poor guy just couldn’t give Amber what she wanted, and now the girl has clearly moved on.

But we’re still here, Johnny! Just let us know when you need us!

[Image via WENN.]

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192 comments to “Johnny Depp So Not Cool About Amber Heard Loving On A Lady”

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  1. M-la says – reply to this


    He won't need you Perez! hahaha! he likes girls…
    Well, all this story is starting to sound like pure BS to me. I believe Amber and Johnny were together (too many coincidences, evidence, etc) and I even can believe they broke up and Amber might be with a woman, but those "source" sounds fake…so Johnny is heartbroken? he has just ended a marriage of 14 years, he didn't even look heartbroken after that, so do you believe he will be heartbroken after a hot affair that lasted some months?
    Also the thing of the "soulmate" sounds CORNY! how many soulmates he has? Vanessa, Kate, Winona all were his soulmate but they lasted years, and he was the one who said it not "sources"…
    Other thing why the source said "He'll be heartbroken"…so according to this not so trustful source he don't know what is happening with Amber?
    I called this more BS after BS.

  2. Me says – reply to this


    Poor Perez! Believes in everything tabloids say… For your information Marie de Villepin is not a lesbian! She's not even a bisexual and I'm sure Johnny is not jealous at all!

  3. Me says – reply to this


    Re: M-la – I agree with you about almost everything you said. I also know that this is a BS!
    But… Johnny wasn't married to Vanessa, he had only one wife: Lori Anne (one more soulmate! lol). And to me it's clear that he and Vanessa were already finished much time before he confirmed it. And as you said, he definitely wasn't heartbroken. I think he handles with break ups very well.
    Another wrong thing on this article is that he dated Amber for seven months. She wore his shirt in February/2012 and they were seen together in April!
    These "sources" just don't exist!
    And I agree, M-la, that "he'll be heartbroken" is ridiculous!
    Of course he knows what is happening to Amber right now! It seems that she was with him a day before she left USA to travel to France for filming her new movie!
    For me it's clear that if she was planning to break up with him, she would not be wearing his bracelets and get into his car today and tomorrow start a new romance!
    It makes no sense at all! That's why I don't believe they broke up.
    And Marie has dated only men, so it really doesn't make any sense. Pure BS, as you said.

  4. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Man have to know when they get involved with a women, that is into other women that they will never work out. Nor do they want to have a threesome with them. If they find another women more to their liking…they are outta there.

  5. 5

    Amber and Johnny have never dated!!!

  6. Kat says – reply to this


    Re: CRNDEPP – Then how do you explain what she was doing with him in Las Vegas? or getting into his car in Creede. Colorado last year? (the person who took the pic said it was her; the woman looks like her and i think I even saw pictures of her buying the clothes she was wearing it) and with him in a nightclub? (the spokeperson of the nightclub confirmed that she was with him) and also with him at the Petty Fest? (and there were clips. her- again- getting into his car, with his driver and bodyguards, etc)

    And I'm not even asking about your explanation about Amber wearing his tshirt, the gonzo fists, native jewelry or Johnny carrying her necklace, etc, etc

  7. Angry Lesbos says – reply to this


    All the angry lesbians hate picturing Amber with her lips wraped around Johnny's member huh. She's NOT a lesbian, get over it! She has said so many times. Dont know if she sleeping with this Marie chick but the fact is Depp most likely nailed her and that has gotten lesbians all pissy and can accept the fact that Amber and Depp happened. Move on…she's not gay, never was.

  8. Extra says – reply to this


    You comment on the same lame old story twice. You must be really bored Perez!

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    La la la la la…
    'You Can't Always Get What You Wa-aaant.'

  10. tega says – reply to this


    Amber is an admitted bisexual. Marie is not. Amber has been seen wearing Johnny's clothes and jewlery since February 14,2012 in LA and as recent as January 2013 before she went to Paris to start her new film there with Kevin Costner.

  11. luz says – reply to this


    Amber never dating Johnny Depp .The proof are insufficient .a tshirt isn't evidence neither jewerly that is like but not same o identical. no evidence o credible sources.People believe what they want to believe

  12. Karma is a lesbian says – reply to this


    I can for sure tell you that those two, DEPP and Heard have been boning since 2009, no less! And yes whilest he was with The Mother Of His Child Vanessa Paradis! Johnny auditioned women or girls in this case for the female role in the rum diarys. This is fact. They have beeen on and off ever since. he essentially auditioned her for his d*ck. She was only 22 at the time mind you. So I am really relieved that she finally called it off, if she really did this time. Imagine how horrified his teeenage daughter must be about all of this. So, in closing, I hope they have all come to their senses andAmber can go back and bang anyone she wants while she is still very young and single and Johnny can try to be a decent role model for his impressionable children!

  13. Nada says – reply to this


    Re: Karma is a lesbian – A bit scaring what you are writing, but i can buy it.

  14. 14

    Re: luz – I'm totally agree with you!

  15. 15

    Re: Kat – Can you show me a photo of together when they are actually togeteher!!! And not talking about the premiere! They are not togehter! You are just believing to BS! So better shut up!

  16. Amber's fan-not blind says – reply to this


    Re: Karma is a lesbian – If they were together since 2009, then why she risked her image, coming out of closet on 2010? isn't a little incoherent if she did know she was with Depp, coming out with a lesbian relationship. your theory doesn't make sense

    Re: luz – You could say that the clothes aren't enough proof and even you can say that it was coincidence that Johnny and Amber were in Las Vegas at the same time, so he took her in his plane because is a good guy. But like somebody mention before, what she was doing in a little town like Creede? Creede isn't Las Vegas, movie stars aren't in the town every week.
    Or what was she doing at the Petty Fest? Amber was working in NY in that moment, she comes back to LA just for a day and in that day, she goes with him to his concert. Somebody could say that it seems that she went to LA only to see him, but for blind people like you, it's just another coincidence even when there are clips of her into his car.

  17. luz says – reply to this


    I believe in the reality .The woman in Creede isnt Amber , her hair is dark and looks like old woman .You are too obsessed with a romance that is not real…… Amber also is smart,she know that she is doing .

  18. herbldepp says – reply to this


    We will crush anyone want hurt johnny image .so stop that or u see what king johnny fans can do.johnny will ever dating this nobody

  19. Huh? says – reply to this


    Re: herbldepp – What are you trying to tell us?

  20. ana says – reply to this


    Come on, no one wants more these lies. We are tired of these BS news. Johnny was never in love with Amber. And you know what? Who is walking sad in the streets, with a boring face and with a errrr look - is Amber. The last pictures of Amber in Paris, she looked like a man

  21. Girl you're in denial says – reply to this


    Re: luz – Her hair isn't dark. it's called shadow! and you can't see her face, but she looks older?
    She was identified by the person who took the picture. She looks like Amber. She had the same bag than Amber. The same skirt. The same eagle bracelet. Amber was there according to US Weekly and also People Magazine (in print edition) that reported her presence.
    They were coming out from a traditional native shop. where you can buy jewelries really similar to all the navajo jewelry she was carrying since then and for all the past year. coincidence?
    And Johnny was following her into his car with that smug smile, from ear to ear. the cat was having all the milk and fish he wanted. No, it wasn't a older woman or his sister, it was his 26 years old rebound.
    I don't know what's up with them now. they can be over or they never were serious, whatever. but you can't deny that she was the woman in Creede.

  22. tega says – reply to this


    Re: CRNDEPP – Sorry to break this to you but you don't wear a guy's t-shirt and jewelery unless you're into him but of course you're probably going to deny it was his t-shirt or jewwlery. You probably didn't even check out the footage of him filming POTC4, the dance scene with on the boat where he is wearing it or looked at Amber on either Feb. 14 2012 (valentine's day) , October 2013 Venice, CA, or January 2013 in West Hollywood. We all know Amber drives a vintage blue mustang which she is usually seen all over town with and now all of a sudden she gets into the driver's side of a beautiful very expensive looking black sports car and Johnny is said to own and has been seen in one.

  23. tega says – reply to this


    Vanessa was photographed in Paris in January 2012 with no riing so we know as far back as that they were not together. Johnny didn't announce it until June after the Dark Shadows premiere was over and right before news hit Amber had been to visit him a few times filming Dark Shadows. Someone reported they had gotten close to one of the security guys who let her meet Johnny during filming and asked him aoubt Amber. He said at the time the Amber was only a friend who was being very good to him. This in so many words tells me they were together. There are also reports he was seen with Amber the week of Jan 6 in Paris (after Marilyn Manson's b/d party) at a hotel and dining at a place called 1515. Now..Amber was seen in the airport a week after but the interesting thing about this is that 1515 is a restaurant Johnny used to own with Sean Penn and John Malkovich and there was a different report he was staying at the Bristol Hotel with Amber so m aybe she went there a week early to check in or for a meeting or something but for someone to say they ate at 1515 would make sense. No pictures b/c the people there wanted to respect their privacy. Hmmmmmm

  24. tega says – reply to this


    Re: luz – Did you actually look at the pictures?????? If you did you would see the similarities.

  25. tega says – reply to this


    Vanessa was photographed in Paris in January 2012 without her ring on and Johnny announced it in June right before news came out that Amber had been to visit him filimng TLR. Someone reported they met him there and asked about Amber and he replied that Amber was just a friend who was being very good to him. This in so many words tells me they were together. There were reports that week before Amber was seen in the airport in Paris she and Johnny has been seen together at the Bristol Hotel and dining at 1515 whichis interesting b/c he used to own this place with Sean Penn and John Malkovich some time ago when it was a different name, so it would make sense for him to dine at a place he feels comfortable. Maybe she went in a week early to check in or a meeting or something but it was said nobody took pictures at 1515 to respect their privacy.

  26. HN says – reply to this


    Omg!! He's not in love with Amber he's not gonna spend the rest of his life with her or marriage & kids etc everything that's been written about him has been complete bull!! It was never a serious relationship or a relationship she hasn't been with him since petty fest & johnny & Amber wasn't in France she was out with her friends the next day on the 7th of January as if johnny would go to France with Amber while he knows he'll get papped or 1 person would of taken an picture the 1 like creed & it even said in France that's she's pregnant Pmsl & he's asked her to marry him!! Yes the bracelets wasn't his she got them from an native shop & just because she's wearing an gonzo necklace of doesn't mean it's johnny Depps am sure you can get that necklace!!Actually that car that she was driving on the 14th 15th of January that's her car she came out of the drivers side.these gossips making look like an old fool that he's chasing after a 26 year old bi.she went to the petty fest twice not just to see him.

  27. HN says – reply to this


    It's funny because every1 knows even the press know that johnny co owned that place & Amber is doing a movie in France & the French press said that the movie was called Paris with love you see it's reports after reports don't believe all this bull.& Amber started & met Kevin Costner on the same day when she came with Marie & when she landed their was her assistant waiting for her.so the France story is bull.Amber was out on the 5th of jan so was johnny & Amber was with her friends on the 7th of jan I know you'll say that their still together & all that bull maybe am wrong about my other comment & this comment but am sticking to my opinion.& his kids were probably didn't go back to school because it was still the Xmas holidays I can't see johnny saying to his kids oh lily & jack dad is going to France with Amber Pmsl van lives between LA & France wouldnt you think that johnny would be with his kids b4 they went back to school he would never go away & leave his kids it's total bullshit!!! Another comment I read that she was with him on the day b4 she went to Paris how do they know that!! Amber & Marie came to France on the 16th so Marie probably stayed over @ Ambers on the 15th of jan Marie.

  28. M says – reply to this


    sometimes I wonder if Tasya and Amber were ever really together. Or if she was just some sort of cover up for her's and Depp's affairs. They supposedly had been together since 2008. Around the time Depp was really trying to get Rum Diary going. In 2009 they were at Depp's premiere for Public Enemies. The Rum Diary was filmed in 2009. In 2010 Amber "came out" and said she'd been dating Tasya for a few years. That's around the time when rumours began swirling about Johnny loving his costars a little too much. Now there are photos of them (Amber & Tasya) hanging out by a car just talking…yeah…totally natural…not. Paparazzi hanging by taking pics "Look see we're still together…I'm not gonna get in my girlfriends car though I'm just gonna stand here and chat every now and then look over and make sure we're still being photographed" She benefited from a little media attention too.

    'I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.'
    That's what Amber's tattoo says..

  29. João says – reply to this


    Re: M – Amber and Tasya have the same tatoo.

  30. angel says – reply to this


    i can't believe there are still people discussing if Johnny & Amber's romance is true or not because nowadays it's undeniable! but some people just decided don't believe the truth, they are blind because they want being blind. i don't know why, maybe because it's pleasurable for them knowing about Johnny being single (so they think they have a chance!). those people will always say that everything is coincidence! but to me, they're together for over a year and i guess amber is in love with him! everything in her and her behavior shows that! just open your eyes! what makes a woman do everything she's been doing? LOVE, nothing less than love. and i bet he also loves her, but this is a very adult love, a very adult relationship, IMHO. all these tabloid stories about they breaking up and then getting back together,and then splitting once again… these stories are BS, as some people already said here. they are not teenagers anymore, they're not Bieber and Selena! in my opinion johnny and amber never broke up

  31. tega says – reply to this


    Re: HN – Maybe the rumors about Paris are wrong but there is a video of her being whisked into Johnny's SUV after the Tom Petty Fest concert. Many people have confirmed it is the same limo company he uses and the same driver. The person in the front is definately a security person and if you look closely Johnny's security chief Jerry leans forward from the back seat behind Amber to speak with her. The person directly behind the driver is wearing a blue shirt and Johnny was wearing blue that night. Amber hides her face, is quickly escorted into the truck with the security people hiding her and it takes off very fast. And P.S. She arrive dat truck what seems to be a back entrance from the venue. If she had nothing to hide this wouldn't have happened.

  32. tega says – reply to this


    Re: HN – Ok. Amber could have bought some of the bracelets in a native american shop but did you ever think that MAYBE she bought them in Creede Colorado when her and Johnny were shopping there???? There are pictures of Johnny looking very happy in Creede after shopping approaching his truck and ther are other pictures of a blonde woman carrying the same brown leather handbag she carried in LA with Johnny's security chief Jerry holding the door open for her at the same location. And P.S. he was seen wearing the same pendant in Dark Shadows she was seen wearing around LA.

  33. HN says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I've saw the video & yes it was johnny & jerry.like I said b4 I doubt it's a serious relationship or a relationship.I think it was a short term affair & I doubt he's in love with her & all the shit that's been gossiping about them 2.The dark shadows set that Amber was suppose to of gone & seen him witch I doubt is true wouldn't his kids be with him & that suppose person who asked johnny Depp about Amber on the set of dark shadows I wouldn't think that johnny would tell that random person his personnel life! What ever I have said could be wrong if their together good luck to them more fool him!! If their officially together & sooooo in love wouldn't she off spent Xmas day or NYE with him she would off spent all the Xmas & new year with him but she's didn't because she spent it with her family & NYE she spent it with her friends she hasn't saw him since the petty fest!!

  34. HN says – reply to this


    Re: tega – That's what I said that she bought them in creed while shopping with johnny am not denying that I've seen the picture am not blind!the pendant Omg johnny has a lot of necklaces like the amount of jewrelly he has every1 has pendants doesn't mean it's hers or his.

  35. luz says – reply to this


    Everyone has their own opinion,but there are only ridiculous evidences ,nothing serious,sources never named,contradiccions in magazines and always the same pics of the premier….please

  36. tega says – reply to this


    Re: HN – I didn't say Amber visited him on the Dark Shadows set. I said she visited him while filming The Lone Ranger. And I didn't say it was a reporter that asked him about Amber…it was a person who met him while filming The Lone Ranger. I know his kids were there with hm some of the time but they weren't with him all of the time as they would probably have been in school when she went to visit him b/c the reports came out in June that she had already been there to visit him a few times. She must have met them during the filming of The Rum Diary b/c he did say they were with him for a while so I'm sure she is not a stranger to them. In any event, things have been really quiet lately re: sitings of Johnny. Maybe he is getting ready to start this new gangster movie Black Mass as has been reported. The fact he was photographed at a gun range with a semi-automatic machine gun in September makes now. He was probably practicing for the role.

  37. Me says – reply to this


    About Johnny with her in Paris, it's possible, because this news came from people on twiiter, not from press, and according to those people they arrived there on January 7 to 8 at night, they were seen in the Bristol Hotel's restaurant and the other night they were seen at 1515. She's doing a movie there, so it makes sense. Kevin Coster also was there that week and all cast. They had a metting on January 9, so as Amber is part of the cast, it's obvious she was there as well.

  38. Me says – reply to this


    Re: ana – Oh, c'mon! That pendant is not a common one, you don't see a necklace like that every day. Too much coincidence! And I really think that the bracelets (the blue one and also the brown one) have some special meaning for them (only they know what is it, of course). But it's a big sign to me.
    Re: ana – I guess she always gets happier and better dressed (more feminine and stylish) when she is near Johnny!

  39. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Me – Thanks, Me. The report I read was from a person who said they knew someone who lives in Paris and works at the Bristol hotel the night they were seen there that week and that person in Paris said they had also been seen dining at 1515 that week but no specific dates so it is possible they were in Paris Jan 8 after Marilyn Manson's party on Jan 6 which we know Johnny was there b/c there are pictures of this and is says here she was in LA on Jan 7. I don't know the time difference between the US and Paris but what you said makes sense of why she would be there.

  40. Andy says – reply to this


    Amber was in LA with Marie in a party .There are pics in a forum .Its imposible she was in Paris with Johnny. is all lies……

  41. Yes Mam says – reply to this


    right now amber is drinking johnnys dick yogurt. she's getting the kind of satisfaction that tasya woman couldnt give her. its not pc to say that she might call herself "bi", but that she will be happiest with a man. every dumb actress out there is bi these days. evan rachel wood, anna paquin, angelina jolie, drew barrymore ect. you know how it ends up. let her be happy with a MAN.

  42. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Yes Mam – No need to get graphic here. Amber has been with guys before. Marie is not a lesbian. She is a decoy. The sooner people realize that the better.

  43. 43

    Re: ana – totally agree!!!

  44. 44

    Re: tega – If you are a lesbian you can wear your friend's clothes. Maybe Amber liked the T-shirt and Johnny gave him. Johnny is a good guy. Yes you are right you can't have a black expensive car unless you are Johnny Depp…

  45. 45

    Re: HN – you are completely right!

  46. 46

    Re: luz – exactly!

  47. 47

    Re: Andy – yes, it is

  48. HN says – reply to this


    Re: CRNDEPP – But the car wasnt his though I've seen the pictures on the 14th jan & she's coming out of the drivers side & she went to some place were she's giving the guy her ticket she was also going on errands.if you see her mustang her front car was wrecked & so she's but it in the shop to get prepared & that's a rental that's she's driving why would johnny let her drive his car lol as it occured to people that Amber has prob got 2 cars not just the mustang & anyway johnny Doesnt drive he's always got his SUV lol

  49. Me says – reply to this


    Re: Andy – There are no pictures of Amber in LA on January 7, but 6 with a fan. And the party she went with her pal Marie was on January 12!
    A day before she traveled to Paris, she was seen in LA on Jan 14 wearing the Navajo bracelets and get into a car that might be his.Re: HN – "Would Johnny let her drive his car?", you asked. I say why not???? All i know is that he has a car like that, a expensive sport black car. One more coincidence????? I don't believe so…….Re: tega – You're a person who is not blind, it's so obvious their romance, it's funny that some people are still in denial.

  50. Andy says – reply to this


    nothing evident romance

  51. angel says – reply to this


    Re: Yes Mam – rude but true

  52. 52

    Re: Me

    Wrong Marie was rumored to have dated Amalie Maurismo and Rie Rasmussen.

  53. 53

    The supposed sighting of Amber and Johnny at the hotel on New Years Eve was proven to be false when she was pictured with Marie and their friends on a boat in LA. when she was supposedly in Paris. Also alot of people have been saying Amber and Marie have been dating since May.

  54. HN says – reply to this


    Amber was with friends & Marie at the Marina boat on the 6th & on the 13th she was with Marie @ The Art Eysuim.The film that she's filming now was filming in December KC was filming scenes while Amber was in Philly filming so I think she has met KC b4 she arrived to Paris on the 16th KC arrived on the 15th.& Amber started filming her scenes on the 29th with KC.if Amber & johnny were supposedly to be in Paris then she would of started filming while she was their & she wouldn't of attended the Art Eysuim on the 13th these
    Paris rumours started on the 5th but Amber & johnny were in LA @ separate places.the French mag said that they were out @ about around Paris were the photos like the ones in Vegas & creed!! This story about Paris is complete lies!!!! Don't believe everything you read!!

  55. Me says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Marie was rumored to be dating those people? Rumored? ok, Johnny was rumored to be dating Angelina Jolie, Marion Cottilard, Ashley Olsen, Eva Green, Robin Baum and a flight attendent! But no evidence about it, while there are lots of evidences about Johnny and Amber, and of course if they were together in May (and it's evident) and Marie was pictured with Amber that month, here we have the final proof thay Amber and Marie are really just good pals. Or… maybe a three some? lol
    But, anyway, nothing that Johnny doesn't know.
    I'm saying this but I really know about Marie dating men, only.
    And nobady is saying that Amber was in Paris at NYE, she was in Paris at the week of January 7. She had a meeting there with the cast of her new movie, and Johnny was seen there with her. To me it make sense.

  56. HN says – reply to this


    Re: Me – How does it make sense!! Kevin Costner was on the set of the movie in December doing scenes so they must of had a meeting way b4 when she came to Paris.the story is complete lies BS!! Did it ever occur to you that johnny would of had his children on the 7th of January well what I've red on here is that the kids live with him so what i assume that they'll be with him wouldn't they johnny wouldn't leave his children not for any woman who he is suppose to be with!! & plus the French press know that johnny has an restaurant & lived their with van & their kids that he co owns & they know that Amber is doing a film in Paris & they put 2 & 2 together & make up a story the French presh called the film Paris with love witch it isn't lol nothing has been confirmed in Paris it's just tabloid BS so simple people believe what they print to make money!!

  57. tega says – reply to this


    P.S. Does anyone recognize the grey wrap she wears in Paris at the cinema????? Just sayin….

  58. sol says – reply to this


    Re: tega – You are paranoid and obsessed !!

  59. HN says – reply to this


    Re: tega – You are kidding! you saw a Grey wrap that she wore to the cinema & you assume it's johnny's am I right is that what you mean so now every time Amber wears something it's got to be johnny's you are so pathetic!! I've seen the wrap & it's deffo not johnny's just because she wears wraps or scarfs doesn't mean it's his & anyway johnny's has loads of them wraps different colours Do ya research a bit more better next time!!!

  60. Me says – reply to this


    Re: sol – No, she's not, she (tega) sees what you can't see.

  61. Me says – reply to this


    Re: HN – The information about Paris come from several people, not from french press. The press messed everything. But it first came from people, that is why it make sense. But I'm done with people in denial. I know what I know.

  62. 62

    Re: HN – yes ur right! Even if you are johnny depp u should be gentlemen and a gentlemen or his driver drive! But unfortunately there are some desperate shipperes who make no sense!

  63. HN says – reply to this


    Re: Me – Am in Denial!!! Hahahahahahahahaha listen I've said what I need to say they weren't in Paris!!fucking hell it's like talking to a brick wall!! Ok were the photos I wanna see 1 photo of them in Paris not these Tabloid sauces that your going on about & making sense!! Ohhh no because they weren't their shame.I know for a fact they weren't @ all!!so Amber & johnny came to Paris on the 7th & they were walking around Paris being in Love but no1 took any photos or the paps didn't see them & she met KC & the cast while they were their but on the 13th she was @ a Art Eysuim with Marie & her film started shooting in December!! Amber met the cast way b4 she came to France & met KC.when johnny & van got together in 1998 & in 1999 they were in Paris they were getting followed everyday & even camping outside the flat the paps got loads of photos it would of Bern the same for Amber & johnny!!! End of.

  64. tega says – reply to this


    Re: HN – I Maybe you should be the one doing the reaearch.

  65. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Me – Thanks. I love his style of clothing and accessories so there are some things I do remember when I see someone else either wearing them or similar to them. Amber just happens to be one of those people.

  66. Me says – reply to this


    Re: tega – You're welcome! I know what wrap you are talking about. It's funny how some crazy people think that it's just a coincidence that Johnny and Amber are always wearing "smiliar" things. ;)

  67. 67

    Since they are people who say that since Amber was wearing JD's shirt that meant that they were dating, well the same thing can be said about Amber and Marie Amber has been seen waering Marie's hoodie and Marie has been seen wearing Amber's gray sweather.

  68. HN says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I need to do some research lol so what ever Ambers wears that's got to be johnny's so you've been browsing looking @ Ambers clothes & johnny's clothes & thinking wow that's got to be johnny's certain clothing that's she's wearing so what if they have got similar clothes doesn't mean it's his!!! Dont you have a life instead of johnny's personnel life & looking what he's wearing & Ambers & comparing with each of each to see if it's his.maybe that red wooly hat that she's wearing in Paris on the cinema with Marie is his as well I think I saw him wearing sometime lol

  69. 69

    The Depp trolls are going to be in hock when Amber and Marie make their relationship offical.

  70. angel says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – trolls??????????????????????????? why???!! in my opinion YOU are a troll!Re: HN – why are you so angry about johnny and amber being dating? i wear the clothes of my female friends but not of the male ones. a girl wears clothes of a man only when she is dating this man and is very much into him.Re: tega – it seems that amber misses him very much, she looks really sad in the last pictures in Paris, i think wearing his things makes her missing him a little less and i guess he also misses her and that's why he wears her things

  71. angel says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – everybody has a gray sweater but a few people in the world have the peculiar Johnny's style, just saying

  72. HN says – reply to this


    Re: angel – & every1 has a grey wrap as you say just sayin!

  73. ego sum says – reply to this



  74. sol says – reply to this


    My mom has a wrap like that..ja ja

  75. 75

    Re: angel
    I do agree with what you said about Johnny's style.

  76. 76

    Re: ego sumRe: ego sum

    Yes Amber even says she is a lesbian in a video on YT. Look up Amber made for a hot zombie in Zombieland, she says sorry I'm a lesbian to some dude when he says hey ladies at the 30 second mark.

  77. HN says – reply to this


    Re: angel – Am not angry about them dating or where! Why would Amber be upset over johnny while shes in paris I've seen photos & she looks fine if she looks upset then it must be that paps are following her thought about that have you.friends can share clothes like Amber & Marie but if Amber wears something similar of johnny's that'll assume that their together as it crossed your minds that johnny & Amber are friends she did say she that their friends!even a certain person said on here said @ creed that a report said a person went up to johnny to ask him about Amber & he said that's she's a very good friend to him that's what the person said.if this was a serious relationship whitch I doubt it is.Ohhh ya theirs Been a report saying that Amber & johnny are going to the Grammy's tomorrow night even though Amber is in Paris filming isn't it funny that whenever johnny is going to attend something or name comes up then they'll put her name her it's more rumours just thought I'd tell use incase you wanna brows through the web to look @ the evidences.

  78. sol says – reply to this


    Penelope Cruz has the same wrap also…ja ja ja

  79. Me says – reply to this


    Re: angelRe: tega – I agree with you about everything you said!
    Re: ego sum – No she is not! She said the contrary! She doesn't care about the sex, but the person, that's what SHE said. Could you just respect her? I don't know why people call her a lesbian if she said the contrary herself! I read her interviews and she was clear about it. She is not gay, or straight or even bisexual. She is just a open woman, as SHE said, and she doesn't like to label herself! "I love who I love", she said. The person may be a man or a woman.
    Re: sol – Ok, i am wondering if your mom and Penelope also have those Navajo bracelets, a rare shining round pendant and a man's black T-shirt with a indian's face, and maybe they have a black car smilar to Johnny's sport car. lol

  80. Me says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Of course she was joking with the guy (and she really was in a lesbian relationship, with Tasya), as the guy was joking as well. But in her serious interviews she explained about her open sexuality. I think it's better respect her.
    Re: HN – And no, she and Johnny are not just friends, because friends don't hide their faces behind the hair when they are together and don't avoid paparazzi's questions about their relationship, and don't go to a romantic and very private place blocked just for them! Wake up! Because I can't do it for you, and it's getting boring to talk with people who prefer to keep their eyes closed. I don't have to convince anybody, it's waste of time because you are blind.

  81. HN says – reply to this


    Re: Me – The Native Bracelets come from creed when she went shopping with johnny but he didn't give them to her & they weren't his & The T shirt maybe it his or not.but the grey scarf looks like it's hers & not johnny maybe it's a popular grey scarf it looks like use are making your own Lil love story for them use are worse than the journalists who write BS.every1 prob has that scarf doesn't mean it's johnny's does it!!! Who cares about Ambers sexuality no1 she was with Tasya for 4 years & took her to the GLAAD she said that she didn't wanna be put into any category about her sexuality she shouldn't of been with Tasya if she didn't wanna be know has a lesbian or bisexual who cares if she's open to love then she loves women & men what does that make her a bisexual she dumped Tasya to have her fling with johnny witch got her famous!! These storys are making johnny look like an old fool chasing after a 26 year old confused women!I hope he finds a real women who isn't confused about her sexuality.IF johnny & Amber are together good luck to them but more fool him!!!

  82. HN says – reply to this


    Re: Me – My eyes are open thank you!you just want every1 to agree with you & we can't have an opinion but you!i know am right & am gonna stick to what I've said am not blind they haven't Been together since petty fest! Hang on they were in Paris sorry no pics to prove like the 1s in creed & Vegas & these sources that confirmed it haha don't want to argue with your any1 else on these comments ok let's just agree & to disagree.

  83. HN says – reply to this


    Re: Me – Johnny always goes out with friends to clubs or to a concerts & has a private section so he's not bothered bye fans Doesn't mean he did it only for Amber!

  84. Me says – reply to this


    Re: HN – Don't call him a fool! Believe what you want but he's not a fool! And she is not the kind of person you're saying!
    What you know? Just because the last PROOF you have of them together happend at the Fest Petty's nigth this doesn't mean that they did not saw each other since. It's ridiculous. In August or September some said they have not seen each other since May or June, just because the last pictures was taken in June. These people want PROOFS and for them "proofs" mean pictures or videos, nothing more. You search for proofs, I search for evidences (and I have it!).
    I only commented about her sexuality because there are people here saying lies about it. She dated men before Tasya, and some people doesn't say it, they talk only about her lesbian relationship with Tasya. But she was engaged to a man (an actor, I don't remember his name). People must know that.

  85. Me says – reply to this


    Re: HN – You ignore some words of my comment like "romantic", "private" and "blocked". I never read about him in a open romantic area of a private nightclub at a table with Marilyn Manson or Tim Burton and nobody else with them! Johnny talked to the fans which came to their table (his and Amber's), but his friends were at another table out of the blocked area (it was confirmed by the nightclub rep). Get yourself informed, I'm done! I have enough evidences and PROOFS.

  86. sofia silva says – reply to this


    because they do not spend time together, their New Year holidays was with Marie and her friends birthday marilyn manson he was in a nightclub and another with her ​​gay friends.

  87. sofia silva says – reply to this


    has photos of her at a party at the turn of the year with marie and marie walking horse with the same dia.no January 02 lunch with her ​​friend in Los Angeles.
    on day 06 was the birthday of marlly manson.no day 06 of January she was at the club gay.tem pictures of everything that I'm talking about the day and amber and johnny was in paris.amber was with Marie on a yacht.
    I ask again are now dating.

  88. ego sum says – reply to this



  89. tega says – reply to this


    Re: HN – I never said she wears EVERIYTHING he wears. I have seen a lot of videos and interviews of Johnny. I am not going back and comparing them against them each other. I just know what saw and what I see now. If you or anyone else doesn't want to believe what I say that's fine..we all have or own opinions. Funny you borought up the red hat b/c I saw her wearing a black one also…..just like the one he wears that says VIPER ROOM under the rim…. lol

  90. tega says – reply to this


    Re: HN – These stores are people just trying to prove a point. Nobody is trying to make Johnny look bad. He met a beautiful young southern girl with lots of similar interests as his. Who cares what her sexuality is. If she makes him happy and suports his work that's all that really matters. She is obviously mezmorized him. Anybody can see that in her interviews and at the premiers re: the rum diary. She glows every time she speaks of him.

  91. 91

    Re: Me

    The only man Amber had a serious relationship with was Valentino Lanus they were engaged to be married.In all the pictures i have seen them in though he looked to be the only one who was happy she looked unhappy. She then met Tasya who some people believe is the love of Amber's life. I'm not one of them though.

  92. Linda says – reply to this


    Amber is not a lesbian and has dated a lot of men and a few woman. She and this french woman don't look like a couple, no way they're a couple! Amber has a lot of female and male friends, Marie happened to be one ot them, and as she is French, is natural that she went to Paris with her. And look at Amber's face! She looked so sad and lost at the cinema and the other day walking on the streets. And why does she hide herself when she is with Johnny? She does it because she is into him, do she does what he asks her to do. But he must stop with this, they didn' kill anyone? No! So they have no reason to be hiding! Maybe he is the love of her life and she is his!

  93. B says – reply to this


    I saw Johnny's new pictures, he doesn't look devastated at all! He looks happy and relaxed, and still drinking non alcoholic beers! I don't see a breakup. If he is in love with her he is sure about his feelings being reciprocated by her.

  94. angel says – reply to this


    Re: sofia silva – sorry but your dates are wrong, marilyn manson's party took place on jan 5 not 6 and and i heard about amber being there,she is johnny's girlfriend and also manson's friend

  95. HN says – reply to this


    Amber was with her friends & Marie on NYE going horse riding & night she was out with friends again with Marie on the same day.the 2nd she was with her friends again.The 5th she was @ the Rasputin night club & johnny was @ the Marilyn Manson birthday party with him.Amber & johnny were @ separate places that night.& the suppose Paris trip with johnny & Amber she was @ the Marina boat with friends & Marie on the 6th.

  96. angel says – reply to this


    Re: HN – no, she was in rasputin on 6 wearing a necklace very smilar to johnny's (and he was not wearing this necklace later, coincidence?) and you are blind and i don't understand anything else you said

  97. Me says – reply to this


    Re: HN – Johnny also has been with his friends, maybe he is dating one of them. lol

  98. Andy says – reply to this


    they was in different places in january 5 and Amber not wearing necklace. they never was together since petty fest, all december and now she is in Paris since 17 january ,Johnny has not been to see her because they are not a couple.

  99. Didy says – reply to this


    The three first comments are perfect!
    And here is the best line of all the comments: "She glows every time she speaks of him" (by Tega). I confess, I only read the begining and the end of this thread (and I don't read the whole article because I'm really sick of all this bull…).
    But how can anyone say that she is not into him????!!!! Everything in her says the contrary!
    We all know that it's a secret relationship, that's why we have to look for signs, evidences and a picture here, and video there. Johnny and Amber want people to think they're not together, so they don't take pictures together, it's obvious! And some people keep saying "if they are together, why there are no pictures of them together?". First: there ARE pictures, but only a few and hard to find on the web. But they exist and some of us saw them. They are avoiding being pictured together.
    And as the tabloids don't have a pictures, they make up a lot of stupid stories and people can believe anything. Some believe in evidences!
    But some believe tabloids, what a shame!

  100. angel says – reply to this


    Re: Didy – well said, clap clap clap!!!!!!

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