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Battle Of The Queens! Who Did It Better: Madonna Or Beyoncé? You Choose!

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queen comparison madonna vs beyonce

All hail the queen!

Her Madgesty… Queen Bey… which of these ladiez donned the crown the best?

While Beyoncé just couldn’t seem to beat Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime ratings record, she did stun us with a majestic promo for her upcoming 2013 Mrs. Carter Show World Tour!

However, Madge will forever sit atop the throne in our hearts — she did it first with that epic promo poster (above) for her Re-Invention World Tour in 2004!!!

So we’ll just let you decide, royal, loyal Perezcious readers!

Who Reigns Supreme With Their Queen Theme?

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Who Reigns Supreme With Their Queen Theme?

  • Beyoncé (44%)
  • Madonna (56%)

Total Votes: 36,415

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136 comments to “Battle Of The Queens! Who Did It Better: Madonna Or Beyoncé? You Choose!”

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  1. Done With B says – reply to this


    Re: Marsha Londoh


  2. Simply Yuck says – reply to this


    Im sick of Beyonce and BEP artists who glorying ghetto culture with low moral self-esteem in the National TV. She has put herself in the same level as Lil Kim, Ciara and other street hookers !!! :(

  3. Yologram says – reply to this


    I couldnt stop watching and wanted to see more of Bey. It's about time the Super Bowl features a REAL performer with small booty. She looked like a waddle howling :D

  4. Cannon says – reply to this


    There is no contest, Madonna blows her out of the water, they aren't even in the same league! When Madonna dies, she will go down in history as being more big then Elvis, Frank Sinatra, MarIlyn Monroe, and Michael Jackson. She is a true artist with real talent,she is known for setting trends and reinventing herself.

  5. SIGH says – reply to this


    I don't get what the big deal is with this Super Bowl 2013 half time show. She did absolutely nothing new. Nothing was original. Every dance move, every pyrotechnic, every hair flip, booty shake, down to the multiplicity themed screens. Go back and look at her major televised performances over the last 5 years and it will pretty much sum up her Super Bowl performance. For all the hype and all the endorsement I at least expected something I hadn't seen before. Snooze fest much…YES!

  6. Cannon says – reply to this


    Beyonce's performance was like an audition of American Idol. Sucked, all she did was shake her fat butt.

  7. Aretha says – reply to this


    She isn't curing cancer or saving babies… she sang a song.. great? fantastic? Queen? Nah.. I would take Aretha over her every day of the week…

  8. Rae says – reply to this


    I HARDLY see what was so orgasmic about BeYAWNce's perfomance. She wore a leotard, swung her wig, and popped her cooch as per usual. Its sad that this young, foolish generation has been tricked in to thinking THAT is quality performance. I'm 24 years old and people like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Janet Jackson, and Prince perform(ed) CIRCLES around Beyonce. She is a one trick pony and I fail to see hwo anyone could possibly dub her the Queen of ANYTHING when she can't even outperform the lady who did the show last year. Madonna is a LEGEND. Plain and simple. Nobody currently living can outperform her. SORRY. HER MADGEsty STILL reigns supreme.

  9. Go Figure says – reply to this


    Yada yada blah blah…. Electrifying? HARDLY Bey !!!

    Trashy, sleezy, inappropriate, lacking in any kind of talent except for shakin it? Yep, fat Cowyonce needs to be half naked but ratings are down.

  10. Close Thread says – reply to this


    Beyonce is just a high priced stripper, trying to sing! RIP forever.

  11. James says – reply to this


    Without a doubt…no need to look at that washed up mummy…BEYONCE all the way!

  12. Hahhaha says – reply to this


    One word: Beywanceeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz

  13. Jay_zzzz says – reply to this


    Different event…same whore @ Beyonce :(

  14. Ane says – reply to this


    Beyoncé Queen of Pop!

  15. Godney S says – reply to this


    Donkey booty named Bey.. ;)

  16. Fixed says – reply to this


    Beyonce Queen of Lipsynching !!!!! :(

  17. 117

    Re: Bubba Joe – Well I'm not her mother, she doesn't pay me and we're not related so I really couldn't care less if you thought she was nothing. I will point out that you are a moron though. Madonna is one of the most sexual performers out there, having sex on stage, making out with her dancers, going to strip clubs and grinding up on female strippers in her videos. Her dancers have their boobs out, she herself with hardly nothing on. If you guys were comparing Beyonce to Mary J., Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, then I would see your point. But to compare her to Madonna and call Beyonce the stripper, COME ON!!! That just proves to me how absolutley stupid you people are. You all don't know Madonna. You know how much of her stuff got banned. Her stuff is still getting banned TODAY. Madonna is a bad bitch. You are not true fans. You all are just wanna bes hating on Bey. SIT DOWN!

  18. LoveQueenB says – reply to this


    Madonna needs to sit down somewhere!! Beyonce did such an A M A Z I N G job!!! hands down…. Team B!

  19. beerson says – reply to this


    Re: dangerwilrobinson – what was new in Beyonce's half time presentation? the dance moves were the same for each song

  20. 120

    Madonna….Beyonce just did the same ol song and dance. BTW, Madonna already won!

    Madonna 116 million vs. Beyonce's 104 million….Madonna won by 12 million viewers and that number could go up (and Beyonce's down) when the final tally is revealed.

  21. came2saythis says – reply to this


    Both Madonna and Beyoncé are entertaining in their own rights. The major difference is Madonna was a pioneer… she brought into existence a new age of pop music, and changed its face entirely. Even during the early stages of her career, she stunned the masses with her daring, bold choices— virtually unheard of at the time.

    Her name was in the media constantly, for what people then considered to be "risqué" songs (and equally provocative videos, e.g., "Like A Virgin.") She created a whirlwind in virtually every major form of communication.

    Then, just when it became blasé to villify her suggestive, unashamed style, BAM!— she transformed again. None of that was restricted to stages and studios. Like any true creator, Madonna extended her talents to other areas. Her "Sex" book was controversial, revolutionary. She branched out into films, yet maintained the energy and inspiration to give her fans what they craved— her music.

    Madonna has been imitated, and even directly copied (by artists who think we can't hear when they use almost every musical aspect of Madonna's songs). That only happens because she is unique.

    As for Beyoncé, if the history of her career is any foreteller, her ascent up the ladder of success will continue to rise by leaps and bounds. Whether or not she will prove to be as innovative as Madonna remains to be seen.

  22. 122

    Re: LoveQueenB – Madonna is sitting down somewhere…On her throne.

  23. kirai1 says – reply to this


    Re: BEVERLY – Madonna sTarted in the 80's and 30 years later she's still number 1 female artist. Also according to the Guiness Book of world records the MOST SUCCESFULL FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME. Now get back to me in 30 years if fake hair, fake nose like her mother, fake skin, fake singing, fake personality THE FAKE QUEEN BEYONCE is still around.

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: came2saythis – Madonna rode on that emerging (then) train of guerrilla marketing, which was a brand new concept they applied to her and her music/image to generate huge profits…and boy, did they. She was plastered everywhere and it was no accident. The reinventions were probably a boardroom planned ramping up of the $$$ backed cash machine, over and over. She did carry it, I grant her that, and with vocals that weren't particularly strong, and the kiddies bought her tunes. She had to grind out all of the tours, interviews, dancing, and everything else involved, and she earned her cash by being a worker. I loved a few of her videos that were classic like Material Girl and her breakout Like A Virgin.

  25. Toyah says – reply to this


    Madonna wins by small margin.

    Beyonce was so sleazy in all levels. Madonna's performance was stiff but at the end, she pulled it off with Like A Prayer- the biggest pop hit which Beyonce doesn't seem to have. It makes Beyonce performance forgettable, generic and just an eye-candy with no substance.

    Im not a biggest fans of effects, fireworks or Hologram. These kind of circus lame act should stay in Vegas. I just want to see Bey sings. Do Whitney, Mariah or Barbra Streisand need to that? No…

  26. The Scammer's Child says – reply to this


    Mrs Carter tour..what a complete waste of time. Sit down and pop put more fake babies. LIAR !!!! :(

  27. Fakeyonce says – reply to this


    Sorry Beyonce, you are too old to be the beauty pageant Queen. Too fake too…FAILED. :(

  28. Done Deal says – reply to this



  29. Jemay says – reply to this


    No amount of magazine cover could pave ways the way the Madonna shaped the pop culture. She is the Queen of Pop with 300 million records sales and the highest selling tour for a solo artist. Facts dont lie..

  30. Alexandra says – reply to this


    Madonna does it better all the time ,she's the one and only queen ,no one is like her and no one will ever be ! Long Live Our Queen

  31. Alexandra says – reply to this


    Madonna does it better all the time ,she's the one and only queen ,no one is like her and no one will ever be ! Long Live Our Queen

  32. Alan says – reply to this


    Of course Beyonce could not reach Madonna's ratings. Beyonce is certainly a good performer and a big star, but Madonna is the ultimate performer and the one megastar who has been ruling music for 31 years. No one ever thought Beyonce could achieve the same success as Madonna, the latter is a living legend, or as William Orbit puts it, 'The greatest artist in the world.' Her influence is huge, she has changed music forever, inventing electropop, the kind of music all pop artists have ben imitating ever since , and she's still years ahead of everybody else. Her string of hits is unprecedented in history, Beyonce is good, no doubts, but her role in music is nowhere near as important as Madonna. Let's be honest, in 50 or 100 years time, Madonna will still have her place in the Pantheon of superstars, together with Jackson, the Beatles and Elvis, whose records she matches and most cases surpasses; Beyonce will be one of the many who have come and gone. No amount of publicity can match the feeling of watching a historic event such as every and each of Madonna's performances. All the world awaits for her to show new ways, and she never disappoints. Let's be honest, like her or not, we need to realise that we have been witnessing the most impressive music star in History, facts and data show, a humongous phenomenon. In short, well done Beyonce, but she IS Madonna…

  33. RobCha says – reply to this


    Re: LA GIRL – i love beyonce and i'm a big fan of Madonna. Beyonce was spectacular i wish the stage, costume were better so Beyonce could like the Diva she is. I know that Beyonce could do better than that. Sooo… Maybe next time for Queen B

  34. BB says – reply to this



  35. Destiny says – reply to this


    The votes are closer than what I thought.

  36. James says – reply to this


    Madonna, no doubt. Just going by figures. Her Superbowl Half Time got 114 million viewers, the most viewed event ever in US history, more than the match itself; Beyonce did really well, but got less than the match and ended at 98 million. Them there was Madonna's MDNA tour, with huge success, $305 million in tickets, all sold out, Beyonce's set to do in the $100 million and it's doing well, but even the first dates have not sold out, though they were mostly full.

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