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Brandi Glanville Caught Lying? Did She Cheat On Eddie Cibrian First?!

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brandi glanville cheating eddie us

Oh, how the tables have turned!

We’re sure LeAnn Rimes is loving this one.

After years of telling us all how LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian ruined her picture perfect life when they had an affair behind her back, it seems Brandi Glanville might not be so innocent in the dramz.

While his affair became so very public, Brandi’s bedroom behavior has been kept secret until now as a source revealed:

“Brandi loves to play the victim, but she doesn't tell the whole story.”

And that whole, naughty story involves her cheating on Eddie several times during their marriage! One of those spicy times even involved her getting down and durty with a man just six weeks after having one of her children.

Uh, maybe that’s why she needed a vajajay rejuvenation? We kid, we kid!

As usual, the feisty Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star isn’t staying silent on this story as she has already taken to Twitter to let it all out:

Well it’s not like she would admit it!

But look! It seems LeAnn really IS loving this all as she also recently tweeted:

Oh damn!

We knew these ladiez just couldn't keep their bizness off Twitter!

But the jury is still out, so what do you think, did she or didn’t she?

[Image via Us Weekly.]

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32 comments to “Brandi Glanville Caught Lying? Did She Cheat On Eddie Cibrian First?!”

  1. 1

    leeann seems to be morphing into brandi, but she will NEVER be as pretty as Brandi.

  2. Layla says – reply to this


    Not a chance! This is BS… first of all a woman ..5 weeks after giving birth? hahahhah.. i dont no what super woman can pull that off.. took me 2 months till i did and im still soar down there! and where would she have had the time to, a little kid and a newborn baby? Not a chance. Leann just made this up to cause shit!

  3. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Who freaking cares if she cheated on Eddie? Eddie is a serial cheater he didn't just cheat with Leeann he cheated with several different women. If Brandi did cheat believe me Eddie went there first.

    It is just a matter of time before Eddie cheats on Leeann…that girl has it coming. I would not be surprise if Leeann and her camp cooked up this entire story to try to make Brandi look bad. Little do they both know they have destroyed Eddie's acting career. Well I guess he is the blame for the demised of his own career because of his actions. Eddie should have told Leeann to sit down a long time ago with her damn tweets. Leeann has only made this entire mess worst…#Karmaisabitch

  4. CountryDiva says – reply to this


    this story is invented by 1> a man or 2> @leannrimes who never carried a child. 6 weeks after having a baby having S.E.X.? Hahaaaa! Somebody call the doctor. #Craycray

  5. LargeMarge says – reply to this


    This has LeAnn written all over it. Clearly, she planted this.She is really pathetic and her husband is even more so. He lets this wife he loves so much get bashed and act insane and never says a word. Just for this crap, I am buying the book

  6. EticketsX says – reply to this


    I like Brandi. But notice how SHE DID NOT DENY CHEATING in her tweet!

  7. excuses says – reply to this


    The tables haven't turned against Brandi. Leann is loving it because Leann was the one who told US Weekly this. If you look at what people are saying, no one is buying this story about Brandi cheating on Eddie. Everyone is slamming Leann because it's obvious it came from her, why do you think they used a picture of Leann instead of Eddie? She did deny cheating, this site didn't post that tweet because it doesn't fit into the story they are trying to tell. Brandi said that she had postpartum depression after her 2nd child and she wasn't sleeping with EC.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Karnack says he sees a big, fat libel settlement for Brandi in near future.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Rhime's response above seems completely pathological, imo. Yikes.

  10. 10

    Nice try LeAnn.

  11. LA GIRL says – reply to this


    Hilarious.. Brandi is a good friend of mine and I certainly would have know if she cheated on him. LeAnn probably made it all up to make herself feel NOT so guilty. Can't way for the day that I read hmm "EDDIE CHEATS ON LEANN" Really now that would be a shocker. HaHa

  12. 12

    Wow! LeAnn and Eddie are getting desperate aren't they? I guess the book has some details that are unflattering! LOL

  13. Banshee says – reply to this


    Oh puleezz… LeAnns minions are working overtime spreading this BS because book is coming out & they're trying to do damage control… anybody with 1/2 a brain can figure that out!

  14. 14

    Why is this coming out now all of a sudden? Everyone has been talking about Eddie and LeAnn cheating for quite a while, why it comes out now? Oh, Brandi's book. LeAnn needs to crawl under a rock with her cheating husband, what a man he is, never speaks up for his new wife, wuss.

  15. Andrea says – reply to this


    How transparant can you get???????????? Leeann has put this out there. I thought Leeann &* Eddie didn't indulge in Brandi anymore?? Not until this..God Lee ann has trashed her carer, Eddies career is over and brandi is amess. What about the kids?? Oh I forgot these Hollywood adults are the kids. It's all about them at the expence of anyone or anything, What a sick way to live. They are all crazy and I'm sick of them all. Ill never watch an Eddie movie and never listen to a LEeann song…go get an In& Out Burger and stuff it in your skinny body and keep your mouth shut!!

  16. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: EticketsX

    Brandi has denied the story. She's called it 100% BS, joked about it, laughed about the 'sources' and such.

  17. 17

    Rimes or Maloof is behind this stupid story. Eddie, put a sock in your wife's mouth.

  18. Junebug says – reply to this


    She already gave an interview where Brandi stated that she and Eddie were swingers with other couples? That she made out with a girlfriend while the husbands watch in her book excerpt. She stated that she had pretty hard sex with EC afterwards. Open relationships and swinging don't work in relationships. Once you invite a third or even fourth person into the bedroom, the relationship is doomed.

  19. Yasmine says – reply to this


    I would think this is BS kudos to brandi for telling her story.some suffer in silence, some quickly move On and great to those that can.Thank you for sharing your story it is empowering for some people that keep silent and can't find the strength to tell their side.

  20. Alexandra says – reply to this


    Im sure US MAgazie has it's source pretty well locked down and would never print if there wasnt at least some truth there.While brandi says she's laughing,on the other hand ,she tweeted that of course she dated,after Eddie moved in with leann.WHo knows?she has a book to sell,and has to stick to her story so the book isnt discredited.Just curious how one of the posters knows there's stories of 3somes in the book.& LAGirl if such a great friend,why isnt your name here?I laugh at the leann minions comments,when it's clear Brandi has people working in overdrive for her.In case noone's noticed,not everyone in Hollywood likes brandi too much except for the rich women she's been kissing up to.I say to Yolanda and Lisa, watch your husbands.Brandi's gotten a taste of the good life,and will run anyone over to get it.Cant help but feel the sorriest for her children.Why didnt she give them a 2nd thought when writing this book?

  21. Chris says – reply to this


    Oh good grief LeAnn. Does she really think she's fooling anyone with this bogus story? I'm pretty sure this nice, big, controversial cover will only serve to fuel Brandi's book sales. If I were LeAnn, the last thing I'd want is to be associated with Brandi in any way right now. If anyone was living under a rock and didn't know LeAnn screwed a married papa and is SWFing his ex, they sure know it now.

  22. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Alexandra – Hi Rose. US Weekly doesn't fact check, if it did then they would have never posted this article. Leann is there source. One blogger who was receiving threats from Leann said that Leann threated the site she works for and that site has a partnership with US Weekly. We know that Leann's fans come here because someone said that they were on Leann's fan website discussing how they were going to come here and trash the blogger when he wrote a negative article about Leann. You are confused. No one in HW likes Leann. Look at your comment to Lisa and Yolanda, and then you wonder why people think you are working for Leann? You are working hard to push the cheating angle. Is it because some blogs weren't shy about saying that Leann was responsible for this story?

  23. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Alexandra – The source is LEANN RIMES!

  24. 24

    Rimes is paying her publicists overtime to create a media backlash before the impending book release.

    It's a good thing "Leann doesn't FOCUS on Brandi" (the press relase 4 days ago), cuz with the daily Tweets about Brandi, the daily press releases about Brandi, and now, the planted transparently false allegations we might start to believe that Brandi is indeed Rimes' focus ;)

    FYI : The Glanville book is now No. 2 on the Bestseller list and it hasn't been released yet.


  25. Halle says – reply to this


    Re: KatherineSmythe – Drinking and Tweeting's #2?? Hell yeah!!! I hadn't checked the numbers today, damn! It's gonna be everywhere!! Hold onto your a$$ Falcor, you wanted to play? Time to pay!

  26. 26

    Can't wait to read the book and before I wasn't even planning on it. Now I have too :) so easy to see this is LeAnn planting a story=lame! And what's up with LeAnn having brandishing hair style?!?!

  27. SWF says – reply to this


    Ugh, this cover pic. Ya know, if you take a nice photo of Cindy Crawford, then you take Miss Piggy… Make her crap out all her food with laxatives for a few years, give her a couple of bad nose jobs, set of horse teeth, break & re-set her jaw, cheek implants, lots of botox, then sit her on a damn stool, style her with Cindy's hair, make-up, expression, and wardrobe, take a picture of her, and lay it next to the photo of Cindy, there will be certain obvious similarities between those photographs. But the first pic will always be easily identifiable as Cindy, and the second will still clearly be Miss f*ck*ng Piggy.

  28. 28

    This is clearly one of Leanne's stunts….She has SERIOUS mental issues. I do believe they are getting worse. Anybody that has had a baby knows this isn't true. Leanne - PLEASE GO AWAY - you are looking so PATHETIC. It truly seems like you are OBSESSED with Brandi.

  29. beauti says – reply to this


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  30. lindy loo says – reply to this


    99% of the people out there can't stand LeAnn and I think the other one percent is getting ready to switch their alliance. This psycho needs to understand that all of her planted stories and lies are not winning the public over; it's further alienating them.
    Team Brandi all the way!

  31. 31

    Well, Brandi DID lie about having sex in the bathroom at Kyle's White Party and had Lisa V. beg bravo producers not to air the footage, because it would make her look bad, with her little e-book coming out. EVERYONE at the party heard it!!! There are lots of secrets in Ms Brandi's closet ladies and gentlemen, and she has no room to judge anyone.

  32. True says – reply to this


    Brandi is an open book who's quick to own her mistakes, and that "little Ebook" of hers is #1 on the NYC Bestseller list. And by the way ladies and gentlemen, when a man is a PROVEN womanizer who leaves his family alone at home so he can enjoy playtime with cocktail waitresses 15 years his junior, and when a married woman knowingly stalks, pursues, and sleeps with a man who is married to somebody else, there is PLENTY of room for ANYONE to judge these 2 as a$$holes.