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Chris Brown Goes On A MAJOR Instagram Rant; Says He's 'Sick & Tired Of Being Accused!'

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chris brown rant gif

Wait, didn't he just say he was so OVER social media!?!

After forsaking the realm of instant social feedback (at least to the public), Chris Brown returned to his now-private Instagram to unload all his heavy thoughts.


In response to all "the hate," Breezy laments:

"I'm wise I can handle the hate but enough is enough yo!! Yes it bothers me but its not my main focus! My music is…"

But not right then anyways… as he continued with:

"I'm a human being and I honestly think I deserve respect I'm sick of being accused. I'm Tired. y'all just don't understand. I've been going through this sh*t since I was 19 years old..you can't sit here and tell me to calm down, when am I gonna get a positive outcome out of anything I do?"

Umm. Hey, remember winning at the Grammys after brutally beating your girlfriend up? Does that quantify for you? (It sure as hell doesn't for us!)

But clearly he's most recently venting about the heat he's feeling from his social media actions, his fight with Frank Ocean, and the drama going down at the D.A.'s office.

His words, once again, shine a light of good intention:

"I pray every day and night for a new outcome. And just when everything seems to be going good, some new sh*t happens. My soul cries for positivity. "

But what he really needs to understand, it seems, is that good intentions MUST be matched with good actions. Period.

When all of the fighting, crazy speeding, and drama stops — THAT'S when positivity will finally have room to bloom for ya, Breezy!

And you can make it happen a lot faster by going out there and doing something GOOD for the world… with the motivation to CONTINUE doing it.

Just give it a whirl; it's good for the soul!

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21 comments to “Chris Brown Goes On A MAJOR Instagram Rant; Says He's 'Sick & Tired Of Being Accused!'”

  1. Daphne says – reply to this


    What's he going to do about it — beat another woman? You're a scary dude, Chris!

  2. 2

    You get what you put out. Trying doing some good for people and people will start to notice that you are not just a woman beater.

  3. Lala says – reply to this


    I dont think he does this shit with intent, he just has anger issues and zero impulse control. Dont mind his music its ok, nothing special, but the guy is not likeable (even if Perez's constent bashing does make me like him a teeny tiny bit).

  4. Bree says – reply to this


    See, this is exactly why I hate his guts. If he showed even the slightest bit of remorse, or showed that he was trying his best to change and become a good person, then I might feel some sympathy for him! But no! He keeps beating people up and being a huge dick/moron, and gets mad that nobody likes him! He says he's tired of all the negativity in his life? I think people are tired of you beating them up and harassing them, you fucking idiot. You get what you give. GROW UP, LOSER.

  5. CASSIEKIMAMYSERERAVI says – reply to this



    Yo better WATCH OUT…


  6. 6

    Lol, "wise".
    He's so not.

  7. KrisLovesHerSneakers says – reply to this


    This is why I hate this guys fucking guts,he's a freaking loser! he has the personality of a fucking turnip (No offense to the turnip) I'm just so confused on why he's still liked I mean he's such a spazz

  8. 8

    Then keep your ass at home!

  9. lynn says – reply to this


    if i was him i'd be tired of the bullshit too.for years chris brown womanbeater.perez people like you keep it going.he was young and has paid for this up to him not to be that way again .how would you like to be known forever the gay ex fat perez forever and never get your name back ever…guess your the bully for never letting it go..so not cute

  10. Yup says – reply to this


    Shake the haters off Chris Brown. It is easier said than done but take one day at a time. Keep your peace of mind the haters hate that, my prayers are with you and your family.

  11. Sants says – reply to this


    doing something good…u mean like his foundation, good?

  12. 12

    Lot of celebrities deal with being hated on a daily basis and yet manage to deal with it just fine. He obviously has anger issues that go well beyond his problems with the media. He will blow his stack again, not a question of IF, but just a question of when.

  13. 13

    One of these days this POS is going to rant or beat on the wrong guy and end up dead. He gets the hate he has brought on himself. Now he wants to be the victim. What a total ass.

  14. 14

    Maybe stop beating the shit out of people in front a billion witnesses then! Think he's forgetting that we all used to be on his side before he started beating up people! Show some remorse you loser!

  15. LaLa says – reply to this


    You reap what you sow. Maybe he should think about that.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Just how dense is he? Behavior = Consequences. Change the behavior, change the consequences. That's all of it.

  17. 17

    Go fuck a hood rat with out a condom…There's a positive outcome. HIV and pregnancy? Win-win…Then MAYBE people will have a milligram of sympathy for you.

  18. 18

    My wise grandmother once said that you get what you give.

  19. 19

    Re: Sants – Him and Rihanna have the same makeup artist

  20. 20

    it stops when u stop being a idiot god knows when thatll be …

  21. ryan b says – reply to this


    once he settles down and quits acting like a 9th grade punk who is(who can i talk shit to happy)the piss is gonna continue to poor on your Wheaties Gslice,make a bigger splash with 1 of your songs than you did when you defaced a beautiful woman and then speak on everybody hatin on ya,and do some positive things instead of mindlessly self indulging in pity party shopping sprees.until that has happened you deserve to eat from the remains of the dust pan