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Kim Kardashian's Kris Humphries Divorce Stress Could HARM Kimye Fetus!

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kim kardashian fetus kris humphries divorce harm

Ugh WHAAAT?! Someone get this lady a stress squeezy ball STAT!

Kim Kardashian is currently dealing with some MESSY divorce/annulment drama, courtesy of soon-to-be ex-hubby Kris Humphries

And according to health professionals, the STRESS caused by the situation could potentially be HARMING Kim's little "unplanned" fetus!

Inside sources reveal that Kim recently called her personal Doc in the middle of the night after experiencing INTENSE abdominal pain. The doctor then reportedly told her the discomfort was likely caused by mass amounts of STRESS!

And what's more stressful than trying to shake a former lover who REFUSES to let go?!

Kimmy eventually got her tummy-pains under control… UNTIL they returned with a vengeance after she met with her divorce lawyer this past weekend!!

NOW Kim's physician is saying that if she doesn't learn how to better manage anxiety-causing situations while pregnant, her stress could cause negative long-term consequences for her unborn babe!!

Get on that baby-yoga, Kimmy! You and Kanye West could totes attend a couples session! Or just check into a glorious pregnancy spa until you give birth!

That's a thing, right? WELL IT SHOULD BE!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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33 comments to “Kim Kardashian's Kris Humphries Divorce Stress Could HARM Kimye Fetus!”

  1. sm87 says – reply to this


    WHAT! stress can cause a fetus harm? You've got to be lying!!!! what is this? amateur hour?Honestly, you really thought this was story-worthy? what the fuck dude - your website has become so lame, I can't even handle it anymore.

  2. 2

    honestly I am so tired of all the Kimye stuff. Exercise is good for pregnant women…all pregnant women have stress… You would think Kim was the only f'ing women in the world having a baby. Try being a pregnant woman, with no support from boyfriend, living in on the streets with not enough to eat. Look around you Perez, they are everywhere. Not poor rich girl who is planning on liposuction and 24 hour nanny care with offers of money for pics of the newborn. DISGUSTING open your freaking eyes, wake up from your Hollywood dream. This is not reality.

  3. 3

    What about all the other women with real jobs that are having babies? How much did mam pimp jenner pay for this story?

  4. jay says – reply to this


    Kris is a big bully! He's the one that asked Kim to marry him, not the other way around. He wanted the fame and fortune that went with the marriage. He's just pissed because he showed his true colors too early into the game and Kim realized it. He's also aware that once divorce is finalized he will go back into obscurity. Not one of these haters knew or cared who Kris was. How could he think there is no urgency when it's going on 2 yrs. now. They had no kids and or shared property.

  5. 5

    lesson of the story; don't bring in a bastard child when still married to another man.

  6. jay says – reply to this


    Re: berneemac – Lesson of the story is don't marry a weirdo!!!!

  7. sassytooyou says – reply to this


    Stressfull birth is living on 1100 dollors a month and not getting child support. Any if there is any stress is caused by the huge tantrum she is probably having because she cant get what she wants when she wants it. Rule 1, dont cheat on your spouse. rule 2 if you are getting divorced wait to get pregnant. Even if you cant wait to trap the unexpecting sob. rule 3, take ownership and dont think that the world will schedule its timeline to yours expecially the part of the world that is going to be your x. duh

  8. 8

    NOBODY CARES ABOUT THIS STUPID WHORE, MARIO. She had no business opening her legs, without protection, to that awful darkie, until she was properly divorced. But because she IS a whore, she did; she should have tried BIRTH CONTROL. No sympathy for this darkie-loving slut. NONE. Stop posting about Kardashian, Perez. We know YOU adore trash, but the rest of us have taste. If you can't be bothered to do the fucking job, then shut down your shitty little sites. We're all tired of your lazy obsession with nigs and trash.

  9. Beth says – reply to this


    Yet she and her money obsessed mommy continue to put money above all including the baby by not giving Kris the annulment when the marriage was a fraud. I realize it's a huge ass to kiss, when will you be done kissing all over her ass, Perez. It's disgusting and no one with a brain is drinking your Kool Aid. People who actually struggle and work hard for a living aren't going to feel sorry for a sex tape "celebrity."

  10. 10

    Oh please. If she was having pains that bad, especially more than once, she would be on strict bedrest. She wouldn't be out walking around with her lawyer in high heels and she certainly wouldn't be going to the gym.

  11. kY says – reply to this


    The baby is beginning to gain consciousness. She's trying to kick her way out of that whore's body. No hope. You're stuck with her as your mommy. Lolzz

  12. Gianna says – reply to this


    This story isnt even true. Kris is an idiot with mental problems but this is still fake

  13. 13

    Useless piss whore.

  14. 14

    RU SERIOUS! LOL, This girl is such a joke and yet U continue to play her PR agent Perez!

  15. 15

    Well, first of all, Kris isn't a "former lover" he's her CURRENT HUSBAND!!! You push for the gays to get married so bad, and don't even understand what it means! If she were that concerned she would give him the annulment..everyone with a brain under the sun knows the "marriage" was a sham. Kim needs to grow the eff up and put on her big girl panties. And the stress?? She created her own drama by being a shameless self promoter (hmm..sounds like a blogger we all know) there are people who actually have stress and are pregnant and are doing just fine. I don't feel bad for her and I wish she would just go away.

  16. AMC says – reply to this


    REALLY??? because she is all over her show saying it doesn't bother her and I am so TIRED of talking about her trashy self. It's like Kim and her family threw up all over your website. I am over looking at this site. If it was really stressing the baby out she wouldn't be going to the gym everyday. Ugh her and her money hungry mother disgust me. I like Khole though she is REAL

  17. 17

    Fat assed Kim has destroyed the sanctity of marriage.

  18. Moe says – reply to this


    Exactly……she has no one to blame but herself. Maybe her her new man should man-up and give her husband anything he wants….cuz she put the ball in her husbands court

  19. 19

    I'm sure her life is so much more stressful than other women who, you know.. are rolling around in piles of money for spa's, vacations, therapists, retail shopping and other "stress relief".. No pity given to this dollar-sucking whore. Let her live in the real world, and then see what real stress is all about.

  20. lala says – reply to this


    Re: jay – lesson don't get pregnant while married to someone else. it's interesting that she "accidently" got pregnant while still in a divorce battle. clearly, since she is not pregnant she can claim that the need to end the battle quickly because she is feeling stress during pregnancy. smart move kim.

  21. Didi says – reply to this


    How is it that Kris is still being portrayed as the bad guy we all know it was a stunt Kim should just own up to it get an annulment and the stress will stop.

  22. 22

    i speak for the world when i say it is time for that baby to abort itself…
    for its own good and the good of mankind.

  23. 23

    She probably had gas. She's going to try to use this "pregnancy" to push KH for a divorce. I really don't believe there's a baby at all. I smell a miscarriage down the road. Just watch. Everything is a lie from KK. She hardly EVER went to the gym before, the last shows were all about conceiving & babies - this is all fake "reality" bullshit. You heard it here first!!!

  24. 24

    nice try Kim! lol its not Kris's problem

  25. Cindy says – reply to this


    Just give him the annulment………….stop working every day………….SLOW DOWN…..take care of yourself. Life will then be relaxing.

  26. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    @jay - - I have to agree with you on this one. If Kris would go ahead and sign the divorce papers Kim would not be married to one ahole and preggers by another one. They had no property, or kids, and they had a prenup. They weren't even married in a church so Kris is just kicking and screaming about this divorce due to the fact he wants money, and wants to write a tell all book. He is too busy due to his basketball career…pffff…. he better be careful before they drop him to and send his daffy ass back to Minn. Kris is trying to stay in the lime light once this divorce is finally over no one will care about him. He is running out of reason to prolong this divorce he will eventually have to let Kim go. Kris please move on with your life. Stop holding on with bloody nails to a woman who doesn't want to be with you.

  27. 27

    I knew it was only a matter of time before she dangled the unborn in front of the judge. Her problem, not KH. Give him an annulement and his ring greedy girl. Easy! No drama!

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    It could cause stress for the baby, so give Kris the annulment and his ring back if you care.

  29. @v@ says – reply to this


    Seriously. Just be done with it. If he writes a book, it will still boost the K brand.

  30. 30

    what stress the stress of shopping for jewellery getting ur asshole waxed or just generally doing nothing stop working then and stop blameing a 26/27 year old guy for ur problems after u used and abused him and spat him out give him the freedom to marry someone REAL by allowing the annulment selfish self appreciatiating egotistical butterass krish was bullied into proposing now hes being bullied again just because she got knocked up by some random guy she just met …shes rotten to the core…

  31. crystal says – reply to this


    Its funny but I do not believe Kim is pregnant and until I see her with a real baby stomach not one of her bubble padded pregnant outfits to fit underneath her clothes to make her look pregnant then and only then will I believe. I am just waiting to see how she is going to play this out I am expecting she'll have a miscarriage brought on by stress and then she can bring on those fake tears and blame Kris. My thing is she never wanted Kanye to announce this pregnancy sound more like she was just leading him on to make him think she was pregnant. I would not put anything pass the kardashian snakes.

  32. Lynne says – reply to this


    She is so stressed but she just spoke at a conference and then flew down to Brazil and is doing work for E.
    I guess making money isn't stressful for the fetus. A true kardashian.

  33. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: jay – please I knew kris humphries because of his actual skills on the basketball court. Not because she can lay on her back and make a sex tape and stretch her 15 minutes of fame into an obnoxious 6 years. He is the type of person that gets married once not like the typical fame whore celebrities that get married and divorced for no reason. Keep in mind this isn't her first marriage! She shouldn't of got pregnant until it was settled. Maybe he can reduce stress by staying out of the limelight and stop bothering us with her presence.