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It's a cross-pollinating teen drama romance!!! IN REAL LIFE!! And not just any cross-pollination! It's a Josh Schwartz special! Leighton MeesterRead more…

15 comments to “Leighton Meester's Dating Adam Brody! New Couple Alert!”

  1. ASIANS CAN READ MINDS! says – reply to this


    ASIANS CAN ACTUALLY READ MINDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they can hear, and see what your visually thinking
    this is the absolute complete truth!!!!!
    The reason a lot of Asians have completely expressionless faces, segregate from everybody else-only associate with Asians and don't associate with non Asians that much, are very untalkative, and are very unfriendly in general is to avoid accidentally revealing that they can read minds by accidentally showing a facial expression or dirty look when someone thinks, or visually pictures something in their mind they don't like, find astonishing, or funny etc because those people might see that and really wonder what that was that just happened there and see the connection, and they might accidentally say something similar to what the person was just thinking and going to say. If they all associated with non Asians a lot more then there would be a lot more people around for them to accidentally show facial expressions when those people think things they don't like etc, so they segregate and only associate with Asians so there won't be anyone around for them to see that and have any accidents happen in the first place.
    Try thinking, best yet visually picturing in your mind something absolutely wild as you possibly can when you are around Asians, and try looking for Asians who give people particular looks, especially dirty looks for what appears to be for completely no reason.

  2. 2

    Most adorable couple ever

  3. 3

    She is so gorgeous….

  4. 4

    Leighton is gorgeous.

  5. ash says – reply to this


    what is wrong with you. seriously. Asians are normal people too. we cannot read minds. I have lots of expressions on my face, i have lots of non-Asian friends and I am very talkative and friendly. I'm very offending by your ignorance to people of the Asian race. Please be more knowledgeable before you spread false information around the web. On other note, Adam Brody + Leighton Meester is almost like a DAIR in real life. My ship is alive! <3

  6. Lory says – reply to this


    Perfect couple. Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf

  7. ASIANS CAN READ MINDS! says – reply to this


    Re: ash


    I said, A LOT, not all.

    Yes a lot of Asians do have expressionless faces while I have never seen one non Asian with a face that is expressionless like you see in quite a lot of Asians! and Asians do segregate a lot more then any other race on the planet does! even the ones born hear have a high rate of segregation! and Asians on average are quite unfriendly, and untalkative! a far higher rate are unfriendly and untalkative then all other races! because no other races can read minds! just Asians! and you guys do all of that to hide that you can read minds from the public!

  8. C says – reply to this


    Re: ash – Don't feed the troll :) There's really no point and you don't need to defend yourself.

    And I really like the idea of them together! so cute!

  9. jlsvendsen says – reply to this


    NO!!!! It must be ED!!!

  10. jolie says – reply to this


    Ugh, Lei is drop-dead gorgeous, why she chases and dates such ugly guys as Adam and Aaron before??? Though Adam is an improvement from Aaron…she should have stayed with Sebastian Stan or then with her GG co-stars Ed or Penn…and u just can't compare this boring, untalented, annoying guy to Penn Badgley.

  11. GGSUXXXX says – reply to this


    lol my Dair heart cries

  12. 12

    Should date with Ed Westwick

  13. Andrea says – reply to this


    wow, this probably the first time I really excited about a real life couple!! It's like watching dair came to life!!! What's their ship name? because I totally ship this

  14. xo says – reply to this


    ugh.. should be with ED!

  15. Karen says – reply to this


    Cute couple.You should marry.