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Justin Timberlake Is Using Britney Spears! Owes Her Another And BETTER Apology!

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A breakdown of what's really happening!
A breakdown of what's really happening!
A breakdown of what's really happening!

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50 comments to “Justin Timberlake Is Using Britney Spears! Owes Her Another And BETTER Apology!”

  1. 1

    Justin is a little cry baby. I LOVE BRITNEY

  2. 2

    What a jerk.

  3. K says – reply to this


    Agree agree agree. Well said Perez! Ps do you think they will EVER reunite??? They need to do a song together.

  4. anders harper says – reply to this


    fuck you perez, you pretentious asshole. that sounds like you stirring a whole lot of pointless bull shit around. point blank if anyone cheats, they are a bitch. if he's singing a song about a CHEATER then he can say whatever he wants. Should we take all of britney spears' songs literally? then wouldn't she be fucking literally everyone? calm down and maybe you should get off her tit.

  5. jt885 says – reply to this


    good thing their relationship ended. He gave her a lot of grief for cheating on him. She was sincerely apologetic for her actions hence the whole kevin federline phase.

  6. Shamless says – reply to this


    Whenever I first heard about him referring to her like that, I knew it was just for publicity. It's so ironic how he tried distancing himself from music for years & now when he wants back in & he single flops, he's all trying to bring up Britney. I wonder how his wife felt about him bringing up an ex & then singing about her?

  7. dan says – reply to this


    You do realize jt's more famous theshe will ever be. also just pointing out hes famous for being talented unlike u perez whos famous for being a douche bag

  8. 8

    Justin in insanely talented, but on this one I have to say I feel he is in the wrong. This was something that happened so very long ago, they both have moved on and he shouldn't even mention it or her anymore.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's a real shame that instead of running off all butt-hurt when they had that issue when very young that he didn't forgive or show leadership and work it out. Neither seems particularly happy at times. She's no bitch, and never was.

  10. ASIANS CAN READ MINDS! says – reply to this


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  11. 11

    But …did Britney ever publicly apologize to Justin for giving him a reason to write such a song? Their relationship is THEIRS. He has every right to use personal experiences in his life to connect with the audience and his work. He didn't use her name; he only used the audience's speculation. Just sayin'.

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Rosensly – Good point.

  13. KC says – reply to this


    Who are you to tell him how he should apologize? Did you apologize to Britney when you ran her name in the ground when she was at her worst? This was just a little blip of his weekend. He wouldn't have mentioned it again had you not brought it up. Looks like you're trying to use them for publicity more than he is using her. And there's no telling if he was talking about her specifically–he DID date Cameron Diaz.

  14. amy says – reply to this


    So agree with you! He does need to clarify and give a better apology.
    And Re: Rosensly – Britney wrote Everytime as an apology…and even if she didn't, he has always been the one bringing it up. It happened sooo long ago that at this point it's just distasteful to continue bringing it up and calling her names! That goes beyond pulling from personal experiences to connect to an audience, that's just plain rudeness and exploitation. And even if it's just audience speculation…he knew what he was doing (publicity)!

  15. Babs says – reply to this


    Nail on the head Perez…he has done this since his first solo album…her breaking his heart has been the best thing to ever happen to his pocketbook. I respect him as a song writer and performer but he's a douche. If i was jessica id punch his face for bringing britney up….again, and it just makes him look like hes still pining for her which i think he is.

  16. uh-lay-nuh says – reply to this


    omg perez im with u in this i told all my friends thee exact same thing! like seriously he knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he said THAT statement before playing THAT song! not gonna lie i was thinking jt is awesome how could she do that to him BUT now i think he is just like most hollywood lames (kardashians ahem) publicity seeking Celebrity. n ITS BRITNEY BITCH justin can u go find sexy again please? cuz it aint with that suit n tie juss sayin! anyways perez i love you and think ur amazeballs for sure can i get an amen sista fren!! peace!

  17. nose job asap says – reply to this


    I made it thirty sec into it but u couldn't hear your "report" due to repulsion at your whiny bitchy voice, but mostly for revolting flaring elephant nose holes. Weight loss is not the area you need professional help; Nose job asap. Please for your "fans:

  18. 18

    I think he is talking crap just to get attention to his new album

  19. Dee says – reply to this


    Shut The Hell Up Perez, youre blowing this up more than it should be. Arent you the one always dogging everyone out? When have you apologized for any of it? Did you apologize to Britney after her meltdown?

    Peole say things everyday and you dont see them apologizing for every lil thing, so get over it

  20. Raymondj says – reply to this


    The worlds most conceited douchebag

  21. 21

    Re: nose job asap – LMAO! Priceless comment, and I couldn't agree more.

  22. 22

    Wait… So it's not ok for Justin to insult someone, and you call him out on it by… insulting him? You call him lame AND insult his music while telling him he shouldn't disrespect anyone. That makes zero sense.

  23. Truthtobesaid says – reply to this


    Re: Rosensly – It was too late for her to say sorry ( if cheating really happened) Britney said many times she never cheated on him, so it was may be him being jealouse of someone. He had done more damages withing the month they broke up. You can't say sorry to someone who bad mouthing you around. She saw it and said F U! She met bad people since then and life wasn't good for her unlike him. All that he made fun of her in every joke he made while she's strugling. Now she's stronger than yesterday and he is a flop, he called her "some bitch" for attention.

  24. 24

    Re: Babs

    puhleez!! if he still wanted britney after she cheated on him he could have had her back. he walked away and never once attempted to come back. when asked about her in his 2011 vanity fair interview, he stated he hadn't talked to her in almost ten years. he said the story of him attempting to contact her during her breakdown was totally untrue. if believe him.

  25. 25

    Re: dotty46

    correction: i believe him!

  26. 26

    Re: Shamless

    here's why all of you babbling about justin using britney for publicity sound totally senseless:
    his album 'justified' sold almost 450k the first week and over 7 million ww. his2006 'future sex/love sounds' sold 685k the first week over 10 million ww. in 2008 his collab with madonna topped charts in 21 countries. 2009 his single with ciara was nominated for a grammy. justin's won 6 grammys and nominated for 29, he's won 3 ama's, 2 mtv music awards 4 teen choice awards, and even 1 black music award. the man has also won 4 emmys etc. ouside the music genre he's been in who know how many movies? can someone explain why in the hell justin would need to use britney for publicity when his career puts hers to shame? if you all would stop sucking up the britney bullsh*t you would see that justin can't come with a new project without the media pulling tired worn out decade old footage of when he and britney were a couple out of their asses. justin has no control of this crappy media release. it's the media giving britney pr by continuously pinning her to his jock strap (and perez is doing his share). even selena gomez got in on the bs. she sang 'cry me a river'. then just in case the audience missed connection to britney she sang 'hit me baby one more time'. you're all being punked by the pr team and lovers doing everything to keep up the britney is phenomenal campaign. wake up and smell the bs.

  27. WTF says – reply to this


    Re: dotty46 – Justin is the one who makes fun of her and bring her up in every interview. Justin is NOT doing better than Britney when it comes to music. Do your research and find when was the last time Britney talked about him in an interview. He used her look alike for his video after the first single of the album didn't do well. iF ANYTHING MEDIA ALWAYS bring down Britney and overrate Justin. His first solo hit was about her and people know his music is based on her. Don't forget all the SNL jokes he made of her when she wasn't even feeling better. BRITNEY DOESN'T WANT HIM AND SHE WAS WAY TOO FAST TO MOVE ON FIRST!

  28. BritneyQueen90 says – reply to this



  29. 29

    Re: BritneyQueen90

    yeah, he was a member of a boy band all right. a boy band that sold over1 million albums in the first week, on which he sang most of the leads and was the fan favorite of the group. you seem to forget that justin launched his solo career after he split from britney! his career continued to grow as he produced 11 #1 hit singles and collected countless number of grammys and numerous other awards that far outdo britney. all the while britney's career was going downhill and she slide into a head shaving mental meltdown. no one cares about justin?? what kind of out of touch nut job statement is that? his single went to #4 which isn't bad considering he hasn't put out an album for 6 years. he was invited to perform at the grammys tonight so someone must care about him. get real! it anyone would benefit from the justin-britney connection it would be britney. that's why the britney loving media keeps gluing her to his jock. people mag even slapped a small pic of britney on justin and jessica's wedding photo cover. i suppose that was all justin's idea.

  30. 30

    Re: WTF
    the name wtf really fits here. justin has only released 2 albums. 'justified released in 2003 has sold almost 10 million ww and his 2006 'future sex/love sound' has sold over 10 million. britney hasn't sold 10 million albums since 'in the zone' in 2003. justin has won six grammys and britney has won one. he's won 4 emmys and many other types of awards all after their split. this shows his popularity doesn't hinge on his association with her. justin's words in the song 'cry me a river' make it clear that he is done with her for good ("you and me can never be"). she also put the song 'everytime' about him pleading about how she needed him, but he didn't take the bait. the internet and other media sources are full of justin and britney's old worn out and done relationship. one blog article written in 2011 suggested he should beg her to come back to him. if justin wasn't the success that he is they wouldn't keep hangin' her around his neck. if you type 'britney breaks down after split with justin', you will find what britney's father's lawyer had to say about their break up. her love life went down hill after justin. there was a 55 hr marriage then marriage to a backup dancer who abandoned his little girl and his eight month pregnant live-in girlfriend. justin moved on to long term relationships with a-list actress. marrying the last one. why would he need to use britney, pray tell??

  31. happyrockafellah says – reply to this


    Re: dotty46 – he's done with her for good EXCEPT when he mentions her NON-STOP!!!!! LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :-) it's called obsession!!!!

  32. 32

    Re: happyrockafellah

    he hasn't talked to her in about ten years. yeah, that sounds like he's obsessed. if anyone's obsessed with the justin britney connection it's the media. i've seen interviewers asking him about her. he answers to satisfy and titillate them. articles with the two are all over the internet as if they broke up yesterday. btw,who sang the song 'every time'? aah, and who was it that suffered the meltdown because of their breakup? a man obsessed doesn't stay away, without even a call, for 10 years. it doesn't work that way. you all are delusional

  33. 33

    Re: SnowQueen

    by calling justin out for supposedly using britney for publicity that's exactly what you're giving him. why don't you try ignoring him like you do christina.

  34. MC says – reply to this


    Britney's outsold and outgrossed Justin and N*Sync combined. JT' might be able to sing, but he launched his solo career off the back of Britney with Cry My A River and now he's attempting to reignite it again using Britney. Go back to playing awful roles in movies while Britney earns more than you will in a lifetime in Vegas.

  35. MC says – reply to this


    Re: dotty46
    Why? Because he has zero credit as an actor considering all his roles have been slated by critics for all being the same and because Britney Spears has shifted 100 million albums and ballparked close to 50 million singles. I don't see anyone lining up to sign a nine-figure deal for him to headline Vegas anytime soon, or offer him 15 million to sit on a judging table and say ten words per show! His single is flopping, his album will flop and before you know it he'll be on another "hiatus" from music to play the high-pitched lame characters in movies that would be the same if his character wasn't even in them.

  36. 36

    Re: MC

    justin has released '2' solo albums…britney has released '7'. the last time britney outsold justin was in 2003 (in the zone). her following 3 album sales have been faaar below his. if justin intended to build his career off britney's coattails it would have made more sense to stay with her since she was the 'teen goddess'. he took the chance of major failure by ragging on the 'bubblegum queen'. justin received plenty of press when he dated cameron diaz and even, his now wife, jessica biel. he didn't need britney. btw, n'sync's 'no strings attached' sold 2.42 million in the first week. damn near as many as 'blackout' has in almost 6 years.

  37. MC says – reply to this


    Re: dotty46
    Yes, and they promoted and toured heavily to get major sales for that album, not to mention they were at their peak of popularity. Baby One More Time has sold 30 million copies, Oops has sold over 25 million, Oops alone has outsold Justin's entire solo career and Britney's even outsold that with her debut record. Single sales for Britney's bigger songs are far higher too compared to Justin's and N*Sync's internationally. Britney's Circus tour in 2008 outgrossed Justin's FutureSex tour with fewer shows two years after Justin's started. Britney is currently #3 in the US with Scream and Shout and has been or still is #1 through most of Europe and the international markets (all with just a music video, no performance promotion) while the craptastic Suit & Tie fell from 4 to 8 and hasn't even cracked the top five in most international markets. I'm not saying JT isn't successful and a talented musician, he most certainly is. But Britney (bitch!) is far more successful and famous, even with only moderate amounts of talent and lucidity.

  38. 38

    Re: MC

    Why? Because he has zero credit as an actor considering all his roles have been slated by critics for all being the same

    perez obviously refusing to post my response to this comment. guess he feels you can't handle the truth.

  39. MC says – reply to this


    Re: dotty46

    I don't know/care what your reply to the comment about JT's acting was, but you must be delusional if you think that his talents lie with film. Like I said, he's a decent artist and has been very successful, but Britney has run circles around him when it comes to fame/success/sales/earnings/not-becoming-irrelevant.

  40. 40

    Re: MC
    I don't know/care what your reply to the comment about JT's acting was, but you must be delusional if you think that his talents lie with film.

    someone in the movie industry feels he's talented enough because he keeps getting movie roles. britney got one swipe at acting. i haven't seen a single one of his movies, but i'd bet all my money that his acting talent smokes britney's studio manufactured singing voice and now lack of dancing skills. you stan hard for this and i'm delusional?! you and other fans are living in the pre-2003 past. one poll shows, britney's femme fatale tour grossed $69 ml and was the 11th highest grossing tour of 2011. the album was certified platinum before it even reached gold status for pr reasons. it's yet to sell 1 ml in the u s in 2 years.

  41. 41

    Re: MC

    Yes, and they promoted and toured heavily to get major sales for that album, not to mention they were at their peak of popularity.
    they sold 2.42 million the first week of release. this would be before any touring started. did britney sell 2.42 million at the peak of her popularity…no, you say!
    the futuresex tour grossed $128 million…circus $132 million…big deal! suit & tie fell from #4 to #13. it' snow moved up to #8 (not bad for someone who's been away 7 years. suit and tie is a smooth old school song and even though 'hiam' reached #1, it's one of the lamest songs ever to hit the airwaves. videos and airplay can be enough promotion if both get heavy airplay. britney being the media's pet they will give her all the promotion and pr she needs to keep her from the edge.

  42. 42

    Re: MC

    but Britney has run circles around him when it comes to fame/success/sales/earnings/not-becoming-irrelevant.
    mc, there's a difference between being 'famous' and 'infamous'. britney is known as much for her troubles as for her music. as far as "success", britney's can only be measured by her huge pre 2003 record sales for which she has 1 grammy. i repeat jt has 6 grammys, 4 emmys, and far more awards than britney could even dream of. he even crossed over and was nominated for 2 black music awards. "irrelevant"? obviously not since he got much press for dating cameron diaz, tv appearances (for which he received emmys), press for his movies, and his and jessica's wedding made the cover of people mag. face it, jt has more success without the drama.

  43. Eliza says – reply to this


    Re: Rosensly – Erm yes britney song "everytime" she say that this song is her apology so that was pretty public but she didn't even have to go apologize to Justin for writing that song if any thing he should be thanking her for being the Muse to the song that created his solo career.

  44. 44

    Re: Eliza

    if justin should thank anyone it should be timbaland. his career really blow up after his release of future sex/love sound which he collabs with timbaland. his song 'sexyback' reached #1; 'cry me a river' only went to #3 on the billboard chart.

  45. jdb_illusion says – reply to this


    Wonder what this sounds like? *coughs* Jelena *coughs* You sould get it by not, Perez

  46. 46

    Re: jdb_illusion

    what does this mean?

  47. varon says – reply to this


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  48. 48

    why are all of my comments about the success of justin timberlake now censored? is it because he's proven that all the blathering here about him using britney to succeed is complelely ridiculous??

  49. Jess says – reply to this


    Re: dan – Justin more famous than Britney? Are you retarded? He kicked off his solo career by using his relationship with her for attention with the "cry me a river" every time hes promoting something he has to bring her up 10 plus years after there relationship ended, she probably doesnt even remember him after all she's been through and she never talks about him. She actually request to be seated furthest away from him at events bc thats how much she hates him. Britney was, is and always will be 10 times more famous, successful and rich than Justin "bad actor" Timberlake.

  50. 50

    it's the media that keeps throwing out britney every time he puts out a new project!!! 'people' mag was so tacky they even splattered britney's picture in the corner of justin and jessica's wedding magazine cover. justin's album has sold 1million 300k in two weeks after being out of the music set for almost 7 years. more than britney's 'ff' has sold in two years. britney more famous than justin??!! retarded doesn't begin to describe that kind of thinking. meds might help!