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Jennifer Hudson On Idol: Mariah Carey Rules, Nicki Minaj & Keith Urban Are 'Awkward'

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Watch out for that bus, Keith & Nicki — this girl is looking to throw you under it!!

Jennifer Hudson visited the set of Live with Kelly & Michael this morning, and she couldn't help but share her disappointment with this year's American Idol judges!

A former contestant herself, the Dreamgirl went so far as to say Mariah Carey was the only one of them who can sing!

J-Hud said:

“It’s taken a bit to get used to the new judges. I come from American Idol, so I’m used to seeing Simon, Paula and Rand… It’s kind of awkward for me to see it with new judges… I’m happy that [Mariah Carey]‘s there because she’s a singer, so she knows what to expect, how to judge, even the position that the kids are in when they’re auditioning."


It's one thing to slam Nicki Minaj — the multi-platinum artist is more famous for rapping than singing — but how can you diss Keith Urban like that?

He has one of the best voices in country music!!!

We love Jennifer, but perhaps she's being overly harsh?!

[Image via WENN.]

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31 comments to “Jennifer Hudson On Idol: Mariah Carey Rules, Nicki Minaj & Keith Urban Are 'Awkward'”

  1. Ali says – reply to this


    What an ignorant tool. Keith Urban has been in the industry for over 20years, has won 4 grammys and countless other awards, he's huge in country music and being Australian he's an international star. He's also judged the Voice in Australia so he has experience on a judging panel.
    She should just shut her mouth cause it makes her look stupid.

  2. Rob U says – reply to this


    This is so dumb, she didnt say anything bad about the others. Maybe she knows Nicky raps and doesn't like country. She didn't slam them though. Perez is a shit starter, go drink a smoothie and get a haircut. He is the only dude who looks sick after losing weight. lol

  3. slbslbs says – reply to this


    Who does she think she is, to say mariah is the only singer.Keith sings very well.plus. he is a song writing and plays many instruments.very talented man.and Nick I might not be my style but talented in her own right. Don't think Keith would ever put Jennifer down like she did him.shows me what kind of person she is.won't surport her any more.

  4. Karen says – reply to this


    did i miss something…she didn't put anyone down lmfao

  5. 5

    Bitch, please. Practice on not over-singing…

  6. amber says – reply to this


    Who the hell does she think she is, She didn't even win! I could understand slamming Nicki but Keith Urban is a great artist and has sold a hell of alot more albums than Jennifer.

  7. sue says – reply to this


    Hope these words are taken out of context; It would be completely ignorant to imply Urban can't sing,only Mariah. He is an exceptional vocalist,not to mention his other musical talents. Whenver you make a comment without thinking, it'll come back to haunt you.

  8. 8

    I saw the interview and I think this whole thing is taken out of context. Although she did pay Mariah a compliment, she did not comment on any of the other judges. How does that make her such an awful person. I think she was being diplomatic. Especially when it comes to "Icky Manaj" She is the most obnoxious and irritating person they have ever had on that show. Her nasally voice is so unpleasant, she is overpowering, rude and opinionated. She adds absolutely no value to the show!!!

  9. 9

    Does Mooriah have any chance of judgeging anything yet with Nicki there?. Anyway, I dont see anything bad with what Hudson said, she didnt slam anyone, not even mentioned a peep about the rest. As usual Pez…. trying to create fuzz over nothing. Your magic is running out!.

  10. beezie says – reply to this


    What an ignorant turd she is. I hope there's backlash for comments and she suffers for it. I guess she thinks Steven Tyler's voice is prime…right? And Randy's? She's an ass and is the perfect example of someone who came from nothing and now believes her sh!t don't stink.

  11. jen says – reply to this


    I personally saw this interview and in no way or form did she say anything bad about anyone. None of the judges names came out of her mouth for the exception of Mariah Carey. She never put any one down or said anyone was better then the other, people need to really stop paying attention to bogus websites and personally view the interview itself.

  12. 12

    It was an adjustment seeing the new judges and getting used to them. Mariah has been around for ages so many are used to her. Just bc she didn't mention Urban or Minaj she isn't dissing them. Drama stirring idiots

  13. v says – reply to this


    Ofourse she dis keith,he is a singer too,Nicki might not be on the level of singing as mariah are keith but she is a good judge in my opinion,but for this woman to be dissing them is mess up,keith is a great singer,i never feel hudson from the get go anyways she alway have this nasty vibes about her,so she saying this is no surprise.

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    Sung to meow mix tune:
    Meow meow meow meow
    Meow meow meow meow
    Meow meow meow meow
    Meow meow meow meow

  15. Zen says – reply to this


    Really? I wonder how many people actually thought that JH deserved an Oscar. Perhaps those who like to hear songs being yelled out rather than being sung.

  16. 16

    or unaware. she probably doesn't listen to country.

  17. slbslbs says – reply to this


    She knew they were all singers.what rock did you people craw out from under if you think she did not think a country artist would sing.and maybe she hasn't heard him before.hard to believe at this point when they have played pieces of his music on the show that she has watch by her commit that she can't get use to these new judges.and very sure she has heard Nick I music at some point.so she knew what she was saying.or she's just dumb dumb dumb.

  18. slbs says – reply to this


    Re: guaagret – even if you don't listen to country.wount you know that a country artist does sing.and be respect for when talking about fellow artist.and his music is played on the show that she in her own words watched.she can't get used to new judges.

  19. Joanne says – reply to this


    Hudson's a little full of herself. Losing weight doesn't automatically make you any more intelligent, and in Hudson's case, just more opinionated on everything.

  20. Dadonroman says – reply to this


    Re: amber – Even Minaj has sold more albums than her and Nicki is a rapper

  21. Tom says – reply to this


    She was awesome in Dreamgirls! You're an idiot.

  22. Roman says – reply to this


    Re: claloha – in the words of Nicki Minaj "Thats Why You MAD"

  23. OhPlease says – reply to this


    Honestly she never mentioned Keith and she probably didn't give him any thought. No one really is anyway. Mariah is the judge that most of the contestants are out to impress and who most of them admire. That's a fact. Jennifer is right in my opinion and she is entitled to hers. It's not the first time someone has basically said the same thing about this crop of judges.

  24. Marla J says – reply to this


    Re: slbslbs – You are so right, slbslbs. Keith has class and is a kind person. I'm disappointed in Jennifer Hudson. I expected better of her.

  25. 25

    Perez whats going on? Where on earth in that paragraph does she say anything slightly negative about Nicki Minaj or Keith Urban? She just said it's awkward with new judges, probably because she's used to seeing the original 3. To be honest, I felt that way when I tuned in this season too, didn't mean I felt negatively about any of the judges. Please stop taking things out of context..this is how unneccessary fueds get started.

  26. slbs says – reply to this


    Re: OhPlease – thats the point! Didnt give keith or the other judges a tougth.who does that not a very kind person.and have you very listen to keith he has so much talent.hes playing with eric clapton.he only picks the top guitariest.i give mariah can sing.and niki can rapp.but Jennifer .like you said not giving the other judges a thougth .not vwry nice person

  27. jiyavani says – reply to this


    dont believe what you read here guys this is yet another lie from perez.com i got sucked in JUST LIKE YOU FOOLS !

  28. mariahnickiclub says – reply to this


    keith urban is an amazing singer but mariah fell of after having twins she cant bounce back to those early 90s high notes still love her but nicki minaj not only raps but she is a good singer without all the auto tune she is trained to sing the way she does

  29. 29


  30. 30


  31. JustinM says – reply to this


    "Mooriah".?? Seriously.!!! Get over yourself.
    Mariah hasnt been called that in years, so id
    advise you to be more advanced. Stop living
    In the padt. Mariah Carey looks fucking
    A+mazing.!!! Respect the
    Biggest Selling Female Artist Of All Time,
    Or just shut the fuck up.!
    Nobody cares to hear what you hve to say.
    go suck a dick and die you idiotic piece of shit.