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Jessica Chastain Scores Herself An Italian Stallion! New Couple Alert!

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jessica chastain luca

WOW! All we have to say is WELL-DONE, gurl!

For as in-demand and talented an actress Jessica Chastain is, she's remarkably good at keeping her private life just that!

Seriously! We NEVER hear too much about her other than her movies, her adorable pooch, and how lovely she is to her fans!

Well, thankfully, we're delighted to report that we now know one interesting tidbit about her: she likes ITALIAN men!

That's right, even though she's been linked to her Zero Dark Thirty co-star Jason Clark and The Avengers' Tom Hiddleston in the past, the Best Actress nominee is reportedly in a relationship with Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, who works as an executive for the French fashion brand Moncler!

…but unfortunately, that's really all we know!

Which is fine with us, considering how little she usually reveals about herself!

Congrats congrats, gurl! We sincerely hope you two are enjoying your time together!

Fingers crossed that we'll get to see him walk her down the red carpet at the Oscars later this month!

[Images via WENN and Vanity Fair.]

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6 comments to “Jessica Chastain Scores Herself An Italian Stallion! New Couple Alert!”

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  2. 2

    wanna know more? this girl loves italy, and in fact, she's gonna have a month long vacation in italy. guess who she'll spend her time with? yep!!

  3. 3

    who cares? this is like the 5th man she been linked to already this year! if he's a nobody then it aint interesting anyways. happy she getting some dick but thats about it. just cuz someones a good actress doesnt mean theyre fascinating celebrities we all want to know everything about.

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  5. 5

    Is she good at keeping her private life private or is it just that no one cares enough to un-private her life?

  6. 6

    Sweet! Gotta mention 1 thing. Everyone keeps saying this woman Jessica is in her 30's. I'm sorry but she looks to be in her 40's when the cameras get close. Maybe it is just that she is so fair skinned & all but she looks older the she is claiming. Still gorgeous though.