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Rihanna & Chris Brown Get Cozy At The Grammys! Fill In The Blank

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Well looky looky here!

Though they didn't walk the carpet, Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted sitting front and center together at the Grammys.

Apparently, something really caught Chris' attention, as he started hysterically laughing at _________________________, while Rihanna started thinking about ___________________.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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32 comments to “Rihanna & Chris Brown Get Cozy At The Grammys! Fill In The Blank”

  1. 1

    Anyone remembers how she said she'll never have long brown hair again :D

  2. Joanie says – reply to this


    Hahaha the look of the lady behind is priceless!

  3. 3

    Our new Bobby and Whitney

  4. pan86 says – reply to this


    The lady's face in the back says it all…

  5. jojo says – reply to this



  6. Jase says – reply to this


    Apparently, something really caught Chris' attention, as he started hysterically laughing at his ho, while Rihanna started thinking about the fact that everyone seemed to be laughing at her

  7. Emigogo says – reply to this


    what a terrible example she is setting to her young fans! she should be ashamed of herself.. not to mention she is an idiot for getting back together with a man that beat the crap out of her!

  8. Sarah says – reply to this


    As much of an ass Chris is, he's still 100% more likable & more talented than you you piece of shit

  9. Arlene says – reply to this


    Chris was laughing at Jlo's outfit & Rihanna was trying to figure out how she could make the look work for her. Oh wait… She was disgusted because she already did that!

  10. 10

    woman in back says it all… LOL

  11. Cuddles says – reply to this


    The thug was thinking "I Cant believe I just lost to Ocean and I am going to laugh really hard and load so it looks like I don't care ..but I am crying on the inside…

    Riri is thinking "I hope hit dosen't clock me cause he lost to Frank!"

  12. Monroe says – reply to this


    Chris is probaby laughing at Rihanna HUGE forehead!!!! Too big to be true! And shes probably thinking ”Why did my hair dresser didnt cut me a bang?!”

  13. Leslie says – reply to this


    "Apparently, something really caught Chris' attention, as he started hysterically laughing at NOTHING, while Rihanna started thinking about NOTHING."

  14. 14

    Leave Chris Brown alone already. He applauded for Frank ocean not everybody stood up when he won. You're not God all mighty to judge.

  15. 15

    Chris brown is probably laughing at the fact that he somehow was able to manipulate an already stupid ass broad into getting back together with his ass and was laughing at the fact that he was able to do it, while Rihanna seems to look depressed because she still hasnt realized what a piece of shit she is for getting back together with such a douchebag

  16. 16

    frank O winning
    maybe i should be with frank

  17. 17

    how hell run back to karreuche soon and how hell run back to karreuche soon enough

    who cares what this clown is laughing at his iq is that of a peanut

  18. 18

    Everybody h-hates Chriiiisss!

  19. Straightshooter says – reply to this


    Re: Monroe – lame ass comment…. I little jelly I see!!! Half y'all on here judging at the end of the day they can give two fucks about what y'all think… Chris and rih money long.. Gossip all the way to the bank !!!! Hahaha!!!

  20. 20

    They let woman beaters into the audience?? Run Rihanna, round 2 cominng up

  21. 21

    Im going to beat her ass after the grammys bring back the old school

  22. nobodybussniesd says – reply to this


    Please leave those folks alone if that is there
    choice now get your own and see if you can work
    it out.

  23. mlington says – reply to this


    weak weak….. shes so weak. a shame to all womem in her position!!!! lame

  24. 24

    Chris is high as a kite… Rihanna is down cuz she's got to hit the stage… It's the Blake & Amy or Bobby & Whitney show people…Sex, drugs & alcohol…

  25. Yup says – reply to this


    Re: Monroe – Lol you are crazy!!!

  26. Missy says – reply to this


    Chris is laughing at your petty ass writing this post. HAHAHHAHAHAHA phuck Perez

  27. Jako06 says – reply to this


    as he started hysterically laughing at ___the fact that she still likes him after he beat the $#!+ out of her_, while Rihanna started thinking about _____nothing, because she obviously doesn't have a brain___.

  28. Common Sense says – reply to this


    Chris is thinking "LMAO at all of the JUDGMENTAL HYPOCRITES who never made a mistake when they were 19 years old! They'll still be talking about that incident when I'm 60 years old….meanwhile I'll STILL BE HAPPY AND FILTHY RICH!"

    Meanwhile Rihanna is thinking, "Geez it feels so good to be a peace with my decisions. My life is great with or without the 50 million I have sitting in the bank….la tee da…"

  29. kyla says – reply to this


    I hear Beyonce wanted to t a s t e Chris Brown is that true?? Well she seems to copy errthang Robyn does these days tho! She wishes she had Chrianna's young love!!ha ha!! CHRIANNA ARE HOTTEST COUPLE NO CONTEST WHATSOEVA!!

  30. 30

    "Hahaha, remember that time I beat the shit out of you?"

  31. 31

    Leave Chris brown alone. Give him a break. It was a mistake he learned from. Y'all people should stop judging him because if you made a crazy mistake y'all wouldn't want people to still talk about that. Get over it. It is called for giveness like Rihanna gave him. She is with him because she loves him and wants to help him get through his mistakes. That's real love. Y'all people is just hatin cause y'all don't have that type of love. The people who keeps talking about Chris brown are losers haters and stupid people. I love Chris brown with all my heart and I will defeat him. Team breezy!

  32. 32

    Y'all leave Chris alone. He made a mistake and learned from it.Rihanna loves him and wants to help him through what he is going through. That's real love so stop hating. He is a great man.y'all losers haters and stupid people needs to get back to y'all lives and let him live. He didn't do anything to y'all. Stop acting like y'all never made a crazy mistake before. I know y'all wouldn't like if people kept talking about yall mistakes so shut y'all mouths.