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Paparazzi Agency Calls BS On Chris Brown! Claims Singer Caused Accident HIMSELF!

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chris brown car accident(2)

Chris Brown has found himself in QUITE the predicament, hasn't he?

The troubled singer was lucky enough to walk away unscathed from a car accident yesterday, in which he drove into an alley wall following what he asserted to be an attempt to escape the relentless pursuit of the paparazzi!

Well, the owner of the agency which employed the photographers in question is speaking out about the entire ordeal, and is calling out Breezy for apparently LYING about where the blame lies…and goes so far as to assert that authorities at the scene "appeared to be satisfied" with their side of the story, compared to his!

Chris Doherty maintains:

"[We] had nothing to do with Chris Brown crashing. No photographers were following him at the time he crashed … He crashed his car and it’s convenient for him to blame us. He needs to be careful with his defamatory statements."

And the official police statement seems to corroborate this version of events:

"On February 9, 2013 at approximately 12:03pm, entertainer Chris Brown was involved in a solo, non-injury traffic collision in the 600 Block Bedford Drive/Camden Drive alley. Mr. Brown was the driver of the vehicle and collided with a wall. Brown stated that he was being chased by paparazzi causing him to lose control of his vehicle. Brown's Black Porsche was towed from the scene at his request."

VERY inneresting, don't you think?

On ONE hand, we have a hard time understanding why Chris would speed down an alley unless he was being followed!

On the OTHER, it's not like he's taken accountability for ANY of his past reckless behavior, so it's difficult to always trust the world according to Breezy!

At the end of the day, however, what matters most is that no one was hurt, so we're just going to try and focus on that!

But what do U think?? Is Chris Brown or the photo agency telling the truth here??

[Image via WENN.]

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5 comments to “Paparazzi Agency Calls BS On Chris Brown! Claims Singer Caused Accident HIMSELF!”

  1. B.S. DeBunker says – reply to this


    Bottom line: he had endured a few days of very bad press due to his lack of completing court mandated public service, and because he conned Rhianna into coming to court for his support.

    MMMMmm, what to do? Answer: Smash my Porsche into a wall when no one (including the papparrazzi) is looking. The 25K in damages to the Porsche will be a good investment versus the return I'll get in "sympathy press" and in keeping my name in the news during Grammy week.

    LAPD- He has smoked you guys yet AGAIN ! LOL, LOL

    How many celebrity car accidents don't have immediately tweeted photos? All these papparrazzi were casing him (for a photo), yet when the newsworthy/photo-worthy event of him crashing his car happens, they ALL speed off with not one deciding on snapping the picture that would have tripled his asking price by being the ONLY picture.

    Even when the Papparrazzo KILLED Princess Di they hung around to get the footage and the payday. You think the wouldn't do the same for a woman-beater like Chris Brown?

    LAPD should DEFINITELY charge this guy TODAY with staging a false accident, false police report, attempted insurance fraud etc. PLEASE-LAPD bust him right now so that we won't have to see or listen to him on tonight's Grammy Awards show. Later on, the DA can bundle those charges with the evasion of public service, probation violations, etc. and just throw his a** in jail for a few years.

  2. 2

    Lying woman beater.

  3. Fact says – reply to this


    Damn that black skin!

  4. Whatever says – reply to this


    Leave this man alone Perez! Get a life. The man is human and not without sins…in other words we all make mistakes

  5. 5

    Perez you always have something negative to say about Chris. Starting to think you have a secret obsession