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40 comments to “Anne Hathaway Doused In Ice-Cold Haterade By Twitter Fans After BAFTA Win!”

  1. Sherilyn says – reply to this


    You are beyond belief. First your stirring of the pot with the whole Carrie/Taylor hate posts (interesting how you changed your tune when you posted about her wonderful performance). Now you're stirring the pot with this post about Anne Hathaway. You're starting to devolve into the hate-filled, meanspirited mess you said you'd 'changed' from. Climb back on the wagon, Perez. Posts like this serve no purpose.

  2. Jeff says – reply to this


    They are not wrong, but that happens to most. Money and power corrupt a lot of people.

  3. Filou says – reply to this


    Anne Hathaway lacks conviction in her roles, if she was some what believable then maybe she would deserve those awards - and come across as a good actress. How on earth can she be shocked?? Its blatantly obvious she will win every award going - even though in my opinion, she doesn't deserve it, she's just the Hollywood IT girl at the moment. She was on screen for 20 mins at the most, not long enough to make an impact. People aren't being nasty, they're being honest & don't forget, the critics/panels (whatever) decide these winners, not the public, if that was the case, the outcome would be very different.

  4. Deppinlove says – reply to this


    I think shes a phoney too

  5. 5

    She is like a home-schooled child. No fucking social skills. It's so sad to watch.

  6. Ast says – reply to this


    The fake out-of-breath thing she does gives it away. She should get a speech writer for the Oscars and she should never attempt to be funny again.. like ever! She should just own it. Be a frigging feminist Anne, be unapologetic like a man would be able to get away with, don't fake the overly-emotion thing like the Halle Berrys of the past. Be proud, strong, confident, keep your emotions in check but be thankful and respectful and keep it brief because it's just *supporting* actress after all.

  7. 7

    Re: LaughingOutLoud1 – Yeah, I still remember she said something during her speech at the Golden Globes. Somethings that goes like "blunt object that is used as a weapon for selt-doubt"…That was just awkward to hear…and you can see how big her ego has grown to..

  8. 8

    Yeah, we call this one Kanye West's sister. She can be a little over the top and full of herself, but I've liked her since the princess movie, so I'm still a fan.

  9. PrvtRick says – reply to this


    Dear Perez, for someone who claims to be against bullying this sure feels like all you are doing is bringing attention to bullying. From the person who is mad that she thanked the writer, to the person who is mad she thanked her husband and cast? Really? How dare she thank the people she worked with and her family for supporting her. Good job Perez for bringing this to attention.

  10. Leslie says – reply to this


    She is annoying to watch. Sounds like a high school girl.

  11. 11

    I like Anne. She won the award so she should feel free to say whatever she wants. lol

  12. 12

    We build them up, then tear them down. It's her turn. Maybe we're a little jealous and the constant media coverage rubs it in our face. Back in the day you had to actively search for info and pics on your favorite celeb, now it's in your face 24/7 "here' s Anne's dress," "here's Anne's speech, "here's Annes dog!" Then we get annoyed at Anne when it's not really her fault.

  13. 13


  14. shastalove says – reply to this


    Annie has changed alot since hooking up with current boy toy. She changing into an unlikeable New Yorker from the nice Jersey girl. As far as acceptance speeches go it was just a gushy as most. Except her delivery is well "I am better then you, so &&&&."

  15. 15

    she is a good actress, she is just freaking annoying. she should be like Merle Streep never been seen accept getting her award and DISAPPEAR. a little ann hathaway goes a long long ways.

  16. 16

    she doesnt have to feign humility she kicked ass and keeps kicking ass she deserves all the awards she had me in tears at the movies that hasnt happen since i got removed from the back row years ago with my bf (yes so what) lolllll that time was tears of laughter …but she brougt a tear to my eyes first for her ear screeching singing then with her acting let her have her dam moment sheesh people are mean..

  17. 17

    yes shes a goggly eyed olive oil so what she deserves the dam award give credit where credit is due

  18. PM2901 says – reply to this


    I think that Anne Hathaway is a good actress, really beautiful (in an interesting, unconventional way), and has great style. However, I think she tries too hard to seem humble and sincere. She's not THAT good of an actress. She should quit trying to be smarter than the room (a la Dennis Miller) and just be real; real simple.

  19. 19

    I think most people are really just jealous of Anne because 1. She got to play Fantine, and I imagine a large number of other people would have wanted that role, and 2. She's getting a lot of praise for it, whereas the girls complaining (notice how it's all girls except for one), are getting nothing. Jealousy is always what it call comes down to. Anne slayed that role, and she deserves the praise she's been getting for it. You can only do so much with speeches when you keep winning awards for the same role. It's not really her fault that she's amazing and successful or even a bad thing, so she shouldn't be getting criticized for it.

  20. Terra says – reply to this


    I don't understand the big deal…I'd like to see a lot of you get up on stage in front of millions (and then some, since you know it's going to be plastered all over on sites like this) and give a speech, rehearsed, feigned, or otherwise. Who gives a shit? She won an award, obviously someone thought she deserved it. Just let her say whatever she wants to say.

  21. 21

    I don't give a shit who she wants to thank. I loved her performance and I say give her the awards and let her have her time in the spotlight because next year it will be someone else celebrating their outstanding performance with some more awkward speeches that people can nitpick.

  22. laura says – reply to this


    naawwww she's ok. just sounds very overwhelmed and nervous

  23. sja123 says – reply to this


    *sigh* at the stupidity of the tweet about Anne thanking Victor Hugo. People think they're far too clever for their own good these days. I wish people would learn about subjects before they make silly mindless comments on them.

  24. 24

    Re: xcalibur – Please stop typing in CAPS, it is not only annoying and bad netiquette, but it hurts my eyes, thanks in advance for your consideration.
    On topic, what channel is this on in case I want to watch it next year? I do not think I get the BBC channel, I have the Directv Family Channel, all I can afford. Thanks anyone.
    PS - I live in a suburb of LA if that helps.

  25. Awe says – reply to this


    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz she is not a great actress she's an okay actress.

  26. johnson says – reply to this


    The social media is all about hating and bullying celebrities. No wonder so many famous people turn to drugs and alcohol. For example, look at Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes , Whitney Houston, etc…

    These tweets that are listed are ridiculous, and it doesn't mean that everyone that watched the Bafta Awards disliked Anne Hathaway's speech. Only female celebrities have to deal with this hatefulness. Quentin Tarantino has given some of the most arrogant and nasty speeches . But, he is not berated or attacked, because he is a man. Now, you know it is bad, that people are so desperate to trash celebrities - they have to make a big fuss about award speeches.

  27. Tron55 says – reply to this


    Filou, Anne Hathaway received rave reviews as Catwoman and Fantine, because she became those characters. That takes serious talent to pull-off both of those iconic roles. The proof is in the pudding.

  28. 28

    Nothing wrong with her speech. She says that she has laryngitis which probably explains the breathiness of her voice. Go Anne!

  29. Andy says – reply to this


    Wow, she sounded crazy nervous… and that's about it for me. I think the woman is stunning!

  30. Cris says – reply to this


    Re: PrvtRick – I tottaly agree with you. It seems to me that this is post has turned into an open place to bully. She really deserves that award and seem genuinely grateful for it.

  31. isabella says – reply to this


    Anne Hathaway's acceptance speech was fine. I believe that she was genuinely thrilled and hasn't at all got a big ego.

  32. Jack says – reply to this


    Re: PrvtRick – I have to agree with you there. Bullying is bullying - no matter how you try and ice it over to look like a fucking cake. If people actually complained about much larger issues than someone's BAFTA acceptance speech, we might get on the right track to being a more productive global community. Kudos to Anne!! Love her.

  33. Waqas says – reply to this


    I think that she deserves the awards, in response to someone who said that the critics decide and not the public, I think there was one Bafta in 2011 which the public voted and the only way is essex won, so I have no problem with critics. Also I think its better for her to feign humilty rather than act like a bitch because theres no doubt she'd be called up on that but I think her reaction is genuine and that if people don't like it, change the channel or just grin and bear it because if you haven't got anythng productive to say just don't say it at all, I think this whole post is a shame because it doesn't lead to anything except for bashing someone who won an award, whether or not you agree with it, it happened, if you don't like it don't waste your life being upset over it

  34. ck says – reply to this


    her performance did not bring a tear to my eye, so i must be out of my mind when i say she didn't deserve to receive or be nominated for any of these awards.

  35. Perez is a Dirtbag says – reply to this


    If there is one thing Perez can't stand, it is a successful woman. Oh sure, if they are over-the-top-cartoon-characters like Lady Gaga and Beyonce, he will love them (untill they say bad things about him). But Perez has proven time and time again that he hates successful women. Only if he feels he has something to gain from them will he fake love for them for a time, but otherwise, his jealousy shows.

  36. Tennie says – reply to this


    Go Anne! She did such an amazing job in Les Mis! I don't care about her acceptance speeches, the media blows things up in awful proportions. Anne doesn't have a big ego either that's rubbish. What do you want her to say "oh just another award."!

  37. Stephen Harper says – reply to this


    Howard Stern: Let me sum up why people hate Anne Hathaway…First of all. She gets a speechwriter to write her speech…She’s overly dramatic at these awards shows."

    "She’s always, always out of breath…It’s perfect,…cause this award is called "The Actor”. She’s even acting when she’s winning an award. This is a performance… Calm f**king down and stop acting crazy…

    In spite of his distaste for Hathaway's attempts to sound humble, Howard Stern repeatedly praised Hathaway for her performance on "Saturday Night Live" in 2012.

    Do you see how Hugh Jackman's wife refuses to look at Anne during the whole speech. WHOLE HEAD TURNED AWAY

  38. John Bird says – reply to this


    During a post-show interview, one of last night’s Oscar winners was rambling on about fate and attitude and winning.

    The philosophical mumbo jumbo was a bit too much for some onlookers. Several were rolling their eyes, and one said “What the f*ck is s/he talking about?” just loudly enough for everyone to hear.

    Several of the onlookers – including other reporters and camera operators – giggled, but the winner didn’t lose a beat. S/he just gave the person the side eye and continued babbling on, either unaware or not caring how ridiculous they sounded.

    Oscar Winner:

  39. Molybdenum Studios says – reply to this


    So to speak, even though she deserves the award for her performance in Les Mis (I have yet to watch it), I believe she's getting full of herself! Like, c'mon. She's again, being self-important and she's getting even more fake. No wonder she's not well-liked in Hollywood. She does not deserve to be an A-lister at all.

  40. Molybdenum Studios says – reply to this


    Re: Stephen Harper – Agree with that, dude! HAHA, now let's add the following people aside from err… Hugh Jackman's wife… so we have James Franco, Joan Rivers… yeah right you could take a cue from these people.