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Lindsay Lohan's Sugar Daddies Are Taking A Backseat…To 22-Year-Old Brooklyn DJ?!

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lindsay nca dj

So her financial and familial life are in shambles, but hey!

It seems as though Lindsay Lohan is at least doing all right in the romance department!

And NO! We're NOT just talking about the men with whom she does Lord-knows-what for financial compensation!

It appears that the hard-pAArtying, deviance-prone starlet has moved on from that personal trainer trying to keep her crazy in check AND The Wanted's Max George…to a 22-year-old Brooklyn DJ named Julian Cavin!

While the pair are said to be keeping things "casual," whatever the hell that means, witnesses saw the pair “sucking face in front of everyone” out in NYC this past Friday night, and shacked up together during the Snowpocalypse for the remainder of the weekend!

Insiders explain:

“‘Dating’ may be too heavy of a word to use right now. They haven’t been hooking up that long. They spent all weekend together and they’re seeing each other.”

However, we wouldn't be surprised if by the time this report is even published if things begin to turn sour for Our Lady of Perpetual Chaos and her latest conquest, as more sources claim that during a recent gig at the Little Italy nightclub Goldbar, gurl was up to her old tricks…AKA getting too f-cked up and causing a scene over nothing!

They reveal:

“She was a mess. She started dirty dancing [on Cavin] when he wasn’t in the [DJ] booth.”

However, it was when one of Cavin's friends mentioned to one of Lindsay's posse that the pair were “a cute couple,” when everything went to hell:

“She flipped out and told Lindsay. [Lindsay turned to her] and goes ‘What the f— do you think you’re doing?’ Lindsay grabbed every bouncer and bottle girl she could find and goes ‘Get this girl the f— out of here.’ They didn’t kick her out. The girl went into the DJ booth, and eventually Lindsay left.”

And there ya' go, folks!

We're not even going to ATTEMPT to determine why such a comment would send LiLo into a tailspin, as the only plausible explanation is that she once again was too messed up and barely lucid!

But hey! Let her have her fun while it lasts!

Like we said, we doubt it will be too much longer!

Too bad, so sad!

[Images via WENN and TheFuture.fm.]

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4 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's Sugar Daddies Are Taking A Backseat…To 22-Year-Old Brooklyn DJ?!”

  1. 1

    can't help but notice how fewer and fewer people are commenting on this washed up failure.

  2. 2

    Woah. Just had a psychic premonition:

    The year is 2025.
    Long straggly red hair, wrapped around a few cigarette butts and gum wrappers.
    A dark alley in the nasty parts of LA, filled with cardboard boxes and dumpsters.
    Two parents retired, one to Miami & dating an 90 year old, the other to Vegas, shacking up with a showgirl.
    A few floral hats, some costume jewelry, and a jar of orange spray paint.
    Seven old issues of "Star" Magazine, and two copies of Enquirer from the early 2000's.
    An empty bottle of vodka, and a half-empty bottle of rum.
    And a shopping cart.

  3. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    Yup, Ms. Trudy. The only reason to comment on Lohan is schadenfreude. To see this conceited brat finally getting what she deserves. Shame and scorn. This episode is like sooooo many episodes before - stretching back to 2003, Lohan has been getting drunk and high on coke and then picking fights with people at clubs. In the past she would have been able to get big celebrities kicked out of clubs - now she can't even get one of the "common people" kicked out. I heard she tried to get the girl she punched kicked out of the club in NYC - but they refused. She has no importance anymore. No mystery. She is a complete amoral mess who lies to protect her ass when she breaks the law or doesn't show up on time somewhere for work. No one respects her. She is (according to the latest study polls) 99.02% unlikeable by the American public. That means no films, no TV shows, no modeling - because no one wants to be associated with a dumb, lying, cheating, conceited, entitled, drunken, drugged up criminal. No one cares about her anymore and it's her own fault. It's that simple.

  4. 4

    Re: BobbieFisher2 – Tell it! Anyway, I read on another site that she is staying is someone's penthouse apartment in NYC, no idea who her roomie is or what she is doing in return.