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Selena Gomez On The Arm Of A NEW Man At Grammys Afterparty

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selena gomez grammy after party

Looks like there is no Justin Bieber reconciliation going on here!

If Selena Gomez wanted to make a point last night, she certainly did.

The former Belieber was spotted leaving a Grammys afterparty in El Lay on the arm of another man, Alfredo Flores!

For those of you who don’t remember, Alfredo - a FRIEND of the Biebs - was once rumored to be coming in between Jelena after some super friendly pics of them were released.

Oooh, we have a feeling the canoodling isn’t so innocent this time around!

And by the look on Alfredo’s face, he was more than happy to step in as Selenita’s escort to the party.

P.S. - Selenita looks like she partied HARD! Look at those sleepy eyes! Nap time!!!

Does the bro code mean nothing anymore?!

[Image via Josephine Santos/Pacific Coast News.]

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28 comments to “Selena Gomez On The Arm Of A NEW Man At Grammys Afterparty”

  1. lisa says – reply to this


    Instead of that, why not ask why Selena looks like a drunk ass mess instead? And she's not even legal age yet to drink? Oh, that's right, miss little princess can do what she wants!!

  2. Natalie says – reply to this


    What is Fredo doing? What a fake best friend he is. You know Justin is hurting yet you go out with Selena while she is clearly wasted. Just lost a lot of respect for Fredo.

  3. lady louis says – reply to this


    for all u bitches out there selena is not drunk she can wear what ever she wants and u cant stop her and alfredo if he wants to date selena he can it's none of ur business so butt out whatever is going on between selena alfredo and justin is still none of ur business

  4. Jasmine says – reply to this


    Re: Natalie – it's really sad that you believe the bullshit he writes..

  5. DanielleJean7 says – reply to this


    Wow, i can't BELIEVE this! I'm gonna give Alfredo the benefit of the doubt and just think he is doing JB a favor and watching out for Selena instead of trying to steal her. I just can't imagine that.

  6. Erika says – reply to this


    The media makes me so mad. Perhaps Selena was intoxicated and Alfredo was just taking care of her?? Making sure she got home safe? We've all had those nights.

    As Justin's close friend (and employee) it's unlikely that this is anything more than a trusted friend taking looking out for another. The media however, are always quick to assume scandal and spread rumours. So ridiculous!

  7. Laura says – reply to this


    I am not a Bieber fan AT ALL (in fact, I think he's a brat), but Selena seems like such a bitch. How the fuck can she be mean enough to date her ex' best friend?
    Oh, and to you Perez; how come everytime Miley Cyrus does something you say she's slutty or drunk or cutting or cheating, but when little Slutena Whoremez wears skimpy clothes, gets drunk, promotes drugs and partys, she's just cute? Obviously, she's an asslicking famewhore with no talent.

  8. 8

    Alfredo looks like a fun guy; I'd party with him. Yep, Selena looks drunk. News flash: 20-year-olds drink at parties

    @Laura, get help. Miley Cyrus fans hating on Selena Gomez is so 2 years ago. They grew up. You should too.

  9. ash says – reply to this



  10. Laura says – reply to this


    Re: justpassingthru – I'm not a Miley fan. She's probably just as fucked up as Selena. But he's being so hypocritical about it. Atleast Miley can sing.
    But yeah, my point has nothing to do with that, my point was that Perez only likes the ass-lickers like Selena, not rebels like Miley. And that annoys the fuck out of me. I get that he is allowed to have an opinion, but for not so long ago he said that would stop being a bully. He still is. Exept now he's also being a hypocrite since he only likes the sluts who show up at his partys.

  11. 11

    She loooks drunk!!

  12. Annoyed says – reply to this


    Are you dumb Perez? Seriously, do you think Alfredo would do something like to a colleague and friend. And on another note lets compare, she is holding his arm not holding his hands like she would with Justin, he is escorting her to the car because there are paparazzi outside, thats what a good friend and gentleman does smh.

  13. texanatheart says – reply to this


    Come on Selena…I love you but, I'm worried about your choices…be careful.

  14. 14

    Thats actually her cousin Pepito

  15. RB says – reply to this


    Need to see if she is wearing the J-ring on her right hand? If they are back on again, boy does JB need to give her the biggest Valentine that he had ever given her? If she is with Alfredo Flores, this would not rest well with the Latino’s.
    Are the rumors true with TS, and the Bieb’s? She could have taken her BFF SG with her to the Grammy’s?

  16. jenn says – reply to this


    1. selena and alfredo are JUST FRIENDS!!! perez is just starting drama 2. selena can do whatever she wants, she is single now. she is free from that loser Justin.

  17. 17

    Re: lisa – ur an idiot. she doesn't look wasted at all

  18. 18

    Re: Natalie – justin is hurting? maybe he shouldn't have cheated on selena so many times then

  19. 19

    Re: Laura – miley cannot sing and she's a rebel cause she acts like a whore? could uy be any stupider

  20. 20

    Re: Laura – prove that she's drunk u retard. and selena never wears anything near as slutty as miley slutass

  21. Olivia says – reply to this


    She doesn't look drunk, she looks like she is exhausted. After concerts that you have a lot of fun at, normally you feel like crap afterwards. In my fair share of concerts, afterwards my voice was hoarse and my eyes were glazed over because I was sleepy. Also, how is Alfredo a bad person. They are aloud to be friends with or without Justin being BOTH of their friends. All they are is friends though. So quick people are to judge when they probably do even more shit.

  22. 22

    You people are dumb. She looks f*cked.

  23. 23

    That is not the look of exhaustion.

  24. karl says – reply to this


    you people kill any faith i have left in society.

  25. 25

    This is totally false… Fredo and Selena are NOT a thing.

  26. Spinnaker says – reply to this


    Looks like a drunk or high couple of spic@@.

  27. Missk says – reply to this


    Pretty sure they are good friends regardless that her and justin broke up. Or maybe jb sent him there to escort her to see him after? Who knows..

  28. caminee barcelona says – reply to this


    Com'on Perez…can't you see he girls are not his thing..everyone I think Alfredo is a "girlfriend" and that is it. ; )