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Oscars 2013: A 5 Out Of 6 Bond Reunion Isn't Even Worth It!!

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If what we're hearing is true, why bother having a Bond reunion at all????

Why WOULDN'T all six of them be available, it's not like they're doing anything else! LOLz!!

We're hearing that one of the Bonds might be missing for the reunion, and it came from Pierce Brosnan's mouth. He doesn't come out and say it, but it sounds like it's him that will be skipping out! Boooooooooooo!

Here's what he said when asked:

"Well, they'll be missing one."

The only person we would guess to feel like they're above such a cool moment, would be Sean Connery. That's just because he's rarely seen anywhere, anyway!

This would be a huge bummer — a 50th anniversary just wouldn't be the same!

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7 comments to “Oscars 2013: A 5 Out Of 6 Bond Reunion Isn't Even Worth It!!”

  1. 1

    If so, it would be a great time for payback if they did him wrong. Go Pierce!!

  2. 2

    They could do a better, more entertaining show if they combined live with the same holographic process they did with Tupak a couple of years ago to bring him back on stage. Most of those old "Bonds" have gone to seed and have lost their appeal (or hair).

  3. 3

    Is Adele the 7th Bond, or did I miss some inside joke?

  4. Vera in CA says – reply to this


    Why does anyone care? Brosnan is out? Whoopie doo. Connery and the others are fine! Brosnan's just being a whiner. Even Lazenby is more interesting; I've met him and he's very nice and gracious.

  5. 5

    Pierce is fierce, go dude, you can live a few days without being on the house you have on Kauai North Shore. I have heard it is beautiful and you seem like a good dude, and I liked you a lot as James Bond, so I hope you change your mind.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    There's some kind of issue. Robert Plant won't tour with Zepp, Pierce won't show for a Bond reunion. It happens.

  7. blofeld says – reply to this


    …MI6……6 Bonds……hmmmmmm…