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Tom Cruise & Scientology Saved A Life! Says Australian Billionaire Ski Buddy…

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And here you thought our favorite action star just saved lives in Mission: Impossible sequels!

When Australian billionaire James Packer was at his lowest — his marriage was failing and his cellphone company was hemorraging millions — it was Scientology and the organization's unofficial celebrity spokesperson who helped drag him thru a rough patch!

James took part in a candid interview Down Under last night, and he spoke about how Tom Cruise helped change his life for the better.

He revealed:

“When I was at my lowest, Tom Cruise reached out to me. He believed in me when other people didn’t… I’d met him once or twice…and he was in Australia and we got together. I think he could tell that I was in pain. He invited me to go to his house to go skiing with him at Christmas.”

Whoa! We wouldn't have guessed Xenu, a pair of skiis, and the star of Risky Business could pull anyone out of a funk, but we were wrong!

This is the same Aussie tycoon, mind you, who went jet skiing with Russell Crowe last year! Maybe he has a fetish for extreme sports and celebrity culture?

What's next? Hang gliding with Tom Hanks?! LOLz!!

Honestly, we're just happy James is in a better place!

[Image via WENN.]

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12 comments to “Tom Cruise & Scientology Saved A Life! Says Australian Billionaire Ski Buddy…”

  1. the says – reply to this


    So glad Katy got away from this old man freak…Free katy!! Yeah.

  2. JT says – reply to this


    How does that have a thing to do with Scientology. Are you saying that if Tom Cruise wasn't a Scientologist, he would've let the guy rot in his hour of need? Come on!

  3. Shane W says – reply to this


    Back in 2004, I was still in Tom cruise's "special circle", thank God no more, and I saw how hard Tom and his buddy David Miscavige were planning to trap the emotional and vulnerable James Packer (lose of his dad and his wife) in to scientology just because they new Mr. Packer Senior left billions for James.
    Tom reaching out to "help" James, was ordered by Miscaivge. James was and still is a vulnerable and stupid who fell into their trap and became a cult member.
    As Tom's criminal ass is revealed by witnesses and media, Miscavige and Tom asked James to come to their rescue and say nice things "positive PR" to support Tom. Really???

  4. skankeliminator says – reply to this


    OLD QUEEN!!!

  5. jax says – reply to this


    he can not save any life. only psychatry can.please dont write these artcles. there is no alternative treatment. only way to cure depression is ect and psychtropic drugs.look tom how we defamed u in 5 years. after u gave comments against psychatry. thats the lesson for anyone who mess up with psychatry. until and unless u offer us public apology otherwise we will destroy yur career through massive media compaign against u

  6. Paul says – reply to this


    I think maybe Tom has good intentions in wanting to help. The whole problem here is religious fanaticism, which is bad in any religion. I'm glad Katie have gotten rid of him. It seems to me that he is a homemfraco and insecure and totally manipulated by Miscavige. And I'm sure it's Katie cut Suri's life, declined by a madman near his daughter.

  7. AntiSocialGotoHell says – reply to this


    See these stupid people commenting. They only destroy themselves, not Tom Cruise. I just hope their soul will rot in hell! You are the product of yourself they way you spew hate.

  8. elar says – reply to this


    James, James, James. He wanted your ass in Scientology period.

  9. 9

    Well, they do have some great points. The devil doesn't come after you with his pitch fork and horns. He comes in his 3 piece suit, good wine and a box of the finest chocolates.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    He must have been filling in for the most interesting man in the world.

  11. myfarah says – reply to this


    Understandable. Scientology helping a scientologist with money.

  12. Heber says – reply to this


    Re: JT – More importantly, if the guys dad wasn't ultra rich, Tom would never have helped him. Tom tried to endow his cult with the guys money. It had EVERYTHING to do with scientology.