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Dorner Cornered Doesn't Mean You Get The Reward; The Million Dollar Cop Killer Loophole

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christopher dorner dead body removed from charred cabin

If you look at the language in the three separate rewards posted for Christopher Dorner's whereabouts, it seems like none of the multiple private citizens who helped bring him down will get any kind of reward at all! That's bullshizz!!

Here's why: each of the rewards — the $1 million and two $100k rewards — all stipulate a payout based on the capture AND conviction of Dorner. He wasn't captured OR convicted, as they're all assuming the charred remains in the house belong to a deceased Dorner. If he's dead, they don't have to pay out.

If you add that to the speculation that the cops were the ones who set the fire, you've got a lot of people wondering if the city and the LAPD never intended to pay out on these rewards anyway, because they never intended to take Dorner alive!

You'd think they'd be grateful for the help, and ignore the specifics in the wording just to benefit the private citizens that did their part… especially after the cops accidentally kept shooting/shooting at citizens while looking for him!

If nobody sees this reward from this, we hope that won't stop people from coming forward down the road if something like this ever happens again (and we hope it doesn't!).

In the meantime, the world is still waiting to hear if the remains are, in fact, Christopher Dorner. We're all pretty sure it is.

[Image via Facebook.]

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8 comments to “Dorner Cornered Doesn't Mean You Get The Reward; The Million Dollar Cop Killer Loophole”

  1. tempe says – reply to this


    I honest to god think you were dropped on your head as a baby Perz. Are you serious with this posting ????? You IDIOT.
    Which "multiple people" turned him in ???
    Dorner happened upon THEM !
    Stick to gossip you IDIOT.
    You're trying to make a story about "rumors". Idiot Idiot Idiot !

  2. Your An Idiot says – reply to this


    Dorner isn't dead. Notice how they asked media to remove helicopters from the scene? 5 minutes later the cabin was on fire. Dorner was obviously taken out in a unmarked car. Just another reason for the government to control gun bans. People are so stupid these days. The government isn't for the people these days.

  3. jeff says – reply to this


    they knew they were never gonna let him out alive. He had a story to tell and the law didn't want that out in the media. I don't condone anything he did regardless of what happened, but corruption in our government is obvious. They went out to kill him even many stories of cops asking for a blackout to the media and some cops saying 'let's burn this mother effer'.

  4. Psy says – reply to this


    This is the kind of crap that started this in the fist place. Are they trying to set off another military terrorism trained Rambo? I hope this doesn't become a fad.

  5. jeff says – reply to this


    Re: Your An Idiot – Although I do agree that our government like most don't work for the people, but work for corporations, bankers, and people with deep pockets. The corruption is so obvious. I do not agree that he was taken out alive, they wanted him dead so no information would come out to the whole scandal that made this guy go crazy.

  6. TM says – reply to this


    Question, who has a worse rep…Chris Brown or Chris Dorner? If Dorner hadn't killed anyone, I'd say it is definitely Chris Brown!

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Well isn't that convenient. Effing suits.

  8. 8

    Not sure if he is dead or not, blood tests only take a day or two, but if they do DNA, which they should, even with a rush on it, think it takes a week or two.