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Christopher Dorner Still At Large?! LAPD Refutes Earlier Claims, No Body Found At Scene

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christopher dorner dead body removed from charred cabin


Earlier, it was apparently prematurely reported that the body of Christopher Dorner, the renegade ex-LAPD officer, was found at the scene of this afternoon's deadly showdown between police and Dorner.

Moments ago, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman told reporters that a body HAS NOT been recovered from scene at Big Bear, CA. At the moment, the cabin is still burning and is too hot to search, thus hindering an in-depth search of the property. Due to this new information, the LAPD will continue to protect the LAPD officers that Dorner cited as potential victims in his disturbing manifesto last week.

For now, that is most concrete information that the department is willing to share.

Our thoughts and well-wishes continue to extend by every single person affected by this horrible series of tragedies.

[Image via Facebook.]

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11 comments to “Christopher Dorner Still At Large?! LAPD Refutes Earlier Claims, No Body Found At Scene”

  1. LBZ says – reply to this


    Not saying that I condone Dorner actions but I gave the man more credit then he deserved. With him being a trained ex-cop I would have thought he would have left Big Bear.


  2. 2

    so the movie continues our hero is not dead at all… hope all the fat asses at home watching this eating popcorn and junk food ROT IN HELL…

  3. Dominick says – reply to this


    People have to realize that he had almost over a year or more to plan this whole operation out. This guy is not dumb hes an ex marine and ex cop so he knows how the system works and has anticipated there every move. It wouldn't surprise me if that wasn't his body and at this point he is long gone.

  4. Jenn says – reply to this


    Here is my big question, they said many times they had no idea if he had hostages or not. If they don't know how many people could possibly be in that cabin WHY would they let it sit and burn instead of putting it out or sending in fire fighters to see if there are others? If they find others in that cabin they will be to blame for the loss of those innocent lives (unless they were killed prior to the fire). They said over and over that it was "too hot" to go in and see if there was a body in there. Is it not a fire fighters job to go in and rescue others or search for people in a fire? Yet they sent no one in.

  5. Iknowthetruth says – reply to this


    here's what he is going to do…..a body will be found in the burnt out cabin and they will think it is him…but it won't be and he will be free forever!

  6. 6

    Seriously, dude, do you have an opinion, or do you just repost other people's work? Why do people even read this site to begin with? Either Google failed me on my search, or you won by having me somehow come to site and feeling the need to make a couple of posts.

    Signed, Bob Loblaw

  7. Shantel9975 says – reply to this


    I had a feeling it wasn't over let the games begin I'm glad I'm not a Cop!!!!

  8. 8

    The LAPD is on a mad rampage to kill Doner.. Shooting and burning innocent civilians.. They should be investigated!!! How many more will die by the hands of desperate cops?
    That shit cray…

  9. Angela Hodgson says – reply to this


    Epidemiology my son!! Yes, you shot him and he was appearing to be dead. Then, what is left of his very DRY blood, using centrifuge techniques you will measure the true dehydration of this man. Problem is, once he coagulates once, the epinephrine that you preloaded something with creates the undead zombie soldier reaction. Do you actually understand the science of metalurgy?! Then, maybe what YOU are feeling is stage one vampiria strain hep Z. With a little syph thrown in for good measure. Created in the labs of Saigon. Hence, too late for the needle, get the paper cutter… Wow. I am actually feeling well this morning, trying to share my extensive knowledge with the issues of plagues. AMH

  10. Angela Hodgson says – reply to this


    I know!! Call Charlie Sheen!! He is an expert in sifting through ashes to make sure it is not me!! Anya Romanov still lives… AMH

  11. geral says – reply to this


    No need to kill Mr. Dorner; the police have made a serious mistake as the country now sees the real purpose of law enforcement in USA: to torture, imprison, murder w/o Due Process as directed by fbi.

    The story *hidden from the public by the police, fbi, media:

    Law encourages cops to kill innocent people:

    "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." —Albert Einstein

    *The mental illness of all cops nationwide ( as inculcated by fbi homicidal sociopaths) is exemplified both in the actions of Mr. Dorner and in the psychopaths in blue who seek to murder him on sight. Such is the character of USA and the alpha dogs who run it.

    Hate mesages to me from fbi, police supporters or operatives: